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Howard L. Zukerman
Howard L. Zukerman
Name Howard L. Zukerman
Gender Male
Country Sydney, Australia
Occupation Television Director
Episode(s) Exposé
Played By Jacob Witkin

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Howard L. Zukerman was a television director, and was the visionary behind such shows as Exposé, Strike Team Alpha and Dr. Kincaid, Esquire. While filming a fourth season episode of Exposé, he had Nikki Fernandez guest star in the role of Corvette, once the filming ended, Nikki revealed that she would be staying in Sydney as she loved Howard.

Howard hired Paulo to be his personal chef, as he was supposedly touted as the "Wolfgang Puck of Brazil" before arriving in Sydney. While Howard and Nikki were having lunch together, Paulo was "introduced" to Nikki, and Howard presented her with a bracelet. While expressing his feelings for her, he appeared to be suffering from heart failure. Paulo checked his pulse, and confirmed that he was dead. Paulo and Nikki were in on the whole thing, and had done so to gain access to his diamonds which he kept in a locked safe, which were worth over $8 million dollars.

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