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Name Gault
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Captain aboard the Kahana
Episode(s) Ji Yeon, Meet Kevin Johnson, Cabin Fever
Played By Grant Bowler

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Season 4 (Days 96-99)Edit

Gault is the Captain aboard the Kahana. Gault requested to speak with Frank Lapidus, and sent Keamy and Omar to retrieve him. (The Constant)

When Regina committed suicide by wrapping herself in chains and throwing herself overboard, Gault ordered to the crew not to rescue her. Gault acknowledged that he had a saboteur on board who had damaged the ship's engines. He informed Desmond and Sayid that the ship was owned by Charles Widmore. Gault also presented them with the flight data recorder, which was recovered from the Oceanic Flight 815 wreckage. (Ji Yeon)

After Keamy accuses Gault of ratting out his personal info to Benjamin Linus, Gault informs him it was Michael Dawson(posing as Kevin Johnson) who did it. Later, Gault gives Sayid a Zodiac Raft so he can ferry islanders to the freighter. Gault is shot dead by Keamy after he attempts to force the latter to "stand down". (Cabin Fever)

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