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Frank Lapidus
Name Frank Lapidus
Gender Male
Country Bronx, New York, US
Eleuthera, The Bahamas
Occupation Pilot
Family Father - Mr. Lapidus
Episode(s) The Economist, The Constant, Ji Yeon, Meet Kevin Johnson, Something Nice Back Home, Cabin Fever
Flashback(s) Confirmed Dead
Played By Jeff Fahey

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Frank Lapidus is a member of the Kahana search team. He was recruited by Matthew Abaddon to join a team along with Daniel, Miles and Charlotte, led by Naomi, to arrive at the island in search of Benjamin Linus.


Frank Lapidus, was on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas, watching on TV as the remains of 815 were excavated. Seeing the corpse of Seth Norris, the pilot, he calls into the Oceanic Hotline, claiming that the corpse shown is not the pilot, because he does not have a wedding ring, and is very sure of this. He also claims that he was supposed to be the pilot of Oceanic flight 815. (Confirmed Dead)

While aboard the Kahana, Frank confesses to Michael that he believes that Oceanic Flight 815 isn't really at the bottom of the ocean, and that Charles Widmore believes the same. Frank asks Michael what he thinks would happen if they actually found some of the survivors alive. (Meet Kevin Johnson)

Season Five

Lapidus is also pilot of Ajira Airways Flight 316 that is supposed to take Sayid, Sun, Kate, Hurley, Jack and Ben back the the island. (316)

On-Island Life

Season Four (Days 91-100)

Frank orders everyone out of the helicopter as the electrical storm worsens. After the ordeal, Frank struggles to climb up a hill, looks up, and sees a cow. He reaches in his pocket only to find his satellite phone broken, and instead fires up his flare. After meeting up with Miles, Daniel, Jack, Kate, Juliet and Sayid, Frank reveals that the helicopter did not crash, but is in perfect working condition after his landing. As Juliet tends to Frank's wounds, Juliet tells Frank her name. Frank says he has been over the manifest dozens of times, and has never heard of her. Miles then declares that they are here for Benjamin Linus and asks where he is. (Confirmed Dead)

Frank discusses the recent World Series victory by the Red Sox with Jack, and states that his father was from the Bronx, and that he bleeds "Yankee blue". When Daniel approaches and requests to use the phone to call the freighter for an experiment, Frank allows him the use but states that if Minkowski answers, to hang up right away. Frank makes a deal with Sayid that if he returns with Charlotte, he will take him to the freighter; a deal which Sayid follows through with, through a trade for Miles to Locke's team. When asked by Desmond why Naomi possessed a photograph of Desmond and Penny Widmore, Frank refused to comment stating that Naomi was "senior management", Desmond then informs him that when the helicopter lifts off, that we will be on it. Frank boards the helicopter with Desmond and Sayid, along with Naomi's body and head for the freighter. (The Economist)

After piloting through a storm with Sayid and Desmond, Frank was able to successfully land the helicopter on the Kahana. After Desmond began to experience a strange time-related illness causing him to believe it was the past, Frank entered the sick bay with a satellite phone informing Desmond that Daniel was on the other line. Keamy scolded Frank for allowing Daniel to speak to him, and Frank defended himself by stating that Daniel thought he could help Desmond; to which Ray stated that Faraday can't even help himself. (The Constant)

As Frank walks the deck of the Kahana, he is approached by Keamy, who informs Frank not to be late upstairs. Frank encounters Regina guarding the sick bay, and informs her that the book she is reading is upside-down. Frank enters the sick bay and presents Desmond and Sayid with a bag containing cans of lima beans, stating that they are having kitchen difficulties. Frank and Keamy, leave in the helicopter to execute the raid on the Barracks. (Ji Yeon)

After the failed raid and extraction of Benjamin Linus, Frank runs into Miles, Sawyer, Claire, and Aaron in the jungle and warns them that Keamy is coming back and that if he finds them he will kill all of them. Keamy and the crew catch up with him, and Frank inquires as to what happened to the injured Mayhew. Frank then rushes Keamy stating that if they have to get back to the freighter that they have to leave immediately, because he won't fly Faraday's bearings at night. (Something Nice Back Home)

Back aboard the Kahana, Frank scolds Michael for not revealing that he was a survivor of Oceanic Flight 815, however, Michael defends himself by saying that he didn't know if he could trust him. Frank then reminds Michael that he informed him that he thought the plane crash is a hoax, and when Michael revealed that Charles Widmore put the plane there, Frank dismisses it stating that Michael is a bigger conspirator than him. Frank and Keamy come to a stand-off when he refuses to pilot the crew back to the island. Keamy retaliates by slitting Ray's throat and tossing him overboard. When Gault arrives and holds Keamy at gunpoint, Keamy signals to an unknown device on his arm; which causers Gault to ask the crew what it is, letting his guard down, and allowing Keamy to kill him. It was these deaths that caused Frank to surrender and agree to pilot the chopper back to the island. While aboard, Frank hid a satellite phone inside of a backpack, and while flying overhead the survivor's beach camp, tossed it out the side for them to retrieve. (Cabin Fever)

Return to the Island

Back on the Island Frank's role is to only acompany Sun, through her search for her husband, and eventually going part ways when they meet Benjamin Linus is trying to go with the rest of the people, Frank then returns to the plane where Ilana and her armed men are bringing a large box and displaying a preimeteer, they then bring him with them until they reach the temple after Locke and Ben enter the temple to look for Jacob.

After the occupation of John Locke, Frank stays with Ilana and Sun for the rest of the time joining their struggle and looking for the rest of the candidates, often giving an eventual sarcastic comentary and supporting ideas of others.

His role takes a turn when James plans to overthrow Locke and leave the island, Frank spends his time teaming up with James finding supplies and ammo and later taking over the submarine and ordering around the pilot. However after Frank is asked to go to the surface when the group realizes Locke placed them a bomb he struggles to reach the group just as the preassure crushes a window and renders him unconsious with the room flooding. In the season finale, when Miles and Richard discover the submarine wreckage, they find Frank hanging on to wreckage, very much alive.

Miles and Richard were planning to destroy the Ajira airplane on Hydra Island to prevent the Man in Black from gaining access and escaping the Island with it. Frank, however, reminded them that he's a pilot, and pointed out that if they flew the plane away, the Man in Black would be just as incapable of escape. From there, the group begins to work on the Ajira Plane and prepares it for takeoff. After picking up Claire, Kate and Sawyer, Frank flies the plane off the Island for good.

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