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Jae Lee
Jae Lee
Name Jae Lee
Gender Male
Country Seoul, South Korea
Occupation Hotel Manager
Father Mr. Lee
Mother Mrs. Lee
Episode(s) ...And Found, The Whole Truth, The Glass Ballerina
Played By Tony Lee

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Jae Lee is a Harvard University graduate who studied Medieval Russian Literature, he is also a Hotel Manager living in Seoul, South Korea. While he was at Harvard he met an American woman and fell in love, when Jae returned to South Korea, he had plans to return to the United States and marry her.

At this insistence of his family, Jae agreed to be fixed by his mother for a date with a Korean woman named Sun Paik. As the two hit it off, they began to continue seeing each other. However, as Jae’s feelings for Sun were completely platonic, he assumed that her feelings were as well, it was then that Jae informed Sun about the American Woman he met at Harvard. Hurt and embarrassed, Sun masked her feelings and left Jae in the restaurant.

Sun and Jae would later reunite years later, and the two would often see each other in secret so that Jae give Sun English lessons. Sun eventually became fluent in English, and one day Jae confronted her when she was distracted from her lessons. She informed him that the reason she was learning English was because she was moving to America. She told him that she and Jin were unable to have children, and that she was glad. Jae told her that he left to American for a woman because he thought he was in love, and he told Sun that she can't run away from this. Upon hearing this, Sun questioned Jae as to whether Jin was her life, to which he answered that he wasn't saying she should stay for Jin.

In "The Glass Ballerina", Mr. Paik finds out about the affair between Sun and Jae, but instead of telling Jin about it, lies to Jin and tells him Jae is stealing from him, addressing this in terms of "honor". He orders Jin to "deliver a message" to Jae. Jin finds him and beats him up, but cannot bring himself to kill him and so tells him to leave the country and never return. Jae Lee ends up falling from many stories high and lands on Jin's car with the string of pearls he attempted to give Sun clutched in his hand. The death was ruled a suicide, however the true nature of his death is not revealed. His funeral was attended by Sun and Mr. Paik.

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