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Name Goldie
Gender Male
Country Nigeria
Occupation Drug Smuggler
Episode(s) The 23rd Psalm
Played By Ronald Revels

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Goldie was a member of Mr. Eko’s militia. Goldie is most likely a nickname given to him due to his possession of a Gold Tooth; however it is possible that the name inspired him to obtain the tooth. When he joined Mr. Eko and his other associate Olu, they visited a Moroccan drug trafficker who was interested in making a deal with Eko for his heroin. Eko stated that he would pay $50,000 to purchase their heroin and perform the favour of sneaking it out of the country. After Eko had murdered the two drug lords, their associate, who was a young boy, entered the room with a knife to protect himself. Olu and Goldie drew their guns at the boy, and Eko allowed him to flee.

Knowing that the only way to transport the heroin out of the country was aboard a Catholic Missionary plane, he would then join Eko and Olu as they traveled to the church of Eko’s brother, Yemi. When they arrived, Eko stated that if Yemi did not sign the document ordaining Eko as a priest that Olu and Goldie would proceed to burn the church down.

After Yemi signed the document, the three would begin to load the plane up for travel, when Yemi suddenly arrived to convince Eko to stop. Yemi had also alerted the Nigerian Army to this act and they were approaching in a truck. As Goldie and Olu fired upon the truck, Olu managed to kill the driver of the truck; the truck swerved and crashed, buying Goldie and the others time to escape. As Yemi was loaded onto the plane, Eko proceeded to board but was stopped when Goldie kicked Eko out of the plane, and made his way down the runway while being fired upon; he then took off, fleeing the country.

While flying over the South Pacific, Goldie’s plane began to malfunction and descended towards an island. Goldie grabbed a parachute and made his escape from the plane, he was however killed when his parachute was snagged by a tree while making his descent.

Goldie's body was later found in the jungle by Locke and Boone. Locke checked the pockets and found Nigerian Naira, a knife, and guess that he was well off because of his gold tooth. Locke took the gun Goldie was concealing, and he and Boone proceeded onward. Goldie's body was again found by Eko on the island, who said a prayer in his honour, and claimed to Charlie that he saved his life.