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Goodwin Stanhope
Goodwin 2
Name Goodwin Stanhope
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation One of "The Others"
Family Wife - Harper Stanhope
Episode(s) ...And Found, The Other 48 Days, A Tale of Two Cities, One of Us, The Other Woman
Played By Brett Cullen

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Goodwin Stanhope was a member of “The Others” who infiltrated the camp of the Tail Section Survivors of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

Goodwin was married to the island's therapist, Harper Stanhope. Goodwin worked at the Tempest Station, and first met Juliet Burke after being treated for a chemical burn by her. Goodwin began an affair with her much to the dismay of Harper; and Ben who is in love with Juliet. (The Other Woman)

Goodwin assisted in the operation of Sabine, when she began to exhibit symptoms that every single pregnant woman on the island did. When the operation was unsuccessful, Goodwin comforted Juliet, and told her to head out, and that he would take care of the rest. The day that Juliet discovered that Ben had a tumour on his spine, Goodwin and Juliet engaged in sexual intercourse in Juliet's house. Their time spent alone was interrupted when Karl knocked on the door to deliver the news. (One of Us)

When Oceanic Flight 815 crashed onto the island, he was instructed by Ben to head to the shore and blend in as one of the survivors. (A Tale of Two Cities)

Ten minutes after the crash, Goodwin appeared on the beach and shouted for help claiming there was a survivor alive in the jungle and that he needed assistance. He was joined by Ana-Lucia and the two proceeded to find a man named Bernard still strapped into his seat, perched up top in the trees. Goodwin suggested that they should climb up there and while he holds him steady, Ana pulls him free. Ana, however; devises her own plan and instructs Bernard on exactly what to do and leads him to safety.

On the beach, as the camp begins to settle in, Goodwin attempts to create a fire using sticks, when he is suddenly approached by Ana-Lucia who jokingly asks him if he is a Boy Scout, Goodwin replies that he is a member of Peace Corps. Ana questions him as to the current existence of it and Goodwin states that he’s happy someone her age knows what it is. Ana-Lucia asks him his name and his response is Goodwin. That night, Goodwin’s team make their attack; his band of others kidnap three of the men at the camp, and lose two of their own after Mr. Eko kills two of them in self defense. As the camp discovers that their attackers were on the island before the crash, Ana suggests that the camp should move off the beach to find a safer place; her fellow survivor Nathan interjects by reminding her that they have children and injured among them and that the rescue fire is their best hope of being saved, to which Goodwin agrees. The camp is then notified by the flight attendant Cindy that the rescue crews do not know where to look and that their only hope of rescue is to remain at the beach. (The Other 48 Days)

As Day 12 approached, Goodwin comments on Ana’s makeshift weapon that she plans to use to catch a pig to provide sustenance for the camp, it was then that she spotted Nathan, who was absent for 2 hours before returning, and claiming he was going to the bathroom. That night, Goodwin’s team attack for a second time, this time taking 9 more of the survivors, including the children. After searching one of the bodies, Ana uncovers a knife, as well as a list of names and descriptions of those that were taken. Ana places the blame on Nathan claiming that he was an infiltrator from Them, Goodwin stops her thought and claims that they should not become paranoid, when Libby states that it’s prudent they leave the beach, Ana inquires to Goodwin’s earlier claim that the signal fire remain lit, to which he replies that he feels it’s time they let it go out.

After traveling for three days, the group makes camp in an adequate location in the jungle. Ana-Lucia creates a pit with a makeshift cage over the top, attacks Nathan and throws him in the pit. Ana informs the group that Nathan wasn’t on the plane. Goodwin, fearing his cover may soon be discovered, tries to disclaim her statement, however; the group begins to take her side that there is a spy among the camp. After having Nathan in the pit for 4 days, Goodwin attempts to reason with Ana to free him stating that they are not savages. Ana states that if she were a savage she would have cut off his finger already, she then informs him that it will occur the next day. As Goodwin mulls being found out, he takes actions into his own hands and frees Nathan from the pit, informs him of the situation, provides him with fruit, and just as he prepares to leave, murders Nathan by breaking his neck. The next morning, Cindy informs the group that Nathan was missing, and Ana informs the group that it’s time to move as they have been found. (The Other 48 Days)

4 Days later as the camp makes their way through the jungle, they discover a door in the side of a hill. As they make their way through they see the inside of the door has been painted over with the word “Quarantine”, and inside a logo appears on the wall with the word “DHARMA” in the center of it. Goodwin states that the bunker is most likely a storage facility. The group uncovers a bunker containing a radio, a Bible and a glass eye. As Bernard attempts to activate the radio, Goodwin informs him that the hills are blocking their attempts to gain a reception; he then volunteers to take it to higher ground, and is accompanied by Ana-Lucia.

As the two make their way to high ground, Ana quizzes Goodwin on his theories about “Them” and why they attack the group. Goodwin states that it’s possible they’re not being attacked. As they take a break from their hike, Goodwin is asked how it was possible to hear Bernard from the beach, and how it was possible he was aboard 815 due to the fact that he emerged from the jungle 10 minutes after the crash with his clothes completely dry. As Ana shifts the conversation to Nathan, Goodwin explains that the reason he murdered Nathan was because if she were to have cut of his finger, and he still made claim to being on the flight, that it was possible the camp would have suspected they had the wrong guy. Goodwin then explains further that "Nathan was not a good person. That's why he wasn't on the list." When she inquires as to the children, he informs her that they are fine, and “better off now”. Ana-Lucia attacks Goodwin and the two grapple over the knife in Ana’s possession, Goodwin grabs the spear and lunges at Ana only to have it thrown clear; Ana tumbles to the bottom of the hill, elevates the spear, and impales Goodwin as he dives towards her. (The Other 48 Days)

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