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Kelvin Inman
Joe Inman
Name Kelvin Inman
Gender Male
Country United States
Occupation DIA Operative
DHARMA Initiative Employee
Episode(s) One of Them, Live Together, Die Alone
Played By Clancy Brown

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DIA Operative working overseas in Iraq attempting to get a captured US helicopter pilot back. He later joined the DHARMA Initiative and worked inside Station 3: The Swan.

Life Before DHARMAEdit

After a United States Army helicopter pilot was captured by the Republican Guard, Inman spoke with Sayid in the hopes of convincing him to torture Tariq to gain the information they needed. Inman told Sayid that Tariq was previously the head of a chemical warfare division and supervised the use of Sarin gas on a village which Sayid previously had relatives living in. It was not until after showing Sayid footage, that he agreed to proceed with torturing Tariq.

After Sayid finished the torture, he learned that the pilot was executed two days previous and that his body was buried in a field. While driving Sayid to the outskirts to a field in Iraq, Inman told Sayid that they were leaving Iraq, and that he would remain under Saddam’s rule, but at least now he would have a new skill set to use. Inman told Sayid that someday there would be something that he would need to know, and that now he knew how to get it. Inman presented Sayid with $1000 US dollars, and drove off. (One of Them)

On-Island LifeEdit

After leaving the army because "men followed" his orders, Kelvin joined the DHARMA Initiative and was stationed inside the Swan Station alongside a man named Radzinsky. Radzinsky discovered how to fake a lockdown inside the hatch and bring down the blast doors. In doing so, he was able to create an invisible map on the blast door. Radzinsky also made edits to the Swan's Orientation film. He would later commit suicide by placing a shotgun in his mouth when Kelvin was asleep. Kelvin would later bury him in the jungle.

When Desmond washed up on shore, Kelvin dragged him back to the Swan and asked him if he was "Him," Desmond was unaware of what he was talking about, and Kelvin left to push the button. When Desmond asked what that was all about, Kelvin replied by saying that he was just saving the world.

Kelvin and Desmond would often fake lockdowns inside the hatch, in order for Kelvin to finish the invisible map on the blast door. When Desmond asked if he could go outside, Kelvin refused his request and "ordered" him to stay there and push the button.

Kelvin showed Desmond a secret underground passageway which led to a mysterious DHARMA symbol with a keyhole in it. Desmond asked Kelvin that if they had the chance to shut it down, why didn't they, to which Kelvin asked if he had the courage to pull his finger out of the dam, and let the whole thing blow.

When Kelvin was going outside on one of his routine trips, Desmond noticed that his environmental suit was ripped and decided to follow him to the outside, only to discover that Kelvin had been lying to him the whole time, and that he was fixing up his boat in secret with plans of leaving Desmond to push the button alone. When Desmond confronted Kelvin on this, the two began to engage in a physical confrontation. This ended when Kelvin's head made contact with the rocks behind him and it appeared as though he died. (Live Together, Die Alone)