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Name Justin
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Member of the Others
Episode(s) What Kate Does
Played By Dayo Ade

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Justin was a member of the Others stationed at the Temple at the time of the survivors arrival to attempt and heal Sayid. After Sawyer successfully escaped from the fortified and enclosed Temple, Justin was sent along with Aldo to monitor Kate and Jin as the two attempted to track their friend. In the jungle, as Kate followed Sawyer's path, Justin noticed a trap and barely prevented Kate from tripping it. Noting the similarities to Rousseau's traps, Jin and Kate were told by Justin that it could not be from Danielle, as she had been dead for years prior. However, Kate managed to use the trap to disarm Aldo and Justin, which allowed her and Jin to travel unaccompanied. However, Jin headed off in search of his wife Sun, and was recaptured by Aldo and Justin when he fell in a bear trap. As Aldo and Justin debated executing Jin, the two Others were shot from above by Claire. (What Kate Does) Justin, unlike Aldo, survived the shot and was taken into Claire's tent with Jin. Claire axes Justin dead out of anger when Jin tells her Kate took care of Aaron.

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