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Ji Yeon
Ji Yeon
Season 4
Episode 7
Air Date March 13, 2008
Writer(s) Edward Kitsis
Adam Horowitz
Director Stephen Semel
Flashback Jin-Soo Kwon
Flashforward Sun-Hwa Kwon

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Sun and Jin prepare to leave for Locke's camp, until Juliet reveals to Jin that Sun had previously had an affair. On the Kahana, Sayid and Desmond meet with the captain, and discover the identity of the spy aboard.


The episode presents four storylines, three of which follow Jin and Sun. The other storyline focuses upon Sayid and Desmond on the freighter Kahana.

On the island, Sun becomes increasingly worried about the intentions of the Kahana crew. Despite Juliet's warning to Sun that women who conceive on the island die during their second trimester, Sun arranges to defect with Jin to the rival faction led by Locke, who does not want to leave the island. Juliet tries to stop Sun from leaving by telling Jin that Sun had an affair, causing him to angrily back out of the journey at the last minute. After fishing with Bernard, the only other married man, he forgives Sun, who tells him the baby is his.

On the Kahana, Desmond and Sayid are still waiting to speak to the captain of the freighter, Gault. When they are taken to see him, Regina jumps off the side of the ship, but Gault dismisses it as "a heightened case of cabin fever," and losing her is better than losing several more in saving her. He takes them into his cabin, and explains why Charles Widmore is so intent on finding Benjamin Linus, and that faking a plane crash would require tremendous resources. After their meeting, Desmond and Sayid are relocated to a different part of the ship, where they meet Michael working as a deck hand under the alias "Kevin Johnson."

The episode's off-island storyline appears to depict Jin rushing to the hospital while Sun, who had become one of the "Oceanic Six", goes into labor. Jin's journey to the hospital is marred by several unfortunate incidents, including difficulty in purchasing a stuffed panda and his cell phone being broken. Sun gives birth to a girl, whom she names Ji Yeon. The final off-island scenes establish that Jin's story is separate; Jin's story is set in flashbacks, and the relevant pregnancy focuses upon a Chinese ambassador, to whom Jin expresses his employer's wishes. Upon leaving, he tells a nurse that the child was not his and he would not rush into having a child because he has "only been married two months." In the final flashforward, Sun and her daughter are visited by Hurley, who takes her to pay her respects to Jin. His tombstone indicates that he died in the crash of Oceanic 815.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Nice to meet you, Kevin."


"I will hunt you down and rip your head off!"


Background InformationEdit

  • This is the first episode to feature both flashbacks and flashforwards.
  • An episode of Exposé featuring Nikki appears on the television in Sun's apartment.

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