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Hugo Reyes
Name Hugo Reyes
Gender Male
Country Miami, Florida, USA
Occupation Millionaire businessman after lottery win
Formerly employed at Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack
Family Father - David Reyes
Mother - Carmen Reyes
Brother - Diego Reyes
Grandfather - Tito Reyes
Former Sister-In-Law - Lisa Reyes
Flashback(s) Numbers, Everybody Hates Hugo, Dave, Tricia Tanaka Is Dead
Flashforward(s) The Beginning of the End, The Lie
Flash-sideways LA X, Everybody Loves Hugo, The End

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Hugo Reyes, commonly known as "Hurley", is one of the Survivors of Flight 815. His father disappeared when he was ten and did not return until 17 years later. During his father's absence, Hurley developed an eating disorder, and later a traumatic accident landed him in Santa Rosa Mental Institution where he started seeing and communicating with the spirits of dead people. After leaving the institution, he got a job working at Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack. While employed there, Hurley won $156 million in the lottery by playing numbers which he had heard repeatedly chanted by a fellow patient at Santa Rosa's. Due to a sequence of unfortunate events following his win - including the death of his grandfather, his home catching fire, and his restaurant being hit by a meteor - Hurley concluded that the numbers, and by extension himself, were cursed.

On the Island, Hurley is typically friendly and and tries to keep the spirits of his fellow survivors up. He builds a golf course which help relieve much of the stress of being stranded on an island for many people who had not had anything to do for weeks. He was given the task of managing the food supply after the survivors managed to break into the hatch, and freely distributed the food to everyone until it was gone. Hurley developed a short-lived romantic relationship with Libby, until she was accidentally shot by Michael. Hurley found an old DHARMA Initiative van and got it running with the assistance of Charlie, Sawyer and Jin, and took turns driving around a clearing on the island.

Life Before Flight 815Edit

As a child, Hurley's father left the family, and Hurley's sadness causes him to gain weight. Later in life, Hurley is involved in an accident, in which a deck (designed to hold only 8 people) collapses as he steps onto it, killing two people. Even though there were 23 people on the deck prior to his arrival, Hurley feels tremendous guilt and sinks into a depressive state, doing nothing but overeating. Worrying about his mental state, Hurley's mother puts him in a mental institution, the same one that Locke's mother was once treated, and also where Libby is currently a patient. He meets Leonard, a patient who keeps mumbling 4 8 15 16 23 42. Hurley also meets and befriends Dave, the only other normal person, in his opinion, in the asylum, and the two would often create mischief behind the doctors' backs. However, when Hurley learns that Dave is merely imaginary, Dave tempts Hurley to break out of the institution; Hurley instead sees Dave out first before closing the window behind him. Having recovered from his previous stress, Hurley is released. (Dave)

Hurley resumes his job at Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack and moves back in with his mother. Hurley decides to use the numbers that Leonard keeps saying to play lottery. While watching television one night, Hurley learns that he has won a 16-week rollover on the lottery, earning him $114m. Hurley quits his job, along with his friend, and embarks on a care-free day; it comes to an abrupt end when his friend learns of his recent winnings. Since winning the lottery, however, Hurley begins experiencing constant cases of bad luck; his grandfather dies while being interviewed live on television, his brother's wife leaves him for a waitress, and the priest at his grandfather's funeral is struck by lightning. Hurley buys his mother a new house, only to discover that it has caught fire, and is almost immediately arrested, being mistaken for a drug dealer. Following these mishaps, Hurley's net worth drastically increases following even more bad luck, including the death of a well-known news reporter, Tricia Tanaka. It is then that Hurley suspects the numbers he used to win the lottery are cursed. He visits the mental institution again to speak with Leonard. Hurley learns of the origins of the numbers being in Australia. (Numbers) / (Everybody Hates Hugo) / (Tricia Tanaka Is Dead)

Before Hurley travels to Australia, his estranged father returns home and calls Hurley a "fat boy", much to Hurley's resentment. He admits that he returned only due to Hurley's sudden wealth, but also intends to rekindle his relationship with his mother. He tries to trick Hurley into thinking his 'curse' is removed by taking him to a palm reader, but Hurley sees through his plan. He soon packs and leaves, but reconciles with his father and vows to work on their strained relationship. (Tricia Tanaka Is Dead)

Once in Australia, Hurley visits the wife of Sam Toomey, the man who heard the numbers along with Leonard. She reveals that Sam was driven to suicide to escape his constant bad luck. Hurley attempts to fly home, but is faced with more obstacles brought on, including a packed elevator (which Charlie was on), his car running low on gas, and being delayed at check-in. He eventually makes his way to the gate, just in time to be granted access on the plane. (Numbers) / (Exodus - Part 2)

Hurley has appeared in a total of 117 episodes, the most of any character on Lost.

On-Island LifeEdit

Season One (Days 1-44)Edit

Hurley maintains a friendly persona since the crash. He tries to help out whenever possible, most noticeably when Jack attempts to treat Edward Mars, but his hemophobia gets the better of him. (Tabula Rasa)

He moves into the caves with some of the other survivors, where he discovers a pack of golf clubs. Inspired, Hurley creates a golf course, in order to ease the stress and tension from being stranded, it proves to be a success. (Solitary)

When Claire claims to have been attacked one night, Hurley offers to create a census, asking every survivor their names. When he has a look at the official flight manifest, which was taken by Sawyer, he discovers that Ethan was never on the flight, and raises the alarm. (Raised By Another)

Hurley develops a friendship with Charlie, and the two get along quite quickly. However, Hurley grows concerned when Charlie's exhibits strange behaviour, particularly when the two bury Ethan. (Outlaws)

The next day, Hurley witnesses Sun's revelation that she speaks fluent English - he is shocked due to earlier predictions that her husband was the one who spoke English. (...In Translation)

When Hurley looks at the maps that Sayid recovered from Rousseau, Hurley discovers a sheet of paper containing the cursed numbers. He treks into the jungle in search of Rousseau, with Jack, Sayid and Charlie in pursuit. After being separated from the rest of the group, Hurley eventually encounters Rousseau, where she reveals that the numbers brought her to the island, and agrees that they are cursed. He later presents Sayid with a battery, which was needed for the raft. That night, during a heart-to-heart, he tells Charlie about his wealth. Charlie does not take him seriously, and storms off. (Numbers)

One morning, Rousseau arrives on the beach and warns the camp that the Others are coming. She then leads Hurley, Jack, Kate, Locke and Arzt into the jungle, where they make a brief encounter with the "Monster". They soon arrive at a ship called the Black Rock, which contains some dynamite. After witnessing Arzt's unexpected demise, Hurley blames himself due to his consistent bad luck. However, the four of them return to the hatch, where Hurley, after discovering the number on the side of the hatch, tries to prevent the detonation. However, the hatch is blown open regardless, and the four of them peer inside. (Exodus - Part 1) / (Exodus - Part 2)

Season Two (Days 44-67)Edit

Hurley is brought into the hatch and is given the task of checking the food inventory, much to his resentment. He brings Rose in to help him, as she was the only person not curious about the hatch. After being confronted by Kate and Charlie regarding the inventory, Hurley attempts to blow up the food with dynamite, but Rose manages to talk him out of it. As an alternative, Hurley decides to distribute the food freely, explaining to Jack that there is no feasible way to ration it. (Everybody Hates Hugo)

Shortly after the arrival of the tail-section survivors, Hurley takes a liking to Libby and, after some coaxing, decides to speak to her. The two bond fairly quickly, despite Hurley finding her remarkably familiar. (Fire + Water)

Sawyer eventually discovers Hurley's secret food stash, and blackmails him into helping him find a tree frog. Hurley agrees, shrugging off Sawyer's threats to reveal his stash. (One of Them)

One morning, he and Libby go jogging together, where Hurley decides to tell her about his food stash. The two of them destroy it together, only to learn of the food drop from the night before. It is then that Hurley begins seeing his imaginary friend, Dave, from his days at the mental institution. He breaks away from Libby and the rest of the camp, and restarts his eating habits, under the influence of Dave. Dave then leads Hurley to a cliff-top, convinces him that he is still at the institution and says the only way to "wake up" is to jump off the cliff, which he does himself. Hurley is about to jump when Libby stops him and makes him see reason. The two kiss before returning to camp. (Dave)

He then plans a surprise picnic for her, but forgets to bring blankets. Libby offers to retrieve them for him. After a confrontation with Neil, Hurley learns of Libby being shot and rushes to her side. She coughs out Michael's name before dying. (Two for the Road) / (The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt) / (?)

Since then, Hurley declines the offer to help Michael. However, after speaking at Libby's and Ana-Lucia's funeral, he changes his mind. (Three Minutes)

He sets off, along with Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Michael across the jungle, where they are ambushed by the Others. They are tied, gagged and blindfolded, and brought to a pier. Hurley is released and instructed to return to his camp and never to return. (Live Together, Die Alone)

Season Three (Days 68-93)Edit

Hurley encounters Locke and Charlie on his way back, as well as Desmond, telling him of Locke's speech to rescue Jack, Kate and Sawyer. When Locke gives this speech later, after bringing Mr. Eko back, Hurley suspects Desmond of being able to see the future. (Further Instructions) Later, Hurley follows Vincent into the jungle, where he discovers an old DHARMA van. He attempts to get help in overturning and starting it, but only manages to convince Jin. Sawyer later turns up and offers to help. It is then that Hurley pulls Charlie out of his depression and convinces him to help too. After getting it started, the four embark on a joyriding session briefly. (Tricia Tanaka Is Dead)

Sawyer challenges Hurley to a game of ping-pong in order to win back his stash. Hurley wins the game, and Sawyer must refrain from using nicknames for a week. (Enter 77)

Later, Hurley and Sawyer discover Nikki stumbling out of the jungle, uttering something. He mistakes her for dead and finds Paulo in the jungle in the same situation. After failing to find a certain cause of death, Hurley gives them a funeral. He fails to notice that Nikki had opened her eyes seconds before being buried. (Exposé)

Later that day, Hurley tricks Sawyer into thinking he is being banished, and convinces him to start becoming more involved with his fellow survivors in order to fill the void left by Jack. (Left Behind)

When Jack, Kate and Sayid return to the beach with Juliet in tow, Hurley is sent to keep an eye on her. (One of Us)

The next day, Desmond asks Hurley to join him on a hike, along with Jin and Charlie. On their trek, they notice a parachutist bailing out of her helicopter, prompting them to head inland. They find Naomi hanging from a tree, and the four cut her loose. (Catch-22)

Hurley accidentally fires one of her flares, attracting Mikhail to the scene. After he tends to Naomi's injuries, the four carry her back to the beach, where they hide her in Hurley's shelter. (D.O.C.)

Later, Hurley and the others are shown Jack's plan to deter the Others from carrying out their kidnapping. Just as Charlie and Desmond set off to The Looking Glass, Hurley offers to join them, to which his offer is declined. He instead accompanies Claire to the radio tower. (Greatest Hits)

That night, he witnesses the backfire of Jack's plan, but must press on with the other survivors. As Sawyer and Juliet head back to the beach, Hurley again offers his services, with little success. Hurley then heads for the van and drives it onto the beach, killing Ryan Pryce. Once the other two are neutralized, Hurley radios Jack and informs him of their success and safety. (Through the Looking Glass)

Season Four (Days 93-Present)Edit

Hurley radios Jack to ask if anyone has contacted the freighter yet. When Jack tells him they have, Hurley is delighted. He tells Bernard about his lottery win (unfortunately, like Charlie, Bernard seems to think he's joking) and cannonballs into the sea in happiness. However, as he wades out of the ocean he sees Sayid, Sawyer, Juliet, Bernard and Jin helping Desmond push his boat up the beach. Hurley instantly asks where Charlie is, and seems stunned when Desmond tells him Charlie's dead. He heads out with the others to intercept Jack and the rest of the survivors. When Sawyer asks him if he's alright, Hurley insists he's fine and that he can keep up. However, he falls behind and suddenly finds himself lost in the jungle. He stumbles into a clearing with a cabin in it. When he peers in through the window he sees Christian Shephard sitting in a rocking chair. Somebody appears at the window and Hurley runs away. He runs through the jungle but finds himself at the cabin again. He screws his eyes shut, counts to five and backs away; when he opens his eyes, the cabin is gone. He encounters Locke and tells him about Charlie's message. When all of the survivors meet at the cockpit Hurley tells Claire about Charlie's death and finally breaks down. As the survivors split into two groups, Hurley says that if Charlie's last actions were to try and warn them, then that's good enough for him. He leaves with Locke and a few other survivors, headed for the Barracks. (The Beginning of the End)

Post-Island LifeEdit

After Hurley lands in Hawaii, he is was greeted by his parents. As they arrive home Hurley hears whispers similar to the whispers heard on the Island. It turns out to be a large group of friends and family gathered together to throw Hurley a surprise birthday party. For his birthday, his father gives him their old Camaro as a gift. As Hurley looks at the dashboard, he notices that the numbers in the odometer line up to The Numbers, and he runs away. (There's No Place Like Home)

Hurley visits Sun after the birth of Ji Yeon, together they go out to visit Jin's grave and pay their respects to him. (Ji Yeon)

Some time later, Hurley sees something in a convenience store that greatly disturbed him. He runs for it, drives off, and lead the police on a long chase, something which Jack watches on television. Hurley is arrested and repeatably cries that he is a celebrity and a member of the Oceanic Six. Hurley is brought to the police station, where a detective asks him if he knew Ana-Lucia Cortez who was his former partner. Hurley lies and denies it. Detective Walton walks out, and Hurley looks onto the two-way mirror and sees Charlie drowning with the words "THEY NEED YOU" written in marker on his hand, much like the words "NOT PENNYS BOAT" were written. The mirror breaks and water come pouring out, and Hurley screams for help. the detective comes back in and asks sarcastically if he wants to go to the mental institution, something which Hurley is thrilled to hear. Hurley then goes to Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute where he is approached by a man named Matthew Abbadon, who claims to be an attorney for Oceanic Airlines. He asks Hurley if he would like to transfer to a nicer place with an ocean view, but Hurley is horrified by this. Hurley then asks for a business card, which he said he left them at home. Abbadon then asks him if anyone else was alive. Hurley then becomes very frightened and calls for an orderly. When Hurley goes to point him out, he has left the room.

When Hurley is sitting on the grounds one day, he is approached by Charlie. Hurley thinks he's going crazy again knowing that Charlie is dead. Charlie eventually convinces Hurley to sit down. Charlie admits to Hurley that he is indeed dead, but that he is also there. Hurley then tells Charlie he freaked out in the convenience store because he saw him there. Charlie then tells him that "You know what you need to do." Hurley closes his eyes and counts to five and Charlie is gone. Later, Jack comes to see Hurley where they play a game of HORSE. Hurley, while glad to see him, knows that Jack isn't here to visit him and asks why he is there. Hurley thinks he's there because Jack thinks he's crazy. After Jack asking him if he was "going to tell", Jack grabs his coat and tries to leave. Hurley then apologizes to Jack about choosing to go with Locke instead of him, and Jack forgives him. Finally Hurley asks if they should go back to the Island since it keeps calling to them, but Jack says they are never going back. Hurley responds with, "Never say Never, Dude." (The Beginning of the End)

Hurley continues to be visited by the dead and is seen at one point playing chess with Mr. Eko (There's No Place Like Home). He was also visited by John Locke who Hurley assumed was dead until it was confirmed by a member of the medical staff that he was, in fact, talking to a real person. Locke unsuccessfully tried to convince Hurley to return to the Island with him. Hurley then saw Abbadon, and cried out for help until some orderlies escorted him back inside.

Finally Sayid freed Hurley from the mental institution and took him to a safe-house. During the trip Sayid warned Hurley against Ben. Upon arriving at the safe-house, the two were ambushed by three men who Sayid killed. Hurley was seen holding a gun and his shirt was covered in ketchup standing over the body of one of Sayid's victims. (Because You Left) Hurley takes the unconscious Sayid (who had been hit with a tranquilizer dart) to his parents' house. During this trip Hurley is visited by the ghost of Ana-Lucia, who advises him to buy a new shirt and avoid police. She also give him regards from Libby. At his parents house, he admitted to his mother that he had been lying, and told her about events on the Island. Later that evening, Ben approached Hurley as he was making a snack and asked him to return to the Island. Recalling the warning from Sayid, Hurley ran outside and into the arms of policemen stationed there. He confessed to the killings that Sayid had made and was placed under arrest. (The Lie)

Hurley was later released jail prison after the intervention of Ben's attorney. (The Little Prince) Hurley tried to convince the guard that he was a murderer and shouldn't be released, but the guard discharged him. Outside of jail, Hurley shares a cab with Jacob. There was a large guitar case between the two of them, but they had a conversation in which Jacob told Hurley that he was not cursed, but blessed with the ability to talk to the dead, and that he needed to be on Ajira Flight 316 to go back to the Island. As Jacob exited the car he told Hurley that the guitar case was not his, so Hurley took it. (The Incident - Part 2). He can be seen carrying the guitar case on the Ajira plane. He had bought every possible ticket on the flight, and insisted that he needed them all, to minimize casualties in the crash that Hurley knew was coming.

Back on the IslandEdit

During Ajira Flight 316 Hurley "flashed" out along with Jack, Kate and Sayid. He was transported to 1977 on the island, three years after the other survivors had joined the DHARMA Initiative. Hurley also joined the DHARMA Initiative, working as a chef there, and befriending Miles Straume in Security.

After LostEdit

After becoming the island's protector Hurley had a great rule with assistance from Ben and Walt. He continued to have visions of dead people and could interpret their thoughts to the people of the island. Then he suddenly is out of the curse.