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Gary Troup
Name Gary Troup
Gender Male
Country New York, NY, USA
Occupation Author
Episode(s) Pilot - Part 1, Exposé
Appears In The Lost Experience
Played By Frank Torres

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A passenger of Oceanic Flight 815 who was killed shortly after the crash and apparently sent a manuscript of his book "Bad Twin" to Hyperion before the crash. He was also the author of a now out of print book titled "The Valenzetti Equation".

Life Before Flight 815Edit

Gary Troup published a book titled The Valenzetti Equation about an equation derived by a mathematician of the same name.

Troup also published a novel entitled Bad Twin, which tells the tale of Paul Artisan, private detective, who goes on a search for the lost member of the Widmore family. In the book's opening page, Troup dedicates the novel to "Cindy, my highest-flying angel." Gary promoted the book on a talk show called "Book Talk", hosted by Laird Granger.

Gary Troup lived in New York and was in love with Cindy Chandler, a flight attendant on Oceanic Airlines, who was on the flight with Troup when the plane crashed.


Turbine Man

Gary moments before death

Gary survived the crash, but he died when he was sucked into a still active jet engine, causing it to detonate.

After the crash, in "The Long Con" the manuscript was found in the luggage by Hurley who proceeded to read it and was excited about finding a mystery book.

In "Two for the Road", Sawyer later took to reading it, however, with only ten pages left to read, Jack took the manuscript and burned the unread pages.

In "Exposé", Gary's death is seen once again from Nikki's perspective.

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