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Frank Duckett
Frank Duckett
Name Frank Duckett
Gender Male
Country Sydney, Australia
Occupation Shrimp Salesman
Episode(s) Outlaws
Played By Jeff Perry

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Frank Duckett was the operator of a shrimp truck in Sydney, Australia. Duckett was American, and his truck had a half price special for all Americans. When Frank was working he was visited by a man named James who orders shrimp in hot sauce, the two begin to talk and it is revealed that James is also an American from Tennessee, Duckett comments that he misses the Southern Women. When his order is complete, Duckett finds that the man is nowhere to be found.

Later that night, James returns to his shrimp truck, and fires at Frank. When James calls him “Sawyer”, Duckett becomes confused and reveals that he had borrowed money from Hibbs; the man who convinced James that Duckett was the man who ruined his life. James was set-up to kill Duckett who was an innocent man that was just late repaying his debt.

On The islandEdit

Sawyer heard Frank's last words "It will come back around" with The Whispers several times on The Island while searching for a boar which he thought was harassing him. Locke told him a story about a golden retriever that his mother thought was a reincarnation of his dead sister. Which seemed to affect Sawyer.