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Karl Martin
Name Karl Martin
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation One of The Others
Episode(s) A Tale of Two Cities, Not in Portland, Stranger in a Strange Land, Greatest Hits, Through the Looking Glass, The Beginning of the End, Confirmed Dead, Meet Kevin Johnson
Played By Blake Bashoff

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Season 3 (Days 68-91)Edit

Karl Martin was one of "The Others" who was kept in an outside cell, at The Hydra Station. When Sawyer was brought to the cell opposite him, he warned him about using the food dispenser, to which Sawyer ignored him. when Karl planned his escape, he released Sawyer as well and told him to run the opposite way. Karl was brought back, beaten and bloody by Tom and forced to apologize to Sawyer for involving him in is escape attempts. Alexandra Rousseau later asked Kate if she had seen Karl. (A Tale of Two Cities) / (The Glass Ballerina)

Karl was eventually taken to a Hydra building and held in Room 23, where he was subject to a form of the Ludovico technique and forced to watch a film in the room he was being held in while under the influence of drugs which were pumped into his system by an IV. Alex, Kate and Sawyer rescued Karl from the building, and proceeded to the shoreline where they were going to escape in Alex's boat. When preparing to leave, Pickett arrived and was later shot by Juliet, and Karl was placed inside the boat. Juliet informed Alex that the only way Ben would let Karl live is for her to stay on the island. Karl and Alex said their good-byes, and Karl left with Kate and Sawyer. (Not in Portland)

While on their way back to the main island, Kate demands that they turn the boat around, Sawyer inquires as to what Ben would do if they returned, to which Karl replies that they'd be killed. He also adds that "God loves you as he loved Jacob", a line that was featured in the filmed he was forced to watch in Room 23. Once on the island, Karl appeared extremely sad about leaving Alex, and bursts into tears away from earshot of Kate and Sawyer. When Sawyer finally finds him, he convinces him to leave and go get Alex if he truly loves her. (Stranger in a Strange Land)

After leaving Kate and Sawyer, Karl had been living in the jungle, near the Others' camp. Alex tells Karl that Ben has changed his plans, and intends to kidnap the survivors' women and kill any men who interfere. Alex tells Karl to warn the survivors, which Karl does. (Greatest Hits)

Ben tells Alex that he imprisoned and brainwashed Karl because he didn't want Karl to get Alex pregnant. Ben says he "may have overreacted." (Through the Looking Glass)

Season 4 (Days 91-100). Edit

When the survivors congregate at the front-section wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815, Karl migrates to the Barracks with Locke and several other survivors. (The Beginning of the End)

While on the way to the Barracks, Karl engages in a heated discussion with Ben, and draws his gun to him in the process. Later, when Charlotte is found, Ben shoots her with the gun that Karl was in possession of, however, due to her bullet-proof vest, she survives. (Confirmed Dead)

As he, Alex and Danielle go to the Temple at Ben's insistence, they are ambushed and Karl is shot and killed. (Meet Kevin Johnson)

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