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Green Lantern/Flash: Faster Friends #1
Name Green Lantern/Flash: Faster Friends #1
Appears In Pilot - Part 2, Special, Exodus - Part 2
Writer(s) Ron Marz
Penciller(s) Bart Sears, Andy Smith, Jeff Johnson, Ron Lim, Tom Grindberg
Tracer(s) Mark Pennington, Bill Anderson
Separator(s) Jamison
Letterer(s) Chris Eliopoulos
Cover Dave Johnson
Publisher DC Comics
Released 1997

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The first issue of a comic series that pairs Kyle Rayner, the Green Lantern, and Wally West, the Flash, together in a series of adventures.


In a top secret military facility, a mysterious alien creature, referred to as "the Geek" by his captors, is being held under constant lockdown and monitoring. His capture and examination is the personal project of the facility leader, General Gunther. Two facility workers, after performing a check on the alien's vitals, find that the alien has inoperable cancer, and will soon die. Both workers lament the prospect of informing the general of this news. However, the alien breaks loose of his restraints, and confronts the general. The alien, who was to have lived for thousands of years, is now months from dying because of diseases injected into him by human scientists. The general, unwilling to lose his prize experiment, draws his gun on the alien and demands his return to his prison. The alien does not move, and, in a crimson flash of his eyes, forces the general to put the barrel of his weapon in his own mouth. The alien then forces the general to pull the trigger and commit suicide.

Elsewhere, in Gotham City, a pair of robbers are holding a family of three at gunpoint. While the leader searches the family for valuables, the mugger on lookout anxiously wishes to leave the area. He fears that they may be attacked by the creature of the night that stalks Gotham. The leader assures him that this is nothing more than an urban legend. At that moment, the robbers are interrupted by a flash in the sky. The robbers fear the worse, but are surprised by the reveal that it is Alan Scott, the Green Lantern. The Green Lantern uses his emerald energy to create a skeletal horseman out of pure light to scare and disarm the attackers.

Kilometers away, in Central City, a mother is trying to shelter her daughter from an impending storm. Just at that moment, lightning strikes a tree branch hanging over their heads, causing it to plummet dangerously towards them. At the last second, and with immeasurable speed, the pair are pulled from danger by Jay Garrick, the Flash. As the mother thanks him for the rescue, Garrick clutches his left arm in pain, but says it is nothing serious, even if he's suffered it before.

While reminiscing about past triumphs and adventures of his youth, Scott is left to wonder aloud why he is suddenly remembering his and Garrick's past so frequently as of late. Just then, Scott is confronted by the escaped alien, revealed to be known as Alien X. Alien X confronts Scott with an accusation that he and Garrick are responsible for his incarceration and impending death. Scott begins to defend himself, but is struck down by an energy blast. Afterwards, back in Central City, Garrick is returning home, contemplating the fact that he may be close to the end of his career as a hero. While reading a scrapbook of his career, the power in his home goes out. As he heads for a flashlight, he is confronted by Alien X, who says he already has Scott and that he wants "the ship". Before Garrick can respond, he is struck down in a similar fashion as Scott, but not before managing to leave a handwritten note in his open scrapbook.

As Alien X teleports himself and Garrick away, Garrick's wife Joan arrives to check on the power. She finds the open scrapbook, and the note "It's him" scribbled on a picture of Garrick and Scott shaking hands for a newspaper. Joan immediately calls Molly, the wife of Scott, to see if she has found anything. Both agree that their husbands are in tremendous danger, and need help. Simultaneously, Joan and Molly contact Wally West and Kyle Rayner, the current-generation Flash and Green Lantern respectively. As West arrives at Molly's home, she expresses her fear that Garrick may be in too far this time, and all his past work is coming back to haunt him. With that, she begins to explain to Wally the history of Alien X.

Over fifty years earlier, in rural land north of Gotham, a spaceship crash lands in a field beside a road. To deal with the possible alien threat, Scott and Garrick are brought together for the first time, despite their protests that each could handle the situation on their own. Each hero was told by the officer in charge, a young General Gunther, that the alien is a threat to national security and it was their patriotic duty to protect the country from it. Alien X, by this time, had arrived in Gotham City, and the two heroes headed to apprehend him. Despite the alien's apparent lack of hostility, the two heroes attacked him, which forced the alien to defend himself. Alien X began to use his mind control abilities on Garrick and Scott, but they overcame it to capture the alien together. Gunther and his troops then moved in and took the alien under their control. Despite their efforts, Scott and Garrick were left as simple bystanders, and no gratitude was expressed at their work. Feeling betrayed, the two heroes made sure the alien spacecraft did not fall into military hands, and buried it in a location only known to them.

Back in present time, Molly informs Kyle that Alien X must have captured Alan and Jay in order for them to lead him back to his ship. She begs Kyle to find her husband and Jay before it is too late, and Kyle promises to do just that. Molly informs Kyle that the only information she has about the location of the spaceship is that it is in a northerly direction, possibly in the arctic. With that, Kyle and Wally team up and head to the arctic in search of the alien craft. Their initial search is fruitless, partly due to the vast area needed to be searched, and also due to the simmering hostility present between Rayner and West. Because of this, the two decide to split up and search separately.

In a separate part of the arctic, Alien X commands Scott to use his power to unearth the spaceship, after he commanded Scott and Garrick to bring him to the location of the ship's burial. Scott refuses to do so, as he fears Alien X will use the ship to get revenge on the humans who have doomed him. However, Alien X uses his mind control ability to force Scott into action, and Scott's aged mind cannot resist as it had in the past. With that, Scott unwillingly unearths the ship from the ice it was buried in.

At the same time, Rayner, who is able to detect and locate Scott due to the energy being emitted from Scott's power, begins to pinpoint the two captured heroes' location. Despite a brief encounter with a polar bear, which Rayner is able to scare away with a demonic vision of Santa Claus created by his power ring, Kyle is able to leave a marker in the sky, alerting West that he has found the missing heroes.

As Alien X explains his need for revenge on the earth to Garrick and Scott, Rayner and West arrive at the spaceship to rescue their comrades. However, due to Alien X's control over the two older heroes, West and Rayner are forced to fight Garrick and Scott, as the two use their powers against their will against the rescuers. Rayner realizes that Alien X is only using Garrick and Scott as decoys while he completes his plans with the ship, so he distracts the two pawns while West attacks the alien. However, Scott traps West in a net of energy, and prevents him from attacking Alien X. Scott and Garrick implore the two younger heroes to use their full power against them, no matter the personal cost, in order to stop the alien. West breaks free of Scott's web with a tornado of movement, and Rayner stops Garrick with a projection of a panther. Despite the strain the attack puts on his heart, Garrick commands Rayner and West to attack the alien and stop him before he completes his plan. Rayner and West grab Alien X, but not before the alien sends a message into space, which he describes as an "invitation". Alien X then triggers the self-destruct of his ship, so that he may choose the time and place of his own death. Rayner orders West to get Garrick and Scott to safety, while he attempts to stop Alien X. As West escapes with Scott and Garrick, the ship explodes in a large nuclear blast, seemingly taking Rayner and Alien X to their deaths.

However, Rayner is able to escape the blast, but says that Alien X had already made his choice, and that it was too late for him. As the heroes contemplate the alien's choice, Rayner is left to wonder at the ominous message Alien X left him. A message that it was not only too late for him, but too late for all of humanity.


Originally belonging to Hurley, it was discovered by Walt among the wreckage. Walt attempted to read the comic, despite not being able to read the issue, as it was in Spanish.

The comic book features a polar bear on one of the pages, and on the 2nd Day after the crash Walt was seen reading the comic, and on that same day Sawyer shot a polar bear while hiking with Sayid, Kate, Charlie, Shannon and Boone in the jungle while trying to retrieve a signal on the transceiver.

Weeks later when Michael was beginning the early stages of the construction of the raft, Walt read the page which featured the polar bear. Michael threw the comic book into the fire, destroying it. Later that day, Michael and Locke discover Walt being attacked by a polar bear.

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