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Helen Norwood
Name Helen Norwood
Gender Female
Country California, USA
Occupation Unknown
Episode(s) Orientation, Lockdown
Played By Katey Sagal

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Helen was a woman living in California who had problems controlling her anger. Helen had spent 20 years of her life being angry; it was then that she decided to join an anger management support group. It was there that she witnessed John Locke share his story with the group and his lashing out at a fellow member when he felt her story lacked in comparison to what he had been through. Helen approached John after the meeting and informed him that she shared the same outlook as him. The two would begin to date and start a relationship together.

While John was spending the night at Helen’s house, she noticed a strange pattern of his where he would leave at the middle of the night, he claimed that he had trouble sleeping in a strange bed, however; it was not until Helen followed John that she realized that he was actually parking his car outside of his father’s house. While celebrating their 6 month anniversary, Helen presented John with a key to her home and stated that there was the condition that when he stayed over, he spent the entire night. She revealed to him that she followed him and was aware of where he was going; she did so because she cared deeply about John. Helen reveals to John that he helped her get over her anger, and that she could help him as well; she made him promise that he would not return to his father’s house.

After waking up to discover that John was nowhere to be found, Helen drove out to Anthony Cooper’s house in the middle of the night to find John sitting in his car. She rammed the back of his car with hers, exited the vehicle, removed John’s keys from his car and threw them over Cooper’s fence. Helen tells John that the reason Anthony isn’t coming out of his house was because he didn’t care, and that the reason John kept returning was because he was scared about the future. She convinced him that it was a leap of faith to accept what was coming and that he didn’t have to be alone. Helen extends her hand, and John took it, accepting what she had said.

Helen Grave

Helen's grave

Helen later finds John still has ties with his father and finds them together at the Flightline Motel. She then rejects John's hasty marriage proposal.

When Locke leaves the island (seen in season five, the life and death of Jeremy Bentham) Locke sees a tomb stone of Helen, dated 2006

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