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Justin Chatwin portrayed the role of "Edward Colburn" in Further Instructions.

Justin Chatwin (born October 31, 1982 in Nanaimo, British Columbia) is a Canadian actor who appeared in the Steven Spielberg movie War of the Worlds and in the independent film The Chumscrubber. His other film roles include SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2, Taking Lives, and The Invisible. In addition, Chatwin played several television roles, including the miniseries Taken. He also played the gay son of Kevin Nealon's character on the Showtime comedy series Weeds, but he only appears in the pilot of the show's first season as he had to take time off to film War of the Worlds.

Episodes Appeared InEdit

Appears as Edward Colburn in:

  • Further Instructions
  • Dead is Dead (Season 5) uncredited & unconfirmed - He seems to be the Ajira 316 survivor who warned Frank Lapidus that Ilana and her men had found guns.