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Juliet Burke
Name Juliet Burke
Gender Female
Country Miami, FL
Occupation Fertility Doctor
One of The Others
Family Sister - Rachel Carlson
Ex-Husband - Edmund Burke
Nephew - Julian Carlson
Ex-Lover - Goodwin Stanhope
Ex-Lover - James "Sawyer" Ford
Flashback(s) Not in Portland, One of Us, The Other Woman
Played By Elizabeth Mitchell

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Juliet Burke was previously married to a man named Edmund Burke, after their divorce, Juliet continued to work for his research team. She was later recruited by a privately-funded research company, and would later end up on the island as one of "The Others".

Pre-Island LifeEdit

Juliet was a researcher living in Miami with her sister Rachel. She worked for her ex-husband Edmund as a fertility researcher and was conducting unauthorized experiments on her sister in order to allow her to conceive. In 2001 she was approached by Dr. Richard Alpert about taking a job with a company called Mittelos BioScience, which she refused, saying her ex-husband would never allow her to leave, joking that the only way she would be able to would be if he was hit by a bus. When she returned home, her sister revealed to her that she was pregnant. Juliet went back to tell Edmund the results of her tests, and the two got into an argument. In the middle of a sentence, Edmund stepped off the sidewalk and onto the street only to be hit by a bus. Edmund died from injuries, and Dr. Alpert showed up at the hospital with Ethan Rom. They expressed their "condolences" and again asked her to join their company.

After accepting the position with Mittelos BioScience, Juliet met with Richard and Ethan at a small, out of the way airport. There, she parted with Rachel, promising to be back in six months, in time for Rachel's child to be born. Later, while Ethan was taking her vitals, Richard mixed a strong dose of tranquilizer into a glass of orange juice and handed it to her. At this point, Juliet began to have reservations and brought up all the things that did not add up about Mittelos. Richard then calmed her by reminding her that the fact that she was able to get Rachel pregnant was a gift, and that with his people, she'd be able to do great things. Almost before Richard was finished, Juliet grabbed the drugged juice and downed it, a bit quicker than she should have. She was soon off on her way to her mysterious destination.

On-Island LifeEdit

When Juliet woke up, she found herself strapped to a bed in a submarine. Ethan greeted her and unstrapped her. She made her way out of the submarine to find herself on a tropical island and was greeted by Benjamin Linus. Juliet learned that the women on the island had a problem that caused any pregnant woman to die in the last stages of pregnancy. After six months she was no closer to finding a solution, and, after watching Sabine die on the operating table during a failed surgery to try to save her life, she told Ben that there was nothing more that she could do, and it was time for her to go home. Ben then told her that Rachel's cancer had returned, and that, if Juliet agreed to stay on the island, Jacob, himself, would see to it that Rachel's cancer was cured.

During the next two-and-a-half years, Juliet was still unable to find a cure for the problem, losing a total of nine patients. She also formed a romantic relationship with Goodwin and lived in a house next door to Luke. Eventually, Ben came to her complaining of back pains. She took some x-rays to see if it was a fracture or a herniated disc. On September 21, 2004, Karl brought the developed x-rays to her, which revealed that Ben had a tumor on his spine. When she realized this she became angry believing this to mean that they were not truly able to cure cancer, and her sister was no longer alive. She headed over to Ben's house, passing Luke on her way, ignoring his friendly greeting. Ben greeted her warmly, saying he was almost finished with "Carrie" for the book club meeting at her house, saying he was unsure why she chose it but felt it was very depressing. She then told him about the tumor and yelled at Ben and called him a liar, but he insisted that he was telling the truth.

On the day of the crash she baked muffins, in preparation for her book club meeting, at her home in the Others' village, but she burned them, as well as her hand. During the book club meeting discussion of "Carrie", Juliet's favorite book, which Adam seemed to think inferior. the island Oceanic Flight 815 crashed, which she and the other Others witnessed as it broke up in the air above them and the pieces fall toward different parts of the island. Immediately after the crash, Ben noted that it seemed he was no longer in the book club and took Juliet out to the Flame Station, where he had Mikhail show her a live video uplink with Richard from Acadia Park in Miami that showed Rachel and her son, Julian, both alive and well.

Forty-eight days later, Juliet accompanied Ben to the Pearl Station, where they used the monitors to look in on Jack in the Swan Station. On their way in, they noted that the doors were open, and Ben decided to have Tom cover the hatch with the plane, unaware that the station had been discovered by Nikki and Paulo, the latter of which was in the station and listening to their conversation. Ben explained that he planned to convince Jack to do the surgery by exploiting Jack was emotionally invested in. Ben then told her that they would use Michael to bring Jack, Kate, and Sawyer to them.

After the capture of Jack, Kate and Sawyer, Jack was brought into one of the tanks for the DHARMA Initiative Hydra Station, she began to interrogate Jack in "A Tale of Two Cities" when he was brought into captivity, and he was initially uncooperative. Sawyer also met her during his failed escape attempt with Karl.

Her role as the interrogator of Jack was continued in "The Glass Ballerina," in which she brought him homemade soup (Ben later noted that she never made soup for him). Additionally, she oversaw Kate and Sawyer as they broke and haul stones. When Sawyer stole a rifle from Pickett, however, she held a gun to Kate, and successfully got Sawyer to put down his weapon. Sawyer pointedly contrasted Juliet with the other guards, saying that she would have had no problem shooting Kate while the others had had little or no combat experience.

During another visit to Jack ("Every Man for Himself"), Ben interrupted and ordered Juliet to come with him (to assist the injured Colleen) just as she was discussing with Jack the egalitarian power structure in the Others' community. Ben wished for her to conduct surgery on Colleen, which she did, successfully removing the bullet but failing to stop the internal bleeding that had accompanied the wound. She brought in Jack, telling him she was not a surgeon, as he was, but a fertility doctor, so she was unexperienced with the procedure. Colleen flatlined despite Jack's efforts, and was unable to be revived owing to the fact that the only defibrillator had been broken. When Jack told her that Colleen was "dead before they laid her on the table," Juliet asked him if he was just saying that to make her feel better. Jack pointedly told her that he had no interest in making her feel better, and then confronted her about the X-rays of a middle-aged man with a spinal tumor he had seen in the hallway, pointing out that he was a spinal surgeon and that he believed those X-rays were placed there specifically to be seen by him.

Juliet attended the funeral of Colleen ("The Cost of Living"), and later visited Jack, continuing what appeared to be a friendly relationship. However, her final visit is to deliver a serious message; while she told Jack he must conduct surgery on Ben for the good of the Others, a silent video monitor had Juliet holding cue cards that read the direct opposite, instructing Jack to ignore everything she said and telling him he should "accidentally" kill Ben in surgery because it was what the other Others wanted. Juliet told Jack, via the cue cards, that Ben was a liar, and a dangerous man. When Jack finally decided to do the surgery, she assisted him until he suddenly used Ben as a hostage to secure the release of Kate and Sawyer ("I Do").

In "Not in Portland", Juliet suddenly turned on Jack as Ben lied dying on the operation table. Juliet ordered Ivan to find Kate and Sawyer, who had managed to escape from their cell, telling him to kill them if necessary. Jack revealed that Juliet actually wanted him to let Ben die to Tom in anger, but she claimed he was lying. Tom told Juliet to leave the operating room, but soon after Ben gained consciousness and told Tom and Jack to let him speak to her in private. After a short talk, Juliet told Jack to finish the surgery, and that she was going to help Kate and Sawyer escape. On the beach, Danny had Sawyer at gunpoint when Juliet showed up and shot at him three times, hitting him twice in the chest. Danny fell dead and Juliet told Kate and Sawyer to leave with Karl on Alex's boat. However, she said that Alex had to stay behind.

In "Stranger in a Strange Land", Juliet is arrested and tried for Pickett's murder by the Others, under the supervision of the Others' 'sheriff' Isabel. Jack refuses Juliet's request for help in escaping punishment, but attempts to lie to Isabel about the plot to kill Ben in order to protect Juliet. The Others ultimately sentence Juliet to death, but Jack convinces Ben to commute the death sentence, and Juliet is instead marked in the small of her back with some kind of brand as punishment for her crime (The "Brand" is actually a Rood, an inversed ancient crucifix that was burned or carved on those during the Spanish Inquisition to be marked as heretics and outcasts of the church). After enduring this punishment, Juliet agrees to work together with Jack to make sure Ben keeps his promise to send both of them home.

They return to the barracks, and prepare to leave the island in the submarine. However, hours before they are set to leave, Locke, Sayid, and Kate appear, and Locke destroys the submarine with the C-4, preventing Jack and Juliet's escape ("The Man from Tallahassee"). She later brings food to Kate, who tries to assault her, but is quickly overpowered, and Juliet leaves unharmed. The next day, in "Left Behind", Juliet is knocked out with nerve gas while in her kitchen, and awakes in the jungle handcuffed to Kate. The two bicker about their plan of action, resulting in Juliet's shoulder being dislocated. The two soon encounter the smoke monster, and are chased through the jungle. Eventually, Juliet frees herself from Kate and uses the surrounding pylons to escape from the monster. Kate, angry that Juliet had the key all along, storms off. The two eventually find the camp again, and Juliet leaves to release Sayid. The four meet up and decide to return to the beach, including Juliet, much to the dismay of Kate and Sayid.

In "One of Us" Juliet returns along with Jack, Sayid, and Kate at the fuselage camp after walking through the jungle. When she arrives she watches Jack and the rest being welcomed back by fellow survivors. Then Sawyer notices Juliet near the sea and expresses his displeasure at seeing her. Hurley engages Juliet in casual conversation. Juliet guesses that Hurley was sent to keep an eye on her. He tells her the last Other who came over, Ethan, was killed and buried nearby.

At the camp, Jack defends Juliet and tells everyone that he trusts her and that should be enough. Jack defends his time with the Others saying he was there looking for a way off the island, the same reason as Juliet. Then Claire collapses. Juliet takes Jack and Kate aside and tells them she knows what's wrong with Claire because she did it to her. Juliet explains that Claire's immune system has turned on her due to a latent reaction to medication in her bloodstream. The medication was designed to keep Claire alive during the late stages of her pregnancy. Juliet knows this because she designed it. She was brought to the island to find out why women couldn't have children there. The mother's body treats the pregnancy as a foreign invader and the immune system attacks; every pregnant woman on the island died as her immune system began to die. Claire was the first to survive but even though she did not conceive on the island, Claire developed the same symptoms. Juliet had developed the serum to reverse what was happening and Ethan was giving it to her. Without the serum, Claire is in a form of withdrawal. Ethan kept a stash of the serum close by.

Juliet leaves and goes out into the jungle and retrieves the serum (it is hidden under the tree with a strange sign on it). Then Sayid and Sawyer stop her, telling her they want some answers. Juliet tells them there is not time. Realizing they are not going to budge, she stands up to them and says she finds it interesting that they are the camp's moral police, considering what Sayid did in Basra and how Sawyer shot a man in cold blood the day before he boarded the plane. She says the serum can save Claire's life. The last thing they would want is Claire's blood on their hands. She takes the serum back to Claire's tent and gives it to Jack. He warns her that if anything happens to Claire, he will not be able to protect her any longer.

But Claire wakes up and looking much better. Juliet is pleased and is now on the path to being trusted by the survivors. Jack brings her supplies to set up her tent area and tells her eventually everyone will need answers. Juliet asks why Jack trusts her and does not ask for answers. He says because when the submarine exploded, he saw in her eyes that she wanted to get off this island more than anything. That makes her "one of us."

Later on in "One of Us" a flashback of Juliet reveals that she remains a willing conspirator and indicates that the Others may not have departed. In the final flashback Ben and Juliet are rehearsing her infiltration of the Oceanic survivors' camp with her just before Kate was gassed. He reviews her instructions and the alibis she is instructed to give, as seen in "Left Behind". Ben explains that Claire has a potentially lethal implant, apparently placed during her imprisonment by the Others, that they have activated, giving Juliet "a nice big crisis to solve" when she arrives at the camp. A case full of medicine is deliberately placed for Juliet to find and administer to Claire in order to save Claire's life, an act staged to ingratiate Juliet with the survivors. Finally, Ben hands Juliet a gas mask and says "see you in a week" before leaving.

Back at camp, as Juliet looks around the camp she sees Hurley and Sun talking, Charlie with Claire, and Jack smiling at her. That night, in "Catch-22", she and Jack spend the night together. The next morning, she and Jack are interrupted by Sawyer, who challenges Jack to a friendly game of ping pong. In "D.O.C.", Sun finds out about pregnant women on the island dying and confronts Juliet about it. That night, Juliet brings Sun with her to The Staff, which turns out is not as abandoned as the survivors previously thought - there is a secret switch that reveals an operating room.

Before Juliet begins the ultrasound, Sun reveals that she slept with another man before coming to the island, so the baby is probably not Jin's since he is sterile. Juliet reveals, however, that men on the island have a sperm count five times higher than anywhere else. If the date of conception occurred before Sun arrived, she will live but Jin will not be the true father. If it was on the island, Sun will die but Jin is the true father. The test reveals that the baby was conceived on the island, making Jin the father. Juliet tells Sun none of the women lived past the middle of their second trimester, giving Sun two months to live. Alone in The Staff later on, Juliet finds a tape recorder left by Ben. She speaks into it, telling Ben that Sun is pregnant, and then turns it off, telling Ben that she hates him. The next day in "The Brig", Juliet and Jack are approached by Kate, who tells Jack about Naomi's arrival. Upon hearing that no one trusts Jack anymore, Juliet says that they need to tell Kate something, to which Jack refuses. Juliet then leaves with Jack.

In "The Man Behind the Curtain", Juliet and Jack return to the camp at nightfall, just in time to hear the recorder playing back Juliet's message to Ben. Juliet tells Sawyer to play the other side of the tape, where Ben informs Juliet that the Others will come and take all the pregnant women from the camp so long as she marks their tents. It is then that Jack decides to fill in the rest of the camp.

They take them into the jungle, where they reveal their destructive plan to rid them of the Others. Juliet will mark the tents as she has been instructed, but there will not be anyone in the tents. Instead, Jack has them rigged with dynamite. When Sayid talks about replacing Rousseau's distress signal, Juliet reveals that all external signals are being jammed by an underwater hatch called the Looking Glass. Just then, Karl arrives and warns them that the Others have changed their original plan, and are coming that night instead. After the camp's plan changes slightly, Juliet heads off with Jack and the others to the radio tower ("Greatest Hits").

When Sawyer plans on going to help Bernard, Sayid and Jin, Juliet requests to join him, telling him she knows where a stash of guns are. Just before they both leave, Juliet kisses Jack. She reveals, as she and Sawyer go along, that she lied about the guns and only wanted to go because of karma. When asked about the rocks that she made Sawyer break during his time in captivity, Juliet tells him they were building a runway, but she does not know the purpose of it because Ben does not tell her everything. When Hurley follows them, and Sawyer tells him that he can't come, Juliet does not say anything in protest or for Sawyer's support. When she and Sawyer reach the beach, Hurley comes busting through in that van he found in the jungle (that belonged to Ben's father, Roger). He runs over an Other. After finding Tom, Juliet holds him hostage. He surrenders, but Sawyer kills him anyway, shocking Juliet completely. ("Through the Looking Glass")

On the beach, after making sure Sayid, Jin and Bernard were alright, Juliet is burying the Others that died when Desmond arrives and tells them about Charlie's final words. Juliet and the others armed themselves and headed for the cockpit. Once there, the camp is split into factions; Jack's group and Locke's group. Juliet stays with Jack. ("The Beginning of the End")

Juliet and Sayid lead Jack's group back to the beach. Later, Juliet and Sayid tried to look for Jack and Kate when they did not return from the cockpit. They came across Daniel and Miles holding Jack and Kate hostage. Juliet disarms them and venture to find Frank Lapidus, the pilot from the freighter. Juliet looks at his wounds as Frank asks who she is. Frank realizes that she was not on the plane, and as Miles demands to know where "he" is, Miles shows her and Jack a picture of Ben. ("Confirmed Dead")

When Sayid found a picture of Desmond in Naomi's bag pack, Juliet went to the beach to get Desmond. ("The Economist")

As Juliet returned to the beach with Jack, Daniel and Charlotte after the helicopter took off, Jack and Juliet tried to get in touch with the freighter. When they failed, she confronted Dan and Charlotte. They finally got in touch with the Freighter, but they were informed that the helicopter never landed. ("Eggtown")

The next day, Jack and Juliet quizzed Charlotte and Dan, but they were adamant that they were clueless. Juliet said that if Charlotte was really clueless, she would be worried. Daniel revealed that time had been perceived differently, and that the helicopter was not gone as long as they thought. ("The Constant")

When Daniel and Charlotte ran away from camp one night, Jack and Juliet went to look for them. Harper appeared, and told Juliet that Ben told Harper to tell Juliet to go to the Tempest, where Daniel and Charlotte were going to deploy the gas and kill everyone on the Island. He also told Juliet to kill Daniel and Charlotte. On their way to the Tempest, they found an unconscious Kate. Realizing Kate will slow them down, Juliet ventured on her own. When she arrived at the Tempest, she fought with Charlotte to stop her and Dan from deploying the gas, but Daniel desperately explained that they were disabling the gas, not deploying it. Juliet let Daniel continue. When Jack and Kate arrive, Juliet defends Charlotte when Kate puts a gun to her. When Jack and Juliet are alone, Jack and Juliet kiss as Juliet explains that Ben will win his war against the Freighties. ("The Other Woman")

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