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House of the Rising Sun
Season 1
Episode 6
Air Date October 27, 2004
Writer(s) Javier Grillo-Marxuach
Director Michael Zinberg
Flashback Sun Kwon

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Jin attacks Michael on the beach, and as a result in handcuffed to a piece of wreckage. Meanwhile, Sun reveals a secret she has been hiding.


We open on the eye of Sun — who looks out at her husband Jin as he catches and kills fish with his bare hands — when we launch into…a FLASHBACK — where Jin is a waiter at a lavish party for Korean high society; and Sun is a cocktail dress-clad part of that society. Both are in positions that highly contrast the characters we know on the island. Jin approaches Sun and offers her a glass of champagne, but there is another exchange going on between them — in their eyes — and when they meet later, we learn that they are lovers, as they steal a kiss in private. Sun wants to run away to America while Jin is worried about her father's approval. Jin presents her with a white orchid — all he can afford for now.

Back on the island, Jin is distracted by the sight of Michael and Walt walking down the beach, when suddenly, for no apparent reason, he charges Michael and proceeds to beat him near the shoreline. Jin nearly drowns Michael as Walt and Sun look on helplessly, until Sawyer and Sayid step in to break it up. Sawyer uses the Marshal's handcuffs to chain Jin to a piece of the fuselage.

Meanwhile, Jack, Kate, Charlie and Locke trek towards the fresh water source. When Charlie separates from the group for a fix, he inadvertently steps on a bee hive. Locke, who seems to have followed him, instructs Charlie not to move, but Charlie has an irrational fear of bees. As he balances precariously on top of the hive — bees buzzing all around his head, we cut back to —

— the Beach, where Michael is explaining what happened. Defending himself, his frustration grows as the language barrier and race card come into play. Sayid insists that Jin remain handcuffed until they can sort things out. Sun looks on as we go into — another FLASHBACK, by an idyllic lake, where Jin announces his intentions of marrying Sun, with her father's blessings and gives her an engagement ring. Sun is overjoyed until she learns that, in return, Jin has agreed to work for her father's business. And off her look of concern, we cut back to —

— the island, where Charlie struggles to remain still as more bees buzz around him. Jack has a plan — he'll cover the hive, but before he's able to put his plan in action, Charlie is stung and stomps on the hive in reaction. The angry swarm is instantly on them and they all run off in separate directions, swatting bees and shedding clothes. Kate runs into a cave, where she stumbles into the skeletal remains of two bodies, one male, the other female, giving evidence to the fact that there were people on this island before them. When Jack examines "Adam & Eve", we learn that they've been dead for approximately 40 years and were laid to rest without any evidence of trauma. Among their few possessions, Jack finds a pouch containing two stones — one black, one white.

At the beach, Sun applies aloe to Jin's handcuffed wrist, which is chaffed and cut from the cuff. In FLASHBACK, we watch Sun enter a well appointed home to find a gift wrapped box waiting for her, with an adorable Sharpei puppy inside. But instead of looking pleased, Sun looks depressed. Jin is also distant and instead of sharing this moment with his wife, he retreats into the bedroom to take a business call.

Back in real time, Jack is encouraged by the discovery of the bodies at the caves. He suggests that, instead of bringing the water to the people, they bring the people to the water. While Charlie and Locke agree and stay behind to begin to prepare things for the others, Kate isn't quite convinced and remains unwilling to settle in.

Meanwhile, back on the beach, Walt is upset and confused over the attack and questions his father's part in it. Michael immediately assumes that Walt's mother said bad things about him, but the truth is even harder for him to take. His mother never spoke of him at all. And off these relative strangers we find —

— strangers of a different sort. As Sun tends to Jin, we FLASHBACK once more to their home, which has become even more ornate, and where Sun seems further trapped by her gilded cage. Jin enters and rushes into the bathroom with blood on his hands. Sun follows and begs Jin for an explanation, but he ignores her and will only say that he was working. Frustrated at his lie, Sun slaps her husband hard across the face, but instead of a reaction all she gets is a cold stare from a pair of dead eyes. Sun realizes for the first time that she doesn't know her own husband anymore. Jin tells her that he does whatever her father asks of him — and that what he does, he does for them. But Sun doesn't buy it and recoils from him in fear.

Back at the caves, Charlie cannot escape from the watchful eye of Locke, who claims to know who he is and what he's looking for. In his paranoia, Charlie assumes that Locke is wise to his drug habit, when in fact, Locke is talking about his status in his band "Drive Shaft" and the fact that he lost his guitar in the crash. Locke tells Charlie to have faith — this island will give you a great deal…if you are willing to give it something in return. Meanwhile, Jack returns to the beach and finds the people seriously divided about whether to move to the caves. Kate tells Jack that she just isn't willing to dig in and the two part ways.

Sun finds Michael chopping wood. In perfect English, she explains that her husband attacked Michael over a watch that belonged to her father — a watch that Michael is wearing on his wrist; a watch that symbolized honor amongst the men in her life. And as Michael attempts to take all this in, we go into another FLASHBACK, where a woman posing as a home decorator gives Sun instructions on how to make a getaway at the airport while on a business trip with Jin. We learn that Sun has been studying English for some time in anticipation of leaving her husband.

Back in real time, Charlie finally shakes Locke and sneaks away for a hit. The minute Charlie takes out his drugs, Locke is on him, demanding that he hand them over before he runs out — because then, as Locke reasons, he will be in control of his choice. Charlie is fed up with Locke and asks to be left alone, but Locke will not be denied. In a moment of desperation, Charlie hands over his bag to Locke. Then Locke instructs him to "look up," which Charlie takes to mean "look to God." When he finally does look up, he sees his guitar case, hanging in a tree.

Michael approaches Jin wielding the axe, but instead of killing the guy, Michael explains that he innocently found the watch and cuts Jin loose. He warns Jin to stay away from him and his son and walks away as Sun looks on. And in her FINAL FLASHBACK, we are at the airport in Australia. Sun is about to walk away from her husband, eyes darting from the clock to the car waiting outside. But when she looks back at Jin, she finds him holding a white orchid in his hands, reminding her of the simple love they once had. Sun makes a decision to stay with her husband and allows the car to leave without her.

At the caves, Charlie plays his guitar as Hurley, Jin, Sun and Jack arrive. Meanwhile, back at the beach, Sayid, Sawyer, Boone, Shannon, Michael, Walt and Kate keep the signal fire burning. The camps are divided as Jack and Kate stare into their separate fires.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I need to talk to you."

- Sun

"Your husband tried to murder me for a watch?"

- Michael

Background InformationEdit

  • The song featured at the end of the episode is Willie Nelson's "Are You Sure?"
  • Excluding the Pilot episodes, this is the first episode to include 3 main characters (Jin, Sun, and Jack) in the same episode's flashbacks.

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