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Season 5
Episode 3
Air Date January 28, 2009
Writer(s) Elizabeth Sarnoff
Paul Zbyszewski
Director Rod Holcomb
Flashforward Desmond Hume

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At the advice of Daniel, Desmond heads to Oxford in search of Faraday's mother. Meanwhile, in 1954, the survivors and the freighter team are captured by Alpert's men, and Daniel negotiates a way to disarm a hydrogen bomb.


The episode opens with a flashback of Desmond Hume searching for a doctor to help his wife Penny Widmore, who is giving birth to their son, Charlie. In 2007, Desmond and Penny arrive in London, where Desmond plans to look for the mother of Daniel Faraday, who is believed to be at Oxford University. However, there is no record of any Faraday in Oxford's database, even though Daniel himself was a professor there. Desmond visits Daniel's old lab, where a janitor tells him of a woman that Daniel knew. At her house, Desmond finds that the woman is in a vegetative state and that Penny's father, Charles Widmore, is not only paying her medical expenses, but also funded Daniel's research. Desmond confronts Widmore, who gives him the address of Daniel's mother in Los Angeles. Desmond returns to Penny, who agrees that they must travel to Los Angeles.

In 1954, following the events of the previous episode, The Lie, Juliet Burke, John Locke and James "Sawyer" Ford interrogate the two men they have captured. Juliet deduces that they are members of the Others because they can speak Latin. One of the men, a younger Charles Widmore, kills the other and flees to his campsite to warn Richard Alpert. Locke later meets up with Alpert and gives him the compass, however Alpert does not believe that Locke is really from the future or that he is the new leader of the Others. Locke tells Alpert to visit him when he is born in 1956, but Alpert is still unconvinced and does not tell Locke how to leave the island before the next flash of light, signaling a time jump, occurs.

Meanwhile, the freighter team, consisting of Miles Straume, Charlotte Lewis and Daniel Faraday are captured by another group of Others, led by Ellie. Alpert interrogates them, however, Faraday is able to deduce that a group of Americans have come to the island to test hydrogen bombs and is able to convince Alpert to let him diffuse the bomb. In the process, Faraday confesses his love to Charlotte. Ellie leads Faraday to the bomb (the titular Jughead) and he determines that it is leaking. He advises her that the bomb should be buried and will not go off for at least 50 years. When asked how he knows this, Faraday lets slip that he is from the future. Ellie doesn't believe him, but Juliet and Sawyer show up and disarm her. Another flash happens (the same that Locke sees when talking to Richard) and they travel to an unknown time, where Charlotte collapses with a bloody nose.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Follow me? Their leader is some sodding old man. What, you think he can track me? You think he knows this island better than I do?"

- Charles Widmore

"You're my leader?" "That's what you told me."

-Richard and Locke

Background InformationEdit

"The making of this episode was fantastic! Jeremy Davies and Tom Connolly are both great actors and they are just so full of life. Rebecca Mader is great, she's so funny and so bright! The actors and actresses are amazing and it was a wonderful treat to work alongside all of them in the role of Ellie." -- Alexandra Krosney (contact her on her Wikia user page)

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