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Ji Yeon Kwon
Name Ji Yeon Kwon
Gender Female
Country Seoul, South Korea
Family Father - Jin-Soo Kwon
Mother - Sun-Hwa Kwon
Maternal Grandfather - Mr. Paik
Maternal Grandmother - Mrs. Paik
Paternal Grandfather - Mr. Kwon
Paternal Grandmother - Older Woman
Episode(s) Ji Yeon

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Ji Yeon Kwon, is the daughter of Jin and Sun Kwon. She was conceived on the island after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Sun discovered she pregnant, and was shocked, due to the fact that Jin was sterile before the crash. Sun informed Jin, who believed it to be a miracle, however, Sun was worried that the child was conceived during her affair with Jae Lee. (The Whole Truth)

Sun and Juliet went to the Staff Station to have an ultrasound performed, which helped Juliet determine the date of conception, and by extension, the father, which turned out to be Jin. (D.O.C.)

Ji Yeon was born in 2005 at Choogdong Hospital in Seoul, South Korea. After her birth, Hurley traveled to Korea to visit with Ji Yeon and Sun, and the three visited Jin's grave. (Ji Yeon)

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