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Kwon Jin-Soo
Name Kwon Jin-Soo
Gender Male
Country Namhae, South Korea
Occupation Greeter at the Seoul Gateway Hotel, Executive Assistant for Mr. Paik
Family Father - Mr. Kwon
Mother - Older Woman
Wife - Sun-Hwa Kwon
Daughter - Ji Yeon Kwon
Father-In-Law - Mr. Paik
Mother-In-Law - Mrs. Paik
Flashback(s) ...In Translation, ...And Found, The Glass Ballerina, Ji Yeon
Played By Daniel Dae Kim

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Jin-Soo Kwon (Hangul: 권진수, Hanja: 權眞秀)was aboard Oceanic Flight 815 after his Father-In-Law, with whom he was employed for, requested he delivered expensive watches to his Associates in Sydney and Los Angeles. Jin agreed to be employed by his Father-In-Law after being given permission to marry Sun.

Life Before Flight 815Edit

Jin was preparing for a very big job interview, when his friend, Tai Soo, provided him with some big news about his love life; Jin thought nothing of the comment that his love would look orange as it was the furthest thing on his mind. Jin had no intention of falling in love until he was sure he could take care of her. Jin had previously been employed as a busboy that was promoted to a waiter at the Asiana Hotel in South Korea and had high hopes of getting a job as a greeter at the prestigious Seoul Gateway Hotel. When Jin interviewed with a Mr. Kim, he granted Jin the position under the condition that he work under all circumstances, never request time off, and not to let “people like him” inside. When Jin was approached by a poor man and his child requesting to use the washroom, Jin sympathized with them and allowed them access into the hotel. Outraged, Mr. Kim insulted Jin and was ordered to go inside and throw the two out, Jin resigned his position and returned to his previous life; that is until he spotted a woman in an orange dress pass him by, as he turned his gaze toward her, he accidentally bumped into a beautiful young woman named Sun Paik.

Jin sought employment elsewhere and eventually landed a job as a waiter once more; while handing out champagne at a party, Sun reasoned with Jin to elope with her to America, Jin denied the request and said that he would reason with Sun’s father to allow him to marry her. He presented her with a flower promising that one day it would be a diamond. Jin finally met with Mr. Paik and explained his ambitions of hotel and restaurant management to him; and when questioned by Mr. Paik as to whether he would consider working for him, Jin agreed saying he would do anything for Sun as she was his dream. As Jin shook Mr. Paik’s hand, he returned home to deliver the good news to Sun, in addition to a diamond ring. While at their wedding, Jin informs Sun that they will not be able to leave for their honeymoon for another 6 months when his management training is finished; he then promises her that they’ll have the honeymoon they always dreamed of.

When an incident at one of Mr. Paik’s factory occurs, Jin takes full responsibility expecting to be punished; instead he is promoted and made Mr. Paik’s “special assistant”. His first assignment was to deliver a message to The Secretary for Environmental Safety that Mr. Paik was displeased. Jin believed the message to be purely verbal and delivered the message accordingly. When Jin arrived to deliver the message, Byung Han was frightened expecting to receive a beating, Jin explained to Byung that Mr. Paik was displeased, and that was the message. Overjoyed, Byung presented Jin a gift; his daughter’s valuable championship breed Shar-Pei puppy. Jin presented the dog to Sun to serve as company for her as he was often working such long hours.

Outraged that Jin did not deliver the message he wanted to, Mr. Paik ordered Jin to drive his associate to Byung Han’s house to properly deliver a message. When Jin arrives to the house, he takes initiative and enters first. He delivers a savage beating to Mr. Han in front of his wife and daughter. Disgusted with what he had just done, Jin rushed home to wash to blood off of his hands; while doing so he is confronted by his wife and is slapped when she panics and attempts to make him answer her. Jin explains to her that he does whatever he father tells him to do and that he does it all for them. As Sun leaves the room, Jin bursts into tears, ashamed of what he’s become.

Despite the growing problems in their relationship, Jin and Sun still want to have children together. However, Sun is unable to become pregnant, which frustrates Jin because he hopes giving Sun's father a grandchild will please him to the point of giving Jin a safer and more legitimate job. When Jin finds out from a doctor that Sun will never be able to become pregnant, he grows angry and yells at Sun, believing that she knew about her condition all along and hid it from him. Though later, the doctor tells Sun he made this up, and it is really Jin who could not, but he did not say as Mr. Paik would not be happy.

Mr. Paik assigns Jin another mission in which he has to kill Jae Lee, the son of one of Mr. Paik's business associates. Although Jin is not told why he must kill Jae, it is because Mr. Paik discovered that he and Sun were having an affair. Jin refuses the mission, but Mr. Paik flatters him by calling him his son. A torn Jin ultimately decides to go through with it so he can continue to be married to Sun. Jin ambushes Jae outside of his hotel room, violently beating him. Once again, however, Jin finds himself unable to kill. He instead tells Jae to leave the country and never return. As Jin gets back into his car, Jae's body crashes into the car from above - an apparent suicide, possibly due to his shame for sleeping with Sun and not being able to have her.

As Jin becomes frustrated with his current life, he returns to his village to visit his father whom he’d been ashamed of for so many years. As the two reconnect Jin explains his situation, and his father informs him that he does not care about what he has done as he loves him. Jin is convinced by his father to escape to America to save his marriage. Jin travels to Sydney to deliver a watch to one of Mr. Paik’s associates, and when he plans to deliver a watch to his associate in Los Angeles, Jin plans to escape from Mr. Paik’s control. However, while at the airport Jin rushes to the restroom after spilling coffee on his shirt, and is met by one of Mr. Paik’s business associates who informs his that he must deliver Mr. Paik’s watches to his associates or else he would lose Sun. When Jin is waiting in line at the airport, Jin presents and emotional Sun with a flower, similar to the one he had back in Korea. The two would later board Oceanic Flight 815.

On-Island LifeEdit

Jin's inability to communicate sets him apart from the other castaways and he usually stays away from the others, who initially think of him as violent and abusive to his wife. Jin and Michael share an antagonistic relationship for most of the first season, which twice explodes into physical violence. Their initial enmity begins in "House of the Rising Sun" when Jin jumped on Michael to retrieve his father-in-law's watch, which Michael had found on the beach. Michael is the first to learn that Sun speaks English, which she had learned when preparing to leave Jin, though she eventually changed her mind. This discovery occurs because Sun wanted to explain to Michael why Jin attacked him. Michael seems to form a mutual understanding with Jin by the end of that episode, but their tension later erupts in "...In Translation", in which Michael attacks Jin for the alleged destruction of the raft he is building, not knowing that the raft was actually burned by Michael's son Walt, who does not want to leave the island. Having eventually set aside their issues, Jin aids Michael in constructing a new raft. The two set off on the raft together, along with Walt and fellow castaway Sawyer, and although their attempt to find shipping lanes fails, Michael and Jin have become good friends, with Jin looking after both him and Sawyer.

Jin has a single handcuff on his left wrist for the first season; this dates from his assault on Michael, after which Jin is handcuffed to some wreckage using handcuffs previously owned by Edward Mars, (and presumably worn by Kate Austen during the flight and discarded by her in the jungle after the crash, where Walt Lloyd finds them). Michael frees Jin by cutting the chain with an axe, but with the key lost, Jin still wore the handcuff until the second season.

The public revelation in “…In Translation” that Sun speaks English only further widens the gap between Jin and Sun, and they separate. The separation seems serious when Jin becomes part of the raft party that intends to leave the island, but before Jin leaves on the raft, he and Sun reconcile. She gives him a notebook that she has written, containing phonetic spellings, in Korean, of common English words.

When Sawyer is shot by the men who kidnapped Walt and falls into the water, Jin jumps into the ocean to rescue him. He ends up washing ashore and is captured by the tail-end survivors, or “Tailies”, until he escapes, only to find Michael and Sawyer, who have drifted back to the island on the raft’s remnants. The Tailies, who themselves have been attacked by the Others, hold Jin, Sawyer and Michael in a makeshift prison, thinking them to be members of the Others, until Michael convinces them that they are also the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. In one episode, Jin is shown speaking perfect English in Hurley's dream sequence.

Jin becomes better friends with Michael as they build the second raft together. He also befriends Sawyer following the destruction of the raft, and he looks out for both of them during their journey with the tail-section survivors.

While searching for Michael in the jungle, Jin gets a close up view of the mysterious Others, but only their feet.

Jin is reunited with Sun and the other fuselage survivors when the tail-section survivors join that camp. Using a bolt-cutter found in the hatch, Locke is able to remove the remaining handcuff from Jin's wrist.

In The Hunting Party, Hurley tells Sun and Jin that Michael "went all commando" to go look for Walt again. Jin hears the word "Walt" and suddenly begins packing to go find Michael. Sun asks why he is packing, and he tells her that Michael is his friend, but Sun reminds him that she is his wife. Sun tells Jin that she did not like being told what to do for the past four years of their marriage and was very worried when Jin was on the raft, and Jin decides to stay with her instead of risking danger.

Sun is assaulted by an unseen assailant in "The Long Con", which causes Jin to become very protective of her. (The culprit is eventually revealed to be Charlie, who colluded with Sawyer to provoke paranoia in the other castaways so that Sawyer could gain access to the hatch's weaponry, though Charlie's role in this is not known to anyone outside of Sawyer.) Sun chafes against Jin's protectiveness, which causes a huge fight between them, and Jin ends up tearing apart Sun's garden. He later feels guilty for what he did, and tells Sun that he is sorry and that he needs her because he does not understand what anyone is saying on the island. Sun reveals to Jin that she is pregnant, and that their doctor told her in private that Jin is actually the one who is sterile (he was afraid to tell this to Jin in person because he was an enforcer for Sun's father). Sun then promises Jin that she was never with another man, confirming that the baby is in fact Jin's. Jin believes that the pregnancy is a miracle.

Sayid recruits Jin to steer Desmond's sailboat in "Live Together, Die Alone", but tells him (through Sun) they are using it to help Michael, not revealing that Jin's friend Michael is a traitor. Jin refuses to leave Sun behind, but Sun decides she will go with him and Sayid on the boat. Jin and Sun remained on the boat when Sayid went into the Others' camp, and all three are on the boat as the white light caused by the activation of the fail-safe mechanism in the hatch engulfs the island.

In "The Glass Ballerina", Jin grows impatient and wary waiting for Jack and wants to head back to camp, but Sayid and Sun oppose this. He feels betrayed by his wife, and his wariness turns out to be right: Sayid has no intention of waiting for Jack - he just wants to ambush the Others. Sun was asked by Sayid to lie to Jin about their reasons for staying, but Jin discovers this on his own since his knowledge of English is improving and because he spotted fresh tracks on the beach. He again feels betrayed. That night, Jin and Sayid wait in a tree for the Others, but the ambush plan fails, as the Others board the boat where Sun was hiding out. They hijack the boat and sail off, but Sun is able to escape into the water and reunite with Jin and Sayid.

Since returning from their journey, Jin and Sun's relationship seems to be back on track. In "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead", Sun begins speaking to him in English, which almost upsets him. However, when Hurley asks for volunteers to help with the newly discovered van he found in the jungle, Jin is the only one remaining after everyone else declines and walks away. Hurley takes Jin to the van and the two discover some DHARMA beer and also blueprints on a road project. Sawyer shortly arrives, to which Jin and Hurley are overjoyed. The three of them overturn the van. When Hurley goes to retrieve Charlie, Sawyer teaches Jin some English. When Hurley and Charlie return, Jin and Sawyer push the van down the hill, with the other two inside. After Hurley gets the van working, Jin joins them for a short joy-riding session before returning to camp with renewed hope and presenting Sun with a flower as a sign of affection.

In "Par Avion", Claire enlists Jin and Sun to help her capture a bird, and uses Jin's fishing net to set up a trap to try and catch it. However, their attempts of catching a bird are thwarted by gunfire, scaring the birds away. Jin spots Desmond running away, and he, along with Claire, argue with him. Later, in "Exposé", Jin, Sawyer and Hurley venture into the jungle and discover the motionless body of Paulo. Jin finds his bottle of water, but Sawyer empties its contents, much to the resentment of Hurley. He is present at their funeral, unaware that both Paulo and Nikki are not dead, but severely paralyzed. He is pleased when Jack, Kate and Sayid return to the camp, in "One Of Us", but gives Juliet the cold shoulder when she asks of Claire's current status.

Jin is approached by Hurley in "Catch-22", who persuades him to join him and Desmond on a hike by telling him they're going "camping", to which he obliges. After Desmond convinces Charlie to join them, they set off along the beach. When Jin and Hurley uncover the cable, Desmond suggests camping out for the night. As Jin is telling a ghost story, they are interrupted by an approaching helicopter passing by. As they hear it crash into the ocean, Jin spots a parachutist landing in the jungle. Shortly after Charlie is saved by Desmond, Jin and Hurley venture off to find the beacon from the night before, while Desmond and Charlie head off in another direction. Jin and Hurley discover the parachutist hanging unconsciously from the trees, and they, along with Charlie, use the parachute as a safety net while Desmond cuts her free.

In "D.O.C.", after Mikhail is attracted to their location, Jin chases him through the jungle when he tries to escape. After a struggle, Jin eventually overpowers him. After Desmond bargains with Mikhail to help the parachutist in exchange for his freedom, Jin notices that Mikhail stole the satellite phone from the bag, and again chases him for it. The next day, he, Charlie and Desmond make a stretcher to carry the woman back to their camp. In "The Brig", Jin and Hurley watch over Naomi and try to divert a suspicious Sawyer's attention. The next day, Jin tends to her while Desmond speaks with Hurley and Charlie. In "The Man Behind the Curtain", Jin is present at the group discussion regarding Naomi, Jack and Juliet. When Sawyer asks Sun why she was taken to the Staff station, Jin grows curious, but after Sawyer plays the recorder, Jin grows concerned for his wife's safety.

Jack and Juliet lead Jin and the rest of the camp into the jungle, where they reveal their destructive plan to rid them of the Others. Back at camp, Jin learns that he is the father of Sun's baby, to which he is delighted. However, Jin volunteers to stay behind and detonate the dynamite, while Sun travels to the radio tower with everyone else "(Greatest Hits").

That night, Jin hides in the bushes, along with Sayid and Bernard. When the Others arrive on the beach, Sayid and Bernard shoot their designated dynamite, but Jin misses his target, and thus gives away their position, resulting in their kidnapping. Ben plays a con on Jack, causing him to believe that Jin had been shot and killed, along with Sayid and Bernard. However, Hurley arrives on the beach in the van, killing one of the Others and allowing Sawyer and Sayid to kill the remaining two. Jin is safe, and remains on the beach until the rest of the group return ("Through the Looking Glass").

When Jin arrives on the freighter, he, Michael, and Desmond attempt to disarm the C-4 explosives, and must freeze the bomb using hydrogen. They are unsuccesful, however and the bomb is detonated. Jin is running towards the helicopter and yelling as the freighter explodes. "(There's No Place Like Home - Part 2)" The Oceanic six all believe Jin to be dead, and we learn that Sun holds a grudge against her father and someone else for her husband's death.

When the survivors on the island are experiencing the time traveling effects of moving the island, we see a group of French people on a life raft near the island. They see a body lying on a piece of wood in the ocean and pull it aboard their raft. When they reach the island, we see that the person is Jin. When he awakes, some of the French people speak English, we confirm that this is Jin, and also learn that one of the French is none other than Danielle Rousseau. "(The Little Prince)"

Back on in TimeEdit

Jin was a Dharma worker and learned English, becoming some sort of cargo man. When he knew about the arrival of Jack, Kate and Hugo, he went to the radio base to locate the crash. Leaving to find his wife, Jin instead found Sayid and was forced to turn his friend in.

Jin later finds Sayid when he escaped the headquarters, but is knocked unconscious. Before Sayid shoots at the young Benjamin Linus, Jin wakes up and takes the kid to the infirmary.

After the blow up of the hatch, the group are back to their timeline and are caught by the people of the temple. Jin runs away, falling on a trap that severly wounds his left leg. He is taken prisoner by Claire, who kills a man in front of him and proves to be insane. However, Locke and James show up before the strike at the temple. With Sun nowhere to be found and wounded, Jin stays with Locke. Though he proves to be much more displeased of his presense than any other, Jin is ready to leave Locke's camp when all of them are shot with tranquilizers. Jin is taken to Widmore's camp, where Jin sees Desmond Hume being bombarded with electromagnetism and surviving.

After James overthrew Locke's plan and escaped with the team to Hydra Island, Jin and Sun were finally reunited and shared their experiences and their love for their daughter, promising to stay together no matter what from then on.

When the group had to reunite with Locke to leave in the submarine, Jin and Sun entered and watched as Jack and James argued over what to do. Later, when Sayid sacrificed his life to find an exit, the explosion deformed several internal conducts that trapped Sun and blocked her from reach by a large desk, leaving Jin to try to save her. Jack and James intended to save her, but as they took away the desk she was still trapped by the conducts. When James was unconscious and the room flooded, Jin and Sun asked them to leave. Sun even begged for Jin to save himself but he promised to stay with her. The two hugged and held hands as the submarine fell deeper into the ocean.



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