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Josh Holloway
Name Josh Holloway
Birthplace San Jose, California, USA
Date of Birth July 20, 1969
Role on LOST James "Sawyer" Ford
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Josh Holloway plays the part of "James "Sawyer" Ford" on LOST.


Josh Holloway, born Joshua Lee Holloway, was born on July 20, 1969 in San Jose California. Although born in California, Josh and his family moved to Georgia when he was just a baby. Henceforth, Josh grew up in Free Home, Georgia. Before becoming an actor, Josh had a successful modeling career, but decided to relocate to Los Angeles to pursue his dramatic aspirations. Josh had gone out of his way to lessen his Southern accent, in order to increase his range of possible acting roles, but was required to pick back up that same accent once he won the role of Sawyer on Lost. Holloway is the second of four brothers, and is currently married to Yessica Kumala, his wife since October 2004.

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Holloway has been a part of the main cast since the first episode.

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