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Geronimo Jackson
Geronimo Jackson
Name Geronimo Jackson
Introduced In The Hunting Party

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Geronimo Jackson is a band traced back to the 1970s, whose record Magna Carta was found inside the Swan Station. The only known member of the band is Keith Strutter, and the only known song heard in the series is "DHARMA Lady".

Geronimo JacksonEdit

While looking through the record collection inside the the hatch, Hurley discovers the Geronimo Jackson record and comments on it. Charlie, who is with him, states that he is an expert of all things musical and had never heard of them before. (The Hunting Party)

While Ana-Lucia is interrogating Benjamin Linus inside the hatch's armoury, John Locke is listening to music on the record player, while looking through a stack of records, Geronimo Jackson is among them. (The Whole Truth)

Eddie wears a Geronimo Jackson t-shirt which he claims belonged to his father. Mike then claims that his dad has excellent taste. (Further Instructions). A poster showing Geronimo Jackson is present in the locker of a young John Locke during a flashback to his high school years. (Cabin Fever)

While at Hurley's birthday, the DJ has a vinyl Geronimo Jackson record. (There's No Place Like Home - Part 1) Charlotte mentions being a fan of Geronimo Jackson during one of her time consciousness transports, citing "Turn it up! I love Geronimo Jackson". (This Place Is Death)

After Jack, Kate and Hurley arrive on the island after the crash of Ajira Flight 316, Jin arrives in a DHARMA van listening to "DHARMA Lady". (316) Rosie is wearing a Geronimo Jackson t-shirt while dancing with Jerry. (LaFleur)

The song "DHARMA Lady" is heard at the DHARMA Barracks after the new recruits have their photographs taken. (Namaste) An Alice in Wonderland themed Geronimo Jackson poster can also be seen in the DHARMA Initiative Cafeteria. (He's Our You)

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