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Name Jerry
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Member of DHARMA Initiative security
Episode(s) LaFleur
Played By Kevin Rankin

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Jerry was a member of the DHARMA Initiative who worked within the security forces of the organization. Jerry was a subordinate to the head of security, Jim LaFleur.

In the DHARMA InitiativeEdit

Some time in 1977, Jerry was a security officer for the DHARMA Initiative on the island. During one particular shift at the security building within the DHARMA barracks, Jerry was visited by Rosie, who had brought him a plate of brownies. The two then began to dance, which caused Jerry to disregard his post of monitoring the security monitors. The two were then hastily interrupted by Phil, who scolded Jerry for abandoning his post. With their attentions collectively turned back to the monitors, the three DHARMA workers noticed Horace drunkenly detonating dynamite near the sonic fence. Fearing for the dangerous possibilities of this situation, Jerry and Phil left the security office and headed for Jim LaFleur's house in order to inform him of the recent turn of events. The two then took LaFleur to Horace's location, so the security chief could confront the drunken DHARMA official. (LaFleur)

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