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Greatest Hits
Season 3
Episode 21
Air Date May 16, 2007
Writer(s) Edward Kitsis
Adam Horowitz
Director Stephen Williams
Flashback Charlie Pace

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Charlie and Desmond embark on a journey to an underwater DHARMA station, which has the potential to lead to Charlie's death. Meanwhile, Jack and Sayid finalize their plan against the Others.


The episode begins with Karl running through the jungle and getting on a boat before sailing off in haste. In the next scene, most of the castaways are walking over a plain led by Jack. Along the way, Desmond has another premonition but refuses to tell Charlie what it was about. Jack stops and informs them of what he has been doing and thinking about since his return. After Sayid asks why were they led there, Jack calls out Danielle, who then causes a tree to explode, after using dynamite she has collected from the Black Rock (which explains why she went there in "The Brig"). Jack explains the plan once again that the Others want to collect all the pregnant women. He then explains his plan to mark the tents, as planned, but to blow up hidden dynamite around the tents when the Others arrive while the castaways are really in the Radio Tower used by Danielle to transmit her signal, thus "blowing them all to hell."

In a flashback, Charlie's bandwagon has broken down. While Liam and Charlie try to fix it in the rain, Charlie says the band is going nowhere and he wants to quit. Just before a big argument, Roderick tells them to shut up and turns up the radio which is playing "You All Everybody," and the band jumps around in glee. Back to the present, Charlie writes the memory on a bit of paper as memory number five. Naomi talks to him about Manchester, then realizes he was the big "dead" rockstar that was said to have died in the plane crash, which caused a huge uproar. She then tells him that a Drive Shaft "greatest hits" was released after his death. During the chat, Charlie notices Desmond staring at him.

Meanwhile Jack and Juliet are preparing the dynamite when Sayid comes up and tells how he believes he can communicate with Naomi's boat with her signal phone but first he has to disable Danielle's message from the radio tower. Juliet tells him that he wouldn't be able to, because the Others disable all outgoing messages from a DHARMA station she has never been to, "The Looking Glass," which is underwater. Sayid realizes the cable he found on the shore in "Solitary" must lead to this.

Charlie chats with Claire when Desmond comes up to him. He tells Charlie that in his premonition Claire and Aaron got saved, however in order for this to happen Charlie must drown while flicking a yellow blinking switch underwater somewhere.

Another flashback shows a young Charlie at Butlins being scared to jump in the pool. When he does, his dad teaches him to swim. Charlie writes this on the paper as memory number four. Back at camp, Sayid talks to Juliet and Jack about the Looking Glass station and how if they get there they can disable the device that is preventing outgoing messages and then they can call for help using the transmitter. Charlie, realizing it is his destiny to swim there and die while saving everyone, offers to do it. But Jack refuses any "suicide missions," knowing it would be nearly impossible to return to the surface safely. Charlie lies and states that he was a Northern England swimming champion and that he can hold his breath for 4 minutes.

Meanwhile, Jin talks to Sun about the baby. Sun tells Jin she had a ultrasound scan and that the baby is healthy. They hug happily, although Sun is obviously worried as to why she didn't tell him the Others are after her. Just then, Karl arrives on shore, and tells the castaways that the Others are coming right now. A flashback 6 hours earlier shows Ben arriving at his camp and tells everyone there that Locke had an accident and that Jacob told him that they must go to get the pregnant castaways now. Alex runs in the jungle to tell Karl, who runs to tell the castaways as shown in the previous scene. The castaways realize they have to act now. Sayid explains how they can shoot the dynamite to set it off (instead of using wire) when the Others come. Bernard, Sayid, and Jin are chosen to be the shooters, much to the dismay of Jack, but Sayid tells him that he must lead the castaways to safety in the radio tower. Jack changes his mind and realizes that Charlie should go to dismantle the message if he wants to, so Charlie and Desmond get ready to set out, using Karl's boat.

Another flashback shows Liam waking up Charlie who was in bed with two Finnish women. As it is Christmas, Liam gives Charlie, the clean rock star, the family heirloom of a ring with the initials DS, which belonged to Dexter Stratton, their great-grandfather. Charlie records this as memory number three.

The next scene Charlie visits Claire and Aaron and has an emotional goodbye, telling Claire not to worry about him while he is gone because "he'll be fine." They kiss, Charlie tells Aaron he loves him, and walks off.

Another flashback shows Charlie playing "Wonderwall" by Oasis in a street before it starts raining. He walks past an alleyway where a woman (Sayid's estranged love, Nadia) is getting mugged, intervenes and scares the mugger off. The woman tells Charlie he is a hero, and not to let anyone ever tell him differently. Charlie writes this down as memory number two on his piece of paper.

Desmond gives Charlie a weight belt that will pull him down underwater quicker. Hurley runs over saying he wants to go with them. Charlie, knowing that Hurley isn't meant to come with them, discourages Hurley by making a disparaging remark about his weight, but then gives him a hug and tells Hurley that he loves him. Back at the main camp, Jack and the survivors are all set to go. Jack and Kate laugh together in a "here we go again" moment. As they all prepare to leave, a quick shot is seen of Charlie's "DS" ring lying in Aaron's empty crib. Charlie and Desmond set sail using the rope as guidance.

A flashback shows Charlie's number one memory: meeting Claire on the night of the plane crash. They laugh together and introduce themselves to each other. When the rope starts to sink in the water, Desmond tells Charlie they are there. Charlie hands over the paper to Desmond and tells him to give it to Claire. Desmond offers to go himself, and just as it looks as if Desmond is going to sacrifice himself instead, Charlie knocks him out with an oar. Charlie knows he is the one who has to do this, and that Desmond is not meant to be his replacement. Charlie dives underwater and reaches the station, but at first he can find no way inside. As he begins to lose his breath, he finds an opening, and manages to get up into the station, quite relieved that he made it there alive. But as he celebrates, two armed women appear, and point their guns at Charlie.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"So tomorrow night we stop hiding, we stop running, we stop living in fear of them. 'Cause when they show up, we're gonna blow 'em all to Hell."

- Jack

"Hey, look on the bright side - you're not really dead, right?"

- Naomi

"I'm sorry brother, but this time you have to die."

- Desmond

"They're coming RIGHT NOW!."

- Karl

"You are a hero, sir. And don't let anyone ever tell you differently."

- Nadia

"Yeah, whatever, love you too."

- Hurley

Background InformationEdit

  • The woman that Charlie saves from a mugger in the alley is Sayid's estranged love Nadia.
  • The scene where Charlie is playing "Wonderwall" by Oasis on the street corner was previously seen in "Flashes Before Your Eyes".

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