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Season 3
Episode 3
Air Date October 18, 2006
Writer(s) Carlton Cuse
Elizabeth Sarnoff
Director Stephen Williams
Flashback John Locke

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After a vision from Boone, Locke and Charlie venture into the jungle to rescue Eko from a polar bear. Hurley finds Desmond in the jungle and a plan is set in motion to rescue Kate, Sawyer and Jack.


The fates of Locke, Eko and Desmond are revealed after the implosion of the hatch, while Hurley returns to the beach camp to tell the tale of what happened when he, Jack, Kate, and Sawyer encountered "The Others."

Upon awakening in the jungle, Locke discovers that he cannot speak. He makes his way back to the survivor camp, where he begins to build a "sweat lodge." With Charlie standing guard, Locke enters the lodge to seek spiritual guidance from the island. As John hallucinates, Boone appears as his spirit guide and tells Locke that someone in the vision requires his help. Locke learns that he must "clean up his own mess" and understands that he must rescue Eko. Locke regains his ability to speak.

Locke and Charlie track Eko to a polar bear's den. Along the way, they meet up with Hurley, who reveals that Jack, Kate, and Sawyer were kidnapped by the Others.

Hurley continues back to the beach camp where he encounters a naked Desmond. After lending Desmond a large tie-dyed t-shirt, the two continue trekking back to camp. Along the way, Desmond reveals that the electromagnetic anomaly may have been destroyed during the hatch implosion, though Hurley questions why Desmond himself was not destroyed. Desmond inadvertently reveals to Hurley that he can see into the future when he mentions a speech that John Locke has yet to give.

Locke rescues Eko from the polar bear by building a makeshift flamethrower from a torch and a can of hairspray. On the trip back, while Charlie fetches water from a stream, a repentant Locke apologizes to an unconscious Eko for his lack of faith. Eko appears to awaken briefly to tell him that he must rescue Jack, Kate and Sawyer, but this is revealed to be yet another hallucination, possibly directed by whatever force was talking to Locke through the apparition of Boone. Upon returning to camp, Locke tells the survivors that he plans to rescue their friends.

In flashbacks, Locke is revealed to have joined a commune which is secretly growing marijuana. He is treated very well there and considers its members his new family. One day Locke picks up a young man named Eddie who is hitchhiking. Eddie decides to join the commune as well, but six weeks pass and he is never told about the marijuana growing operation. He becomes angry that secrets are being kept from him, so he asks Locke to convince commune leaders Mike and Jan to let him into the secret greenhouse so he can see what happens there. It is soon discovered that Eddie is actually an undercover police officer, gathering evidence on the illegal activities of the commune. Mike and Jan blame Locke for bringing Eddie to the commune. The two are in the midst of fleeing, but Locke promises to take care of everything. He takes Eddie hunting out in the forest, but turns his rifle on him. Eddie admits that he is indeed a cop, and that the police chose Locke to dupe because his troubled past would make him the easiest to trick. Eddie walks away, knowing that Locke will not shoot him because he is a good person. Locke attempts to shoot Eddie as he leaves, but cannot bring himself to do so.

Memorable QuotesEdit

" Don't worry, you'll speak when you have something worth saying."

- Boone
"Polar Bears are meant to be quite clever, very clever. They're like the Einsteins of the bear community."
- Charlie

Background InformationEdit

  • Eddie wears a Geronimo Jackson t-shirt, which is a band featured on an album previously in the hatch.
  • Eddie's police report contains the numbers "84023."
  • The skeleton found by Locke in the polar bear's cave was wearing a shirt from The Pearl.

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