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Name Jason
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation One of "The Others"
Episode(s) Every Man for Himself, The Cost of Living, I Do, Not in Portland, Greatest Hits, Through the Looking Glass
Played By Ariston Green

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Jason is part of the mysterious group known as the Others. He guided Matthew into the procedure to make Sawyer believe that they had placed a pacemaker in his chest. He later accompanied Ben when Ben took Sawyer out to show him that they were on a separate island from where the plane had crashed. That night, he attended Colleen's funeral.

Jason would later join Pickett and Tom in the viewing room for Ben's funeral. When Pickett felt thew time was right, he and Jason headed out to Kate and Sawyer's cages. Pickett removed Sawyer from the cage and held him at gunpoint, while Jason had Kate at gunpoint. When Tom radioed in to Pickett telling him to give Kate the walkie, Jack told Kate that he had made an incision in Ben's kidney sack and that if Kate and Sawyer didn't escape he would let Ben die. Sawyer and Kate turned the tables on Jason and Pickett and locked them in the cage. Ivan was eventually sent to free them, and the three headed into the jungle following Kate and Sawyer. When Sawyer ran out of bullets, Jason aimed his gun at Kate and was ready to fire, however, he was struck in the head by Alex's sling. Kate and Sawyer hid in a foxhole and Jason, Ivan and Pickett headed deeper into the jungle. They eventually made their way to a Hydra facility where Karl was being held, after Aldo radioed in and informed them of this. When they arrived, Aldo was knocked out, and Karl, Alex, Kate and Sawyer were no where to be found. Juliet arrived and stated that Ben gave the order to let them go free, to which Pickett stated that he knew Ben would rather die that let them go free.

Jason was sitting next to Ryan when Ben ordered him to raid the crash survivors' camp one day early. Jason was later a part of the team headed by Ryan Pryce that attempted to extract the pregnant women from the 815 survivors' camp, unaware that it was a trap. He was one of the remaining three members of the team along with Ryan and Tom. After Hurley had arrived in the DHARMA van, he killed Pryce by running him over. Distracted, Jason was tripped by Sayid and killed when Sayid broke his neck by use of his legs.