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Kevin Callis
Name Kevin Callis
Gender Male
Country Miami, Florida, US
Occupation Police Officer
Family Wife - Kate Austen
Mother - Suzanne Callis
Three Unknown Brothers
Episode(s) I Do
Played By Nathan Fillion

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Kevin Callis was a police officer in Miami, Florida who met and fell in love with a young woman named Monica. After dating for a short time, Kevin married Monica. For their honeymoon, Kevin purchased two Oceanic Air tickets to Costa Rica. (I Do)

Soon after he showed her the tickets, Monica revealed that she was really a fugitive on the run for blowing up her father and that Monica was not her real name. She told him that she loved him, but she just could not stay with him. She drugged Kevin, and left him passed out on the floor of their living room, laying his mother's necklace in his hand. (I Do)