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George Minkowski
George Minkowski
Name George Minkowski
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Communications Officer aboard the Kahana
Episode(s) Through the Looking Glass, The Beginning of the End, Confirmed Dead, The Constant, Meet Kevin Johnson
Played By Fisher Stevens

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George Minkowski was the Communications Officer aboard the Kahana, and developed a sickness which caused his to suffer consciousness time-transportation symptoms.

Life Aboard the KahanaEdit

While boarding for the first time, George mistook Michael Dawson for the engineer aboard the boat. George later encountered Michael bouncing a ball off of the door in the quarters and inquired if he was going "Nicholson" on them, referring to the film The Shining. George then informed Michael that he had received a call from the mainland from someone claiming to be "Walt". (Meet Kevin Johnson)

Season Three (Days 68-91)Edit

After successfully making contact with Naomi's freighter ship, Jack spoke with Minkowski and requested for him to get a lock on their position, to which Minkowski stated that he would. (Through the Looking Glass)

Season Four (Days 91-100)Edit

Minkowski attempts several times to speak with Naomi, however, he was initially told by Jack that she was gathering firewood, and later by Kate that they were "looking for her". When Minkowski finally made contact with Naomi, he requested she adjust the frequency so that they could locate them. After doing so, Naomi requests that George tell her sister that she loves her, and then passes away. (The Beginning of the End)

Minkowski is contacted by Daniel who informs him that he has made contact with the survivors, upon hearing this George asks if he is on speaker, and Daniel walks away to privately converse. (Confirmed Dead)

After the ship was anchored, and no orders were being given, Minkowski and crew member Brandon decided to use the ship's tender to approach the island. However, in the process Brandon began "acting crazy", causing Minkowski to return to the Kahana. Brandon passed away from the effects he suffered, and Minkowski began to suffer consciousness time-transportation symptoms. (The Constant)

Miles attempts to contact Minkowski, however, is told by Regina that he cannot come to the phone. (Confirmed Dead)

Daniel requests the use of the phone from Frank to call Regina, and is told by Frank that if Minkowski answers to hang up right away. (The Economist)

Frank returned to the Kahana with Sayid and Desmond. After Desmond was locked in the sick bay, Minkowski suspected that Desmond may be suffering from the same illness that he was. Desmond, through his consciousness time-transportation symptoms was informed by Daniel Faraday that he needed to find his "constant", and Minkowski offered to take them to the radio room to attempt to contact Penny Widmore; which if successful would end Desmond's illness. After being unstrapped from the sick bay, Minkowski noticed the door had been left open, and suggested the two had a "friend" on board. Inside the radio room, Minkowski begins to suffer from nose bleeds, and experiences one final flash, after which he begins to convulse in Desmond's arms and says "I...can't...get....back!", and then passes away in Desmond's arms. (The Constant)

Season SixEdit

In the alternative time line , Minkowski is an employee of Charles Widmore and serves as Desmond's driver .

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