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Ilana Verdansky
Name Ilana Verdansky
Gender Female
Country Unknown
Occupation Posed as bounty hunter
Agent of Jacob
Episode(s) 316, The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham, Namaste, He's Our You, Dead is Dead, The Incident
Played By Zuleikha Robinson

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Ilana Verdansky was a survivor of Ajira Airways Flight 316 and was the captor of Sayid Jarrah. However, after arriving on the island, she reveals her true motives for being a passenger on Flight 316.

Prior to the IslandEdit

Sometime before boarding Flight 316, Ilana was bedridden within a Russian hospital, suffering from apparent facial and head injuries. Heavily bandaged, it was here that she was approached by Jacob, who came to greet her at her bedside. Apologizing for not arriving sooner, Jacob soon asked Ilana if she would do something for him, to which she willfully agreed. (The Incident)

Some time after, in 2008, Ilana arrived in a Los Angeles bar, and took a seat next to Sayid Jarrah. Noticing the expensive brand of whisky that Sayid had purchased, Ilana inquired about the line of work he was in. Despite Sayid's evasiveness in answering such a line of questioning, the two continued their conversation before heading to a nearby hotel room. As the two kissed, Sayid began to remove Ilana's boot, which was promptly met with a kick to the face. Stunned, Sayid looked up to see Ilana aiming a gun at his head. After Sayid demanded to know who Ilana worked for, Ilana informed him that she was hired by the family of Peter Avellino, who Sayid had murdered on a golf course per instructions from Benjamin Linus. Ilana also informed Sayid that she was instructed to bring him to Guam, so that he could face punishment for his misdeeds.

Following this altercation, Ilana, under the guise of a federal marshall, escorted Sayid through security en route to boarding Flight 316. Sayid, after noticing members of the Oceanic Six boarding the same flight, became very apprehensive about this flight. However, Ilana firmly stated that they must board this flight, and forced Sayid onward.

Onboard the flight, Sayid became alarmed when he noticed Benjamin Linus enter the cabin, and asked Ilana if she was working for him. Ilana inquired about who this person was, to which Sayid responded that he was a murderer and liar. Ilana then asked rhetorically why she would work for such a man. (He's Our You)

During the flight, as the plane entered turbulence, Ilana became restless and uneasy due to the violent shaking. As the plane became engulfed in a blinding white light, which forced the plane to make an emergency landing on the island, Ilana was knocked unconscious. She was awoken by Caesar, who introduced himself and offered her assistance. However, Sayid was no longer seated next to her, and Ilana was unable to locate him anywhere on the plane. (Namaste)

On the IslandEdit

Following the crash, Ilana left the aircraft to meet with her fellow survivors on the beach of the Hydra island, the site of the plane's landing. Ilana took special interest in Sun-Hwa Kwon, who she had observed nervously playing with her wedding ring. Ilana inquired if Sun was looking for someone she may have lost on the flight. (Namaste)

Later, Ilana and Caesar discovered the Hydra station and began exploring the interior of the offices there. While exploring the interior, Caesar located a shotgun and flashlight, which he stored on his person. Ilana informed him that a man on the beach was beginning to unnerve some of the fellow survivors. Much of this tension stemmed from the fact that no other passenger on the plane could remember seeing this man on the flight. Caesar posited that this man was one of the few passengers who disappeared during the flash of light prior to the crash, but Ilana disputed this by stating that he wasn't on the plane when it lifted off. Arriving at the beach to a signal fire built by the other survivors, Ilana and Caesar approached a man draped in a blanket. The two greeted the man, who identified himself as John Locke.

The following morning, Ilana approached Locke near the water's edge, and offered him a mango for breakfast. After Locke noticed the pair of watercraft located on the beach, he inquired if they belonged to her. Ilana stated that the crafts had been there before they had arrived. Locke then requested to see the passenger manifest of the plane, which Ilana replied that Caesar would have to make a decision regarding that. Ilana then expressed concern over the fact that no other passenger could remember him on the plane, and asked him what he could remember prior to the crash. Locke simply replied that he remembered dying, which caused a frustrated Ilana to end the conversation and walk away. (The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham)

Some time after, a recovered Benjamin Linus approached Ilana and a few other survivors near a large metal crate. The efforts of the survivors seemed to be focused on the crate, and when Ben inquired what was inside the package, Ilana responded simply that it was something that needed to be moved. After Ben offered his help, Bram, a fellow survivor, told him that the group could handle the load on their own.

Following the death of Caesar at the hands of Ben, Ilana and a few other survivors began rounding up weapons and arming themselves in a position of power among the survivors. Fellow survivor, and captain of Flight 316, Frank Lapidus was informed of this by Jed, another survivor, when he arrived back to the island after returning from a trip to the main island with Sun and Ben. Frank questioned Ilana about this, which caused Ilana to point a rifle at the captain and ask him "what lies in the shadow of the statue?". Bewildered, Frank had no answer for the threatening woman, which caused Ilana to hit Frank over the head with the butt of her rifle, rendering him unconscious. Ilana then instructed her fellow survivors to restrain Frank and prepare for their journey ahead. (Dead is Dead)

Ilana and Bram, along with a select few other survivors, then loaded up one of the watercraft present on the beach, and headed to the main island with an unconscious Frank in tow. Confused by the decision to bring the captain, Bram inquired to Ilana why she felt it necessary to bring Lapidus. Bram reminded her that Frank did not know the answer to the question she had posed to him. Ilana responded that Lapidus not knowing the answer to the question does not mean he isn't special. Bram then asked if Ilana felt Lapidus was a "candidate", to which Ilana provided no answer to the vague question. Ilana instead pointed out that Lapidus is awake, and had been for some time. After attempting to calm the frayed captain's nerves, Ilana decides to show Frank the contents of the crate they had packed along with them. The contents of the crate visibly upset the captain.

Ilana and the rest of the group then began a trek through the island jungle, eventually reaching the mysterious cabin previously visited by Ben, Locke and Hurley. Before entering the dilapidated house, Bram pointed out that the ring of ash surrounding the structure had been broken, which appeared to visibly distress Ilana and the rest of the group. Upon entering the cabin, Ilana was dismayed to find it unoccupied, and she noted that no one had resided there in quite some time. Upon further inspection, however, Ilana discovered a piece of worn cloth suspended on a wall by a large knife. After removing the cloth, Ilana noted that the sheet contained an image of the statue resident to the island, and informed her group that this was instructions on where to go next. After leaving the cabin, Ilana then instructed the group to burn the house to the ground.

After arriving at the beach location of the statue, Ilana and her group were met by Sun, Richard Alpert and the Others, who quickly leveled their weapons at the arriving party. Ilana insisted that she and her group meant no harm, and requested to speak with "Ricardus". After Richard identified himself as Ricardus, Ilana repeated the same question to Richard as the one she had asked Frank. However, this time Richard appeared to correctly answer the question by responding "he who will save us all" in Latin. Ilana then motioned her group to unload the contents of the crate they had brought with them, which drew added attention from the Others. Richard instructed his people to lower their weapons, and Ilana revealed the contents of the crate: the deceased corpse of John Locke. As Richard and the Others had recently watched Locke enter the foot of the statue with Ben, he incredulously asked where she had found this body. Ilana responded that it was found in the cargo hold of the plane, which was the same place Jack Shephard had the corpse of Locke stowed before boarding the flight. (The Incident)

Ilana and Bram argued with Richard to see Jacob, which Richard denied. Later, Ben came out and told Richard that the Man in Black wanted to see him. Angrily, Richard then showed Ben the real John Locke's corpse. Ben stared at Locke's body in disbeleif, until Bram lost his pacience and entered the temple with Ben and his team, as Ilana looked on. After Bram and her team were killed, the Man in Black left the Statue. Ilana was about to shoot him, but Richard ordered her not to. Ilana looked on as "Locke" knocked Richard out and kidnapped him. (LA X)

Ilana proceeded to direct her entourage to the Temple, where she witnessed the massacre of the Temple inhabitants by the Smoke Monster. Before coming to the island, Jacob had told her that Richard would know what to do. When asked, Richard initially was clueless but eventually believed that he must destroy the Ajira airplane to prevent Locke from leaving the island. Ilana procured dynamite from the Black Rock, but carelessly dropped the satchel containing the dynamite while giving a pep talk to the other castaways. This caused the unstable dynamite to explode, killing her much in the same was as Doc Arzt.

Afterlife Edit

In the afterlife of Season 6 Ilana is an attorney for Desmond Hume and Christian Shephard, responsible for carrying out the latter's will. Prior to the events shown in the episode The Last Recruit she had been searching for Claire Littleton who is mentioned in Christian's will, and is unknown to the Shephard family and acquantences. She is finally introduced to Claire by Desmond Hume who convinces her to visit his own attorney in order to review the paperwork she was required to fill out to put her child up for adoption. Ilana subsequently introduces Claire to her half-brother Jack Shephard and his son David Shephard, much to their surprise.

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