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John Locke
Name John Locke
Gender Male
Country Tustin, CA, USA
Occupation Formerly a Department Store Employee, Owner of Welcome Home Professional Home Inspections, Regional Collection Supervisor for a Box Company
Family Father - Anthony Cooper
Mother - Emily Locke
Foster Mother - Florence
Foster Sister - Jeanie
Foster Sister - Melissa
Grandmother - Mrs. Locke
Flashback(s) Walkabout, Deus Ex Machina, Orientation, Lockdown, Further Instructions, The Man from Tallahassee, The Brig, Cabin Fever, The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
Played By Terry O'Quinn (adult)
Caleb Steinmeyer (teen)
Charles Henry Wyson (child)

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John Locke was aboard Oceanic Flight 815 returning to Los Angeles after he was attempting to attend an Australian walkabout tour but was denied as he neglected to inform them that he was currently in a wheelchair. Locke was a foster child, and he had been previously employed by a toy store, and as a collections supervisor for a cardboard box company.

Life Before Flight 815

John Locke grew up not knowing who his parents were; he spent his childhood under foster care. When Locke was a child, his sister Jeanie passed away when she fell off the monkey bars and broke her neck. Locke’s foster mother blamed herself for the incident, claiming she wasn’t paying close enough attention. Six months after the funeral a golden retriever came into their house and stared at Locke’s mother; the dog had no tags, no collar, and was very friendly, and slept in Jeanie's old room and stayed with his foster family until Locke’s mother passed away. Locke’s mother assumed that Jeanie had come back in the form of a dog to tell her the accident wasn't her fault. Locke spent his childhood in the boy scouts, and wasn’t the most popular kid.

Richard Alpert visited John Locke at his foster home at some point during his childhood. He told Locke's mother that he ran a special school and that Locke could possibly attend. When he is left alone with Locke, Richard sees a picture that Locke drew of what appears to be the smoke monster killing a man. Richard takes several items out of his bag and sets them on the table - a comic book, a book of laws, a knife, a baseball glove, a vial of sand (or possibly ashes), and a compass. He asks Locke to pick the items which belong to him. Locke hesitates and picks the vial and the compass. After pondering further, he picks up the knife as well, which causes Richard to become distressed. He tells Locke that the knife is not his, and quickly leaves, telling Locke's foster mother that Locke 'isn't ready' for his school.

When Locke is in high school his teacher tells him about a science camp run by a Richard Alpert. Locke reacts angrily, saying he is not a scientist and that he likes "boxing and fishing and cars." His teacher tells him that that is who he is, and that he can't be the prom king or the quarterback. Locke doesn't listen and tells the teacher, "don't tell me what I can't do", the first time of many that he utters that phrase.

Years later, while Locke was employed at a department store, he was approached by a woman who requested to know where the footballs were located. As John prepared to leave the store, he witnessed the same woman watching him from afar in the parking lot. He pursued her, and it was revealed that she was his mother. The two chatted and when Locke inquired about his father, she informed him that he didn’t have a father and that he was immaculately conceived. Doubting this, Locke hired a private detective who matched their DNA and confirmed that she was Emily Locke, his mother. When presented with the information about his father, Locke was given a stern warning that nothing was "meant to be", and that since his father had not approached him it most likely would not have a happy ending.

Locke traveled to the house of his father, Anthony Cooper, who informed John that he was told Emily wasn’t going to have the baby, and that she later showed up asking for money and told him she put John up for adoption. Cooper invited John to go hunting, and overjoyed at the chance to bond John agreed. On one such trip, John arrived an hour earlier than he was supposed to and discovered that his father was on a dialysis machine as his kidneys were failing. Cooper informed him he needed a transplant. Locke decided to save his father’s life, and donated one of his kidneys to his father. When Locke came to after the operation he had found that his father was no where to be found. His mother arrived and explained that the entire thing was a scam devised by Cooper: she needed money from Cooper, and he agreed to find John under the condition that John agreed to give him his kidney in return. When Locke arrived at his father’s house, he was turned away.

Locke later joined an anger management class to deal with his problems, and after nearly a month John unburdened himself to the group, and met a woman named Helen. The two bonded and began a relationship. Locke began returning to Anthony Cooper’s house, and would sit outside in his car. When Cooper finally showed himself, he explained to Locke that he found it amusing at first, but after he moved it became annoying. He also informed John that the reason the scam was done was because Locke needed a father figure, and he need a kidney. He told Locke to get over it, and never to return. During their 6-month anniversary Helen informed Locke that she was aware of where he was sneaking off to in the middle of the night, and forced John to promise her that he wasn’t going to return. When Locke disobeyed this request, Helen confronted John and forced him to make a choice between pursuing his father and her. When Locke refused she told him that it was a leap of faith and that he didn’t have to be alone, Locke sided with Helen.

Locke and Helen eventually ended up living together, and Locke wanted to propose. Helen read in the obituaries that Anthony had died. Locke and Helen were the only people at the funeral, and during the event, Locke saw two mysterious men by another grave, as well as a car that drove away after Locke said that he forgave his father. After Locke, then working as a home inspector, left a house he had just inspected, the same car from the funeral appeared. When Locke approached it, he discovered that it was his father in the car, alive and well. Anthony revealed that he faked his death because he is in trouble with the two men who Locke saw at the funeral, conning them out of $700,000. The money was in a safe deposit box, but he did not want to risk getting it. He asked Locke to retrieve the money for him with a promise of $200,000 as payment. Locke begrudgingly agreed. After he got the money, the two men - one of them named Jimmy Bane - appeared in Locke's house. They questioned Locke if Anthony was still alive and about the money. After they left, Helen asked if Anthony was indeed still alive, but Locke denied it. Later, Locke went to a hotel and gave Anthony the money. Anthony gave Locke his cut, but Locke did not take it because he only did the job to please his father. As Anthony walked out the door, Helen, who apparently followed Locke, appeared. Seeing Anthony and the money, she walked away, furious that Locke lied and seemed to prefer his thieving father over her. Locke pleaded for Helen to stay and finally proposed, but she rejected him.

At some point later, Locke joined a commune headed by Mike and Jan. One of the main tasks of the commune was growing marijuana in a greenhouse. Despite the illegal aspects of the commune, Locke felt he had finally found the family that he had always yearned for. While he was living there, he picked up a young hitchhiker named Eddie. While they talked, Eddie revealed that his own family life was pretty bad. Locke empathized with Eddie's plight and decided to take him to the commune. After staying at the commune for six weeks, Eddie became curious as to what was going on inside the greenhouse. Given Locke's extensive collection of guns, and the amount of fertilizer going into the greenhouse, Eddie seemed to assume that they were actually some sort of militia preparing for a strike. Locke decided to ask Mike and Jan to let Eddie in on the truth, only to find them packing up to leave. They informed Locke that Eddie was actually a police officer gathering evidence against them. Locke promised that he would "fix" the situation. He later took Eddie out hunting, in an attempt to kill him, but found himself unable to do so.

Sometime later, Locke is visited by a young man named Peter Talbot, who claims that his mother is set to marry Anthony Cooper (under a different alias), and realized through Cooper's medical records that Locke donated a kidney. Locke lied, saying that it was an anonymous donation. Locke, realizing that Cooper was back to his old conning habits, searched for him and found him. He confronted Cooper, making him swear to end the con with Ms. Talbot. Cooper vowed he would. When Peter ended up dead, Locke traveled to Cooper's penthouse. Cooper tricked him into going near the window, and shoved him through it, making Locke fall eight stories to the ground, breaking Locke's back. Cooper then disappeared. Locke was admitted to a hospital, where he is first placed in a wheelchair, to his great dismay.

Approximately four years later, Locke became a Regional Collections Supervisor for the Tustin Box Company. While at the box company, Locke was frequently taunted by his superior Randy for being in a wheelchair, and having false dreams about things he could never do. By this time Locke had been eight months in to a relationship with a woman whom he called “Helen”, who was an adult phone line operator with whom John called to talk about his personal life. When he invited her to accompany him on the authentic Australian walkabout tour, she became frightened and informed him that she was not allowed to meet customers. Upon hearing this, John became enraged and felt betrayed by someone whom he had assumed was his friend.

After traveling to Sydney to participate in his much anticipated expedition, he was devastated when he was notified that he was unable to attend due to the fact that he was in a wheelchair. As Locke pleaded with the travel agent that he could do it, he was coldly denied. Locke returned to the Sydney airport to head back to Los Angeles, however; when the special wheelchair used to load the disabled passengers went missing he was told that he could not return. JD, a flight attendant then came up with the idea that they could simply carry him onto the plane. Locke agreed to this and was the first passenger to board Oceanic Flight 815; he was seated in 24D.

On-Island Life

After the crash, Locke miraculously recovered the use of his legs. On the Island, Locke demonstrated his skills as a hunter and a tracker, as well as sort of spiritual leader. He was the oldest of the principal characters. He was the first survivor to encounter the Smoke Monster and not be attacked, and appeared to have a connection to the Island itself, to which he ascribed mystical powers, claiming "I've looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw was beautiful." For a number of episodes, he kept secret his findings and revelations from nearly all, except for his apparent acolyte Boone Carlyle, with whom he often explored the Island's jungles. During one such exploration, the two came across a metal hatch with a glass window, which they unsuccessfully tried to force open or break. Later, a seeming vision led the two to a crashed Beechcraft airplane stuck high in the trees. Due to a mysterious partial return of Locke's paralysis, Boone chose to investigate the plane alone. When Boone climbed into the cockpit, his weight caused the plane to fall to the ground, crushing Boone and eventually leading to his death. Because Locke initially lied about how Boone's injuries were received, the death drove a wedge between some of the survivors and Locke, and both Jack Shephard and Boone's step-sister, Shannon Rutherford held him responsible for Boone's death.

Although he connected mainly to Boone, Locke also developed a friendship with Walt Lloyd early on, teaching him backgammon and demonstrating knife throwing to him. Locke was the one who motivated Jack to leadership when he was struggling with the ghost of his father. He helped Charlie work through his heroin addiction and built a cradle with Claire for her baby. He also shared a mutual respect with Sayid. Other survivors were wary of Locke, due in part to his mysterious comings and goings, as well as his collection of hunting knives, which he had transported with him intending to use them on a walkabout in the Australian Outback.

In The Greater Good, after showing Sayid the location of the Beechcraft, Locke confessed that he was the one who sabotaged the jury-rigged communication equipment that Sayid used to search for the Island's radio transmitter. Later, in retaliation for her brother's death, Shannon tried to shoot Locke, but due to the intervention of Sayid, the bullet only grazed his temple.

In Born to Run, Locke requested that Sayid bring Jack to the hatch with an open mind. When Jack asked why he kept it a secret for three weeks, Locke replied, "Since when does everyone have to report to you, Jack?" Later, in Exodus - Part 2, with the help of Jack and Kate, Locke was successful in blowing open the hatch with dynamite.

Shortly afterward, Locke and Kate attempted to descend down the hatch by rope. When Kate was captured by Desmond, Locke entered alone, and was confronted by Desmond. At first Desmond believed Locke might be his replacement, but after asking him a riddle which Locke failed to answer, Desmond held him at gunpoint and made him enter The Numbers sequence into the computer. After Desmond ran off, Locke created a duty roster to man the computer console.

Locke first met Mr. Eko in "Collision" and ran The DHARMA Initiative orientation film for Eko and Michael in What Kate Did. Eko showed Locke the cored-out Bible found in the Station discovered by the tail-end survivors. Inside was a missing section of film, which Locke spliced into the orientation film.

Locke trained Michael on how to use the guns in "The 23rd Psalm. In "The Hunting Party", Locke was knocked unconscious by Michael, who locked him in the armory with Jack. Locke and Jack were freed shortly thereafter by Sawyer and Kate, and the four went in search of Michael (although the men did not originally know that Kate has followed them). During the search, they were confronted by Tom and the "others" and were forced to surrender their guns and return to their camp without Michael.

In Fire + Water, Locke found Charlie with a Virgin Mary Statue and confiscated all of them. He put them in the armory later. He became more protective of Claire by moving his tent closer to hers. When Charlie stole Aaron for the second time, Locke punched Charlie in the face several times.

In "The Long Con", Locke explained to Jack that he locked the Virgin Mary statues in the armory, because they might become helpful later on. He also told Jack that he did not break them and get the drugs out, because he didn't want to tempt fate by destroying them. Locke later moved both the guns and the heroin to a new hiding place at the encouragement of Sawyer.

In "One of Them", Locke was persuaded by Sayid to change the combination on the armory so that "Henry Gale" could be detained there while being interrogated by Sayid. However, Jack blackmailed Locke into opening the door when he realized that Sayid was torturing their prisoner; Jack refuses to let Locke enter the station code unless he opened the door for Jack first.

In "Lockdown", Locke's right leg was injured by the blast doors in the hatch. While pinned beneath the doors, Locke saw a map drawn onto one of them after the room filled with ultraviolet light. In "Dave," Jack determined that Locke's injury was a hairline fracture that would take weeks to heal, forcing Locke to use crutches. Over the course of several episodes, Locke tried without much success to recreate on paper the map that he saw on the blast door.

In "?", Eko recruited Locke to help him track the "Henry Gale"; however, Eko's true intention was to find the "?" on the blast door map. When Locke refused to take him there, Eko knocked him out. That night, Locke had a strange dream in which he was Eko and Eko's brother, Yemi gave him a message. The next day, he and Eko entered the Pearl hatch, which appeared to be located under the "?" on the map. There, they watched another orientation film, and Locke was dismayed to hear from the film that the Swan Station was nothing more than a mind game, and that its inhabitants were being observed by scientists in the Pearl. This caused Locke to lose his last ounce of his faith, and he became depressed, not wanting to continue pressing the button. However, Eko said that if Locke didn't keep pressing the button, he would.

In "Live Together, Die Alone", Locke met back up with Desmond, who had returned in a sailboat. After Locke told Desmond that the Swan hatch was all just an experiment, the two men conspired to prevent Eko from pressing the button. However, Locke was mistaken in that the hatch did have a purpose; when the counter went down to zero, magnetic machinery started up and metal objects began to fly through the air. Locke simply told Eko, "I was wrong" before Desmond activated the hatch's "fail-safe".

In "Further Instructions", Locke awakened by himself in the jungle a day later. He was unable to speak, but spotted Desmond run by naked quickly. Eko's Stick fell from a tree and struck him on the head. He then picked it and headed back to camp, where he began building a small sweat lodge in the middle of Eko and Charlie's uncompleted church, motioning that he needed to speak with the island. He asked Charlie to guard the sweat lodge while he was inside, and a bitter Charlie reluctantly agreed.

Inside, Locke consumed a paste which acted as a hallucinatory drug (the same paste he gave to Boone in the episode "Hearts and Minds"). Boone himself suddenly appeared, much to Locke's surprise. Locke tried to apologize to Boone, but could neither speak nor use his legs. Instead, Boone put him in a wheelchair and wheeled him through Sydney International Airport, telling him that he had to help someone he knows. Locke saw everyone he met on the island in different roles in the airport (Desmond as a pilot, Hurley working behind the ticket counter, etc.), but everyone he saw qs not the person he had to help. Eventually Locke was forced to crawl up an escalator, where he found Eko's stick. A now bloody Boone told Locke to "clean up [his] own mess." After a brief flash of a lunging polar bear, Locke snapped out of his hallucination and leaped out of the sweat lodge. Finally able to speak again, he told Charlie that he had to save Eko's life.

Locke and Charlie trekked through the jungle, although Locke wanted to rescue Eko on his own. They spotted polar bear fur and Eko's cross necklace, leading Locke to believe that a polar bear found an unconscious Eko and dragged him off to its lair. A polar bear charged after the two, but they both managed to run away, only to find themselves at the former site of the hatch, which, now just a giant crater. They also ran into Hurley, who explained the kidnapping of Jack, Kate, and Sawyer by the Others, before being sent away by Locke. The two eventually discovered a cave, but Locke insisted he go in alone because if he believed in the button, Eko would not be in danger, so he should be the one to save him. He entered the cave with a torch and a can of hairspray and discovered numerous bones, some fo them human wearing DHARMA Initiative clothing. He also found Eko, injured but alive. The resident polar bear then grabbed Eko, but Locke fought it off by using the hairspray and the torch as a make-shift flame-thrower on the bear, burning it.

Locke and Charlie carried Eko to safety. Locke apologized to Eko and blamed himself for the dire situation the survivors were currently in, but Eko regained consciousness long enough say that Locke can still fix everything. Charlie did not see this and noticed that Eko was not awake, so whether this was in Locke's head or actually happened is unknown. When they returned to camp, Locke told the other survivors that he would rescue Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. His first phase of the plan began in "The Cost of Living", when he decided to visit The Pearl in order to find a way to communicate with the Others. Unlike Jack, Locke said that anyone who wanted to could join him, which Sayid, Desmond, Nikki and Paulo do. He also wanted to find Eko, who had awoken and run off into the jungle, delirious.

They caught up with Eko found by a stream, where Locke confronted him about spotting the "monster". Locke revealed what he saw so long ago during the first days on the island: a shining white light. Eko, however, did not see that. Locke's party entered The Pearl, where they turned on another monitor, revealing a camera looking into another hatch. A man with an eye-patch stared back at the camera before turning it off. Suddenly, everyone heard the "monster" outside and rushed out to help Eko, who remained above. Locke found Eko lying seriously hurt on the ground. He told Locke that the other survivors were "next" and died.

In "I Do", Locke was shown, along with Desmond, Paulo, Sayid, and Nikki, alongside the deceased Mr. Eko. He stated that Mr. Eko died for a reason, but that reason was unclear as of that moment. He left with Sayid to walk back to the beach to get shovels to bury Mr. Eko. Later on, he returned and says a brief prayer. As he bent down to drive Eko's "Jesus stick" into the ground as a sort of grave marker, when he noticed some of the words inscribed on it, "Lift up your eyes and look north," and "John 3:05". John now had his next instructions. He sent Desmond to retrieve Hurley and Charlie, so he could tell them about Eko's fate. Whilst being questioned by Charlie, Desmond suddenly sprinted off for the beach. He followed, as did Hurley, Charlie and Sayid, to witness Desmond saving a drowning Claire ("Flashes Before Your Eyes").

When Kate and Sawyer finally made their way back to the beach in "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead", Locke and Sayid questioned Kate regarding her experiences with the Others. Angry with them for not having done enough to try to rescue herself, Sawyer and Jack, Kate stormed off into the jungle in search of help in finding Jack. Later that night, Locke and Sayid finally caught up with Kate in time for all three of them to encounter Rousseau.

In "Enter 77", Locke, Rousseau, Kate and Sayid found Mikhail Bakunin, who was previously revealed as the eye-patched man, in a small house in the middle of the jungle that turned out to be the Flame Station. Rousseau decided to leave, and Kate, Sayid and Locke investigated. At first Mikhail shot Sayid in the shoulder but he was not severely injured and soon he apologized to Sayid and told him that he was the last remaining member of the DHARMA Initiative. Locke found a computer with a chess game on it and Mikhail told Locke that hes been trying to win that game for years but the computer had always beaten him. When it was revealed Mikhail was, in fact, an Other, kept guard over him, while Sayid and Sawyer explored the rest of the station. Locke abandoned his post to go back to playing the chess game. He finally managed to beat the game, when the screen changed to a video of Pierre Chang. While Locke experimented with this new feature, Mikhail, who had regained consciousness, caught Locke by surprise.

When Sayid and Kate emerged from the basement with a captured Bea Klugh, they found Mikhail holding Locke at gunpoint. Bea and Mikhail argued in Russian with each other, confusing Locke, Sayid and Kate. Then Mikhail shot Bea in the chest, killing her, but Locke prevented him from killing himself, as well. As Sayid, Kate, Locke, Rousseau and their prisoner, Mikhail, were leaving the Flame, it suddenly exploded behind them. Locke revealed that it was hid doing, because if there had been an incursion by the "hostiles" at the station, then he needed to enter "77".

As the group continues their journey in "Par Avion", Mikhail says that they would never understand who the Others are because they are not on "the list" and explains that Locke is too angry to be on it. He also shows that he knows personal details about the survivors. He almost reveals Locke's past as a paraplegic but is interrupted, however, nearly revealing this upsets Locke greatly. The group encounters a strange row of pylons that surround the Others' territory. Locke pushes Mikhail past them, which activates a sonar frequency that causes Mikhail to have a cerebral hemorrhage and die. Sayid and Kate are angry at this, but Locke cares little. Sayid discovers that Locke stole some C-4 from The Flame, meaning he did indeed know about the C-4 after all, and suspects that Locke joined the mission for a different reason than rescuing Jack.

Upon reaching the Barracks, Locke sneaks into Ben's bedroom. Alex, who enters soon thereafter, is told to retrieve Sayid's backpack, which contains the C-4. John makes it clear to Ben that he intends to destroy the submarine, which Ben attempts to prevent by promising Locke additional information about the island and offering hints at some sort of "magic box." Locke is not moved, and uses the C-4 to destroy something at the end of the dock (ostensibly, but not certainly, the submarine) before Jack is able to escape via his previous deal with Ben. Locke is then captured, and is later led by Ben to a room containing "what came out of the box," which turns out to be John's father.

The next morning, in "Left Behind", Locke visits Kate, - he now has a black eye and a couple of marks on his face - who is still being held in the Barracks game room. He tells her that he is leaving with the Others, and that they won't forgive Kate for her past crimes. He leaves shortly before she is gassed. When they arrive at the new camping site, Locke helps Cindy to set up her tent, to which she explains how everyone is excited about him being among them. Tom then tells Locke to see Ben, who informs him that his presence has cured his inability to walk, as well as Juliet gathering information from the beach.

During this conversation, Ben tells Locke that he is not yet ready to know the secrets of the island until he kills his father, and stresses that Locke brought him here. Locke is confused, but Ben says it is the only way for him to become one of them. That night, Locke is approached by Ben, who tells him it's time to kill his father. Locke hesitates, attracting a crowd of Others to watch. While Cooper intimidates him and Ben argues him, Locke cannot bring himself to kill him. Disappointed, Ben announces to everyone that Locke isn't the man they hoped he would be. The next day, Locke is approached by Richard, who explains that Ben planned on embarrassing him in front of everyone, and suggests that Sawyer is a more likely candidate to kill Cooper, showing him a file. The next day, Locke wakes to find that the Others have taken down their tents and are moving on, leaving behind him and Cooper. Ben tells him that he can only rejoin them when his father is killed.

Locke returns to the camp briefly in "The Brig", but only to convince Sawyer that he has infiltrated the Others' camp and wants him to kill Ben. When Sawyer refuses, Locke explains about their files on everyone on the beach, and calmly turns and leaves, causing a bitter Sawyer to follow. As Locke continues to reel out Sawyer's past, Locke is then forced to admit that he cannot kill Ben himself, which is why he came for Sawyer. Locke takes Sawyer to the Black Rock, where Cooper is held in the brig of the ship. Locke lures Sawyer into the room and locks him inside. Shortly after, Rousseau arrives and takes a box of dynamite. After discovering that Cooper was the man who conned Sawyer's mother and caused his parents' murder-suicide, Sawyer kills Cooper, Locke frees him and tells him that Juliet is spying on everyone back at the beach, handing him her tape recorder. Locke leaves, carrying his father's corpse on his back.

In "The Man Behind the Curtain", Locke returns to the others camp with his father's body. He then demands that Ben answers all his questions. Ben then proceeds to tell him about Jacob, the supposed leader of the others tribe. Locke then demands that he be brought to Jacob while Ben has strong objections to this, saying that Jacob is the not the kind to visit, but be summoned by. Immediately after this, Mikhail rushes to the others camp, calling for Ben. He then tells him of what occurred in the forest with him, Desmond, and the parachute. He says that they probably brought the parachutist to their camp, and tells them that they should immediately go there and retrieve her. But Ben responds saying that they will go the night after tomorrow. This disagrees with Mikhail, but Locke didn't take this for an answer, and beats Mikhail to the ground.

Locke and Ben then enter the jungle, so that Locke can meet Jacob. When they get there, however, Ben tells Locke to turn his flashlight off, as Jacob does not like technology, and Ben lights a lantern outside his house. Jacob lives in a dilapidated barn house in the middle of the forest, and shows characteristics of the Amish. When they enter, Ben immediately walks to a table in the middle of the room and tells Locke that Jacob sits in the chair adjacent. He begins to speak with Jacob, who is apparently angered that Ben would come without being summoned. However, Locke does not see Jacob, and immediately assumes that Ben is schizophrenic. He begins to argue that Jacob does not exist, and Locke turns to leave the house. However, as he was exiting, he hears a cold voice say "Help me." He turns and asks Ben what he said, but Ben denies speaking. Annoyed, Locke switches on his flashlight. Jacob is visible for a small duration of 11 frames when he throws Ben against the wall. Then suddenly, the house begins to shake and the windows shatter. The lantern Ben was using falls and consumes the table in flames. Locke and Ben escape as fast as they can, and when Locke asks "What was that?", Ben responds, "That was Jacob."

As they head back to the Others' camp, Locke notices that they were taking an alternate path. He asks why, and Ben says that he wants him to see something. Then he shows Locke a pit filled with decomposing skeletons. Ben tells Locke that this is the answer to his earlier question regarding where he came from, saying that they're all the DHARMA Initiative, and admitting he was born elsewhere. Then, Ben pulls out a gun and shoots Locke in the stomach, and Locke falls into the pit. Ben asks Locke what Jacob said to him. Locke responds with "he said, help me" and Ben then leaves Locke in the pit, who is apparently severely injured from the gunshot.

In "Through the Looking Glass", Locke is revealed to be still alive, dying from his gunshot wound in the ditch. Once again paralyzed, a depressed Locke reaches for a revolver on one of the DHARMA corpses and prepares to kill himself, when Walt appears and tells him to put the gun down. Walt tells Locke that he needs to get out of the pit, because he has work to do. It is uncertain if Walt is actually back on the island, if Locke was hallucinating him or he was made visual by the smoke monster. Later on in the episode, Locke re-appears(able to walk again and seemingly healed of his gunshot wound) when Jack and the rest of the party are at the radio station, attempting to make a connection with Naomi's ship. Just as Naomi gets a connection, Locke appears on the scene and kills her by throwing a knife into her back. Jack then picks up the receiver and attempts to make contact, and Locke threatens to kill him if he doesn't discard the receiver. Jack doesn't back down, and Ben screams to Locke from a nearby tree that he has to do whatever it takes to stop them. Locke can't bring himself to shoot Jack and only tells him that he wasn't supposed to make the phone call. Jack still refuses to listen to him, Locke says "Jack, you're not supposed to do this" and then walks away into the jungle shaking his head as Jack answers the phone.

Post-Island Life

We know little about Locke's life after he leaves the island, or how he leaves the island, but we know he does. He goes by the name "Jeremy Bentham" and contacts the Oceanic Six. We know that he told Jack that "Bad things happened to the people that they left on the Island" and that they all had to go back. We see Jack enter a Funeral Parlor and open a casket, containing his body, right before Ben shows up behind him. Ben says that if they go back, they all have to go back - even Locke. When Ben and Jack take Locke's body, Ben emphasizes that they take it somewhere safe. Jack asks "He is dead isn't he?" Ben doesn't answer. Ben then strangles Locke, and makes it look like a suicide. After Locke returns to the Island, he is found in the water amongst the new plane survivors on the Island. None from the crash knows who he is, and they conclude he was not on the plane.

Season 6

In the flash-sideways timeline created by the detonation of the atomic bomb in "The Incident", Locke arrives safely in Los Angeles with the rest of the plane. He meets with Jack in the lost luggage department, and takes a business card for a possible spinal consultation. Upon returning to work at the box company, he is confronted by Randy about using the company trip to Australia for personal reasons. Although Locke apologizes and offers to use his vacation time to make it up, Randy fires him. In the parking lot, Locke finds his vehicle blocked by a large Hummer, and meets its driver: Hurley, who owns the company. After sharing mutual dislike of Randy, Hurley offers to get him a new job through a temp agency he also owns.

Locke is aggravated by a "personality test" at the agency, and gets to see the supervisor, Rose, who deflects his request to work construction by confiding that she has been diagnosed with cancer and has learned to live with her limitations. Instead, she gets him a position as a substitute teacher at a high school. In the teachers' lounge, Locke meets the school's fussy European history teacher, Dr. Benjamin Linus, and eventually convinces him to try to replace the school's lackluster principal.

Meanwhile, after Locke contemplates calling Jack about trying to fix his paralysis, he confesses to his fiancee Helen the truth about his walkabout experience, showing her the knife collection he took when the airline recovers his luggage. He tells her that he wanted to make a promise to her to be whole and physically walk down the aisle to marry her, but she says that his love for her is enough and she doesn't need him to be perfect, so he tears up Jack's card.

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