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Follow The Leader
Follow The Leader
Season 5
Episode 15
Air Date May 6, 2009
Writer(s) Paul Zbyszewski
Elizabeth Sarnoff
Director Stephen Williams
Flashback Richard Alpert

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Following the death of Daniel Faraday, Jack attempts to continue the mission to change his and his fellow survivors' futures. Meanwhile, Sawyer and Juliet must deal with the wrath of Radzinsky and the rest of the DHARMA Initiative after being discovered.


In 1977, following the events of the previous episode "The Variable", Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox) and Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly) witness Eloise Hawking (Alice Evans) kill her son Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies) in the Others' camp. As Jack and Kate debate whether they should follow through with Faraday's plan to detonate a hydrogen bomb in order to change their past, they are attacked and captured by Charles Widmore (David S. Lee). Eloise believes they are from the future and decides to take Jack's advice to detonate the bomb. They travel with Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell) to a lake, which serves as an entry to a series of tunnels in which the bomb is stored, which happens to be directly underneath the DHARMA Initiative's barracks. Kate decides that she does not want to take part in Jack's plan and leaves; however, the Others refuse to let her go, prompting an unseen Sayid Jarrah (Naveen Andrews) to ambush the Others. Sayid agrees with Jack's plan, but Kate still does not and compares Jack to John Locke (Terry O'Quinn). She leaves for the Barracks and the others enter the tunnels.

At the DHARMA Initiative's barracks, James "Sawyer" Ford (Josh Holloway) and Juliet Burke (Elizabeth Mitchell) are being held captive by Horace Goodspeed (Doug Hutchison), Stuart Radzinsky (Eric Lange), and Phil (Patrick Fischler). Sawyer does not answer any of Radzinsky's questions, even after he is severely beaten and witnesses Phil strike Juliet. Meanwhile, Dr. Pierre Chang (François Chau) confronts Hugo "Hurley" Reyes (Jorge Garcia), Miles Straume (Ken Leung), and Jin-Soo Kwon (Daniel Dae Kim) as they are leaving the area. He wants confirmation of Faraday's claims, getting Hurley to admit to it by asking questions which confuse his sense of the present. Miles confirms that he is Chang's son, and supports Faraday's assertion that the island needs to be evacuated. Chang informs Horace and Radzinsky of this, and Sawyer makes a deal to leave the island on the submarine in exchange for telling them what they want to hear. Sawyer, Juliet, and Kate board the submarine and apparently leave the island.

In 2007, following the events of the episode "Dead is Dead", Locke meets with Richard at the Others' camp and tells him that he now has a purpose. Locke, Richard, and Benjamin Linus travel to the location that the time-jumping Locke will appear, so that Richard can remove the bullet from his leg and tell him what needs to be done (as seen in "Because You Left"). They return to camp, where Locke speaks to the Others and tells them that they are going on a trip to see Jacob , from whom they take orders but have never met. Locke tells Sun-Hwa Kwon (Yunjin Kim) that Jacob will know how to reunite her with her husband Jin, who is in the past. The next morning, while starting the journey to Jacob's cabin, Locke tells Ben that he lied to Sun and that he plans to kill Jacob.

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"Alright dude, you caught us, we're from the future."

- Hurley

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