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Name Jacob
Gender Male
Country The Island
Occupation Former Protector of the Island
Family Mother -
Brother - The Man in Black
Birth Mother - Claudia
Flashback(s) The Incident, Across the Sea
Played By Mark Pellegrino (adult)
Kenton Duty (child)

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Ancient TimesEdit

Jacob was born on the Island a millennia before the events of the main story take place. His mother was a woman named Claudia who arrived on the island when her ship was destroyed by unknown causes nearby. Upon her arrival she was very pregnant, and shortly after meeting a strange island woman, she went into labor. She gave birth to twins, first Jacob and then his brother moments later. Before Claudia could name Jacob's brother, the island woman, who was serving as mid-wife, murdered her with a rock to the head. The woman then became the adoptive mother of the two boys raising them on the island as her own leading them to believe there was nothing beyond the island, and that they were alone on it.

As they grew older, Jacob and his brother were carefree, running around the Island and on the beaches unaware of the world beyond the shores of their island. Jacob harbored the perception that his brother was favored by his mother over himself, although this perception was addressed and dismissed by his mother later. One day while hunting a boar, Jacob and his brother came across other people on the island. When they confronted their mother about them, she informed them that the people were dangerous and she lied to the boys to prevent them from being frightened. When prompted further she indicated that they were different than the other people on the island because they served a purpose there. The purpose, as she finally showed them, was to be the protectors of what she called "The Source". The Source, she explained, was the heart of the island and appeared as a cave filled with glowing golden light.

Jacob's brother left him and his mother to be with the other people in an effort to get off the island. Jacob remained with his mother to adulthood. At his mother's prompting, Jacob accepted the responsibility of safeguarding The Source. His mother was killed by his brother in response to her destruction of his efforts to leave the island. In response to this, Jacob "killed" his brother by throwing him into the source, which his mother had previously stated would be "worse than death". This action unwittingly unleashed his brother's spirit in the form of Black Smoke, and began the feud which continues for millennia and rages on as the current story arc begins.

Modern TimesEdit

After Juliet wanted to leave the island, Ben stated that her sister's cancer had returned and that she would be dead before she gave birth. Ben stated that if Juliet continued her work on the island, that Jacob would personally assure that Rachel's cancer would be cured. (The Other Woman)

He was mentioned briefly by Danny Pickett, Jacob has apparently compiled a list presumably similar to the lists that Ethan and Goodwin were tasked with creating, or the list given to Michael by Ms. Klugh. None of the names on Jacob's list are known, at this point. However, it is known that Jack Shephard is not on the list. (I Do)

Jacob may be briefly visible during a somewhat disturbing incident in Jacob's cabin. After Ben introduces Locke to an empty chair, Locke thinks that Ben is playing games with him by saying that there is a man in the chair, when there clearly, in Locke's eyes, is not. Presumably, Jacob then causes many strange things to happen, such as glass breaking, a lamp falling off of a table, and the rocking chair rocking. After Ben grasps the chair and yells, "That's enough; you've had your fun!" he is thrown against the wall and the silhouette of a man kneeling on the floor can be vaguely seen. This is believed to be Jacob, however, we know from the last season that it is most likely the shape shifting man in black, the very voice that asked Locke for help just moments before. (The Man Behind the Curtain)

After locating the cabin, Locke enters and finds Christian Shephard who is acting as an intermediary on behalf of Jacob, but who is really Jacob's shape shifting brother, the man in black. Christian informs Locke that in order to save the island, they need to move it. (Cabin Fever)

In "The Incident", Jacob is seen on the beach in the late 1800's with a man in black, who is apparently his adversary and wishes to kill Jacob, to which Jacob replies that he must find a Loophole that will allow him to do so. He explains that he believes in the inherent ability of mankind to make good choices, while his nemesis feels that people will only destroy, and that he will find his Loophole and a way to be set free from the island. Various flashbacks reveal that Jacob was present in many of the Flight 815 survivors previous lives and touched them on the shoulder. He is seen giving a pen to an 8-year-old James "Sawyer" Ford to finish his letter to the real "Mr. Sawyer"; asking Sayid for directions as Nadia is struck by a car and killed; comforting Locke immediately after his father pushed him out a window; sharing a candy bar with Jack at the hospital after his first solo surgery; paying for a lunchbox that a young Kate shoplifted; and visiting Hurley after his release from prison, telling him that his ability to see dead people is real and giving him a guitar to take onboard flight 316. He also visits Ilana at some point in a hospital, and tells her he has a mission for her, later revealed to protect the candidates he has selected to replace him.

The man in black, posing as the deceased Locke, manipulates his way into the statue, where Jacob recognizes him for who he really is. He talks Ben into stabbing Jacob for abandoning him; as Jacob dies he whispers "They're coming." The man in black then kicks Jacob's body into a firepit and leaves.

Following Jacob's death, the entity posing as Locke recruits Sawyer to be on his side, promising him answers as to his presence on the island. He takes Sawyer to a cave in a cliffside, with a backgammon board and a scale with a black and a white stone on it. After throwing the white stone away, he reveals to Sawyer a cave wall with dozens of names scratched into it, including names of the Flight 815 survivors, and many of them with the numbers associated with them, explaining that this is a list that Jacob has compiled of people to take his place on the island after his death.

The events of "Ab Aeterno" reveal that Richard was a slave on board The Black Rock when it crashed onto the island in 1867, and he is confronted by the man in black, who tells him he and his dead wife Isabella are in hell, and that Jacob is the Devil. He claims that Jacob stole his body and his freedom, and tasks Richard to kill him, warning not to let Jacob speak as he is "very persuasive". Jacob talks Richard out of killing him, describing his views and his rivalry, and recruit Richard to be his "advisor" for the people he brings to the island, in order to counteract the corruption of the man in black. He describes the man in black as being an evil much like the wine in a bottle, and the island as the cork which contains the evil.

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