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A list of characters which appear in flashforwards, organized by episode. Please note that some characters may have appeared both in a flashback and on-island in a particular episode. Characters appearing in italics are the character(s) for which that episode is centric to.

Through the Looking GlassEdit

Jack Shephard

Jack has become a drug-addicted alcoholic and is contemplating suicide. Just before he can jump off a bridge, a car crashes and he rescues a woman and her son from the wreckage. Jack tells Kate that it was a mistake to leave the island, that they "weren't meant" to do it and that they have to go back.

Rob Hamill

Hamill caught Jack looking through the patient's file to see the outcome of the surgery, and Hamill informs Jack that the operation was a complete success. Hamill also reveals that she was able to recount the moments before the accident, and questions Jack as to why he was going to commit suicide.

Through the Looking Glass - Sarah
Sarah Shephard

Sarah visited Jack at the hospital as she was still listed as his emergency contact, and she appears very pregnant. She denied giving him a ride home, stating that she didn't think it would be appropriate.

Through the Looking Glass - Kate
Kate Austen

Kate agrees to meet Jack at the airport to discuss something. Jack informs her of an unidentified person's funeral and she asks him why she would go. After Jack tells her that they need to return to the island, she leaves, saying that, "he's gonna be wondering where I am."

Mrs. Arlen
  • Unknown Portrayer

While driving with her son, she noticed a man on the side of the Sixth Street Bridge ready to jump, she was distracted and lost control of her vehicle and crashed into the median, igniting the car in flames. The man who was going to jump over the railing was Dr. Jack Shephard, and he was the one who rushed to the vehicle to save the two of them.

Master Arlen
  • Unknown Portrayer

Jack passed Arlen's son in the waiting room and waved to him as the news report about Jack's heroism played on the television. Mrs. Arlen later recounted the events leading up to the crash, and revealed Jack to be a fraud.

Funeral Director
Funeral Director

He was a funeral director at Hoffs/Drawlar Funeral Parlor, and met with Jack Shephard who was the only visitor for a viewing of an individual who at this time is unknown. When the director asked Jack if he was friend or family, Jack replied neither.


While at a pharmacy with his wife, this man stood up for Jack, claiming that he was a hero, when the pharmacist would not provide Jack with the medicine he was requesting.

E.R. Doctor

She was the doctor that stitched Jack's forehead up after he rescued a woman and her son from a burning car. She refused Sarah Shephard entry into the room, but she was let in when Jack informed her of their previous marriage. The doctor reminded Jack that news crews were waiting to speak with him when he was finished.


She was a pharmacist who refused to fill a prescription for Jack due to the fact that this would have been his third refill, and that he had already used his allotted two. Jack then presents her with a second prescription that she once again refuses to fill claiming that he can't fill a prescription for himself.

Flight Attendant
Flight Attendant

She was a flight attendant for Oceanic Airlines and was asked by Jack if he could have another drink, however, noticing his condition, she refused his request stating that the plane would be landing in 20 minutes, and offered him a newspaper to read instead.

The Beginning of the EndEdit

The Beginning of the End
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

Hurley begins seeing visions of Charlie, and heads off on a high-speed car chase. After doing so, he is interrogated by Mike Walton, who arranges him to be sent back to Santa Rosa. Hurley finally makes contact with Charlie, who informs him that "they need him".

The Beginning of the End - Jack Shephard
Jack Shephard

During Hurley's high-speed chase, Jack turns on his television and sees the chase. Jack later visits Hurley at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute, and the two discuss the possibility of the island wanting them to return.

Mike Walton
Mike Walton

After being arrested for starting a high-speed chase with the LAPD, Hurley is interrogated by Mike Walton, Ana-Lucia's former partner. Mike reveals this fact to Hurley, however, he denies knowing her.

Matthew Abbadon
Matthew Abaddon

Matthew visits Hurley at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute and claims to be a lawyer working for Oceanic Airlines, and states that they feel terrible about what has happened to him and offer to upgrade him to a better hospital. Abaddon shifts the conversation, and asks Hurley "Are they still alive?" Hurley suddenly becomes very worried, and calls for orderlies to help him.

The Beginning of the End - Charlie Pace
Charlie Pace

Charlie Pace visits Hurley at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute and states that he is dead, but he is also there. Charlie admits that he knew he was going to die when he swam down to the Looking Glass station. Charlie tells Hurley, much to his dislike, that "they need him".

The Beginning of the End - Randy Nations
Randy Nations

Randy videotapes Hurley on his video camera, after he crashed his car near a store where Randy appeared to be working.


Lewis was a mental patient at Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute who informed Hurley that Charlie was staring at him.

The Beginning of the End - Nurse Lasenby
Nurse Lazenby

Nurse Lazenby presents Hurley with his medication and alerts him to Matthew Abaddon who has arrived to visit him.

The EconomistEdit

The Economist - Sayid Jarrah
Sayid Jarrah

Sayid is hired as an assassin, and courts a woman, Elsa, in order to get closer to her employer. After several dates, Sayid turns on Elsa, who reveals herself to be a counter-spy by unexpectedly shooting Sayid in the shoulder. Sayid is able to shoot and kill Elsa. Sayid is treated for his wound by Ben, who gives him another assignment.


Elsa claims to be the personal assistant of an economist, and meets Sayid Jarrah in a Berlin coffee shop. As the two begin to date, the two are revealed as counter-spies to each other, and Sayid is shot in the chest by Elsa. Sayid retaliates, by shooting her twice in the chest, killing her.

The Economist - Benjamin Linus
Benjamin Linus

Benjamin Linus is Sayid's employer, and has his assassinate various individuals on a list he possesses in order to protect their friends. Ben states that it is a good thing that they are aware Sayid is after them now,

Mr Avellino
Mr. Avellino

Avellino and Sayid made a wager over a game of golf, however, after discovering Sayid was one of the Oceanic Six, he became visibly nervous, and quickly made his leave. Sayid drew his attention by mentioning him by name, and then shot him in the chest, killing him.


Eggtown - Kate Ausen
Kate Austen

Kate is tried for her numerous crimes committed before the crash and pleads not guilty. Because Kate is opposed to bringing her son into the trial, Jack is called in as a character witness. He lies in his testimony, saying that Flight 815 crashed in the water; eight survived the crash but two have since died and Kate was primarily responsible for the Oceanic Six's survival.

Duncan Forrester
Duncan Forrester

During the hearing, Kate pleaded guilty, however, Duncan failed to prevent her from being placed into custody. While in custody, Duncan speaks with Kate about how the trial was going to have to be about who she is rather than who she was, and wanted to try it as a character case.

Melissa Dunbrook
Melissa Dunbrook

Melissa Dunbrook was a district attorney who represented the people of Los Angeles in the trial of Kate Austen. Melissa successfully argued her point for Kate to be remanded for the duration of the trial stating that she was a flight risk.

Eggtown - Diane
Diane Jansen

Diane was set to be the prosecution's chief witness, however, she had second thoughts after hearing Jack testify that Kate was a hero that saved the Oceanic Six. In addition, Diane lobbied to secure a deal that she would not testify in order to see her grandson, a request which was denied by Kate. Diane did not testify claiming medical reasons as her excuse for not attending the trial.

Eggtown - Jack Shephard
Jack Shephard

Jack testifies in court on Kate's behalf claiming that she was a hero and rescued him along with other passengers after the crash. After Kate is released, she invites Jack for coffee at her house, however, he refuses to go because of something concerning Aaron.

Arthur Galzethron
Arthur Galzethron

Arthur Galzethron was the judge who presided over Kate Austen's trial. After the trial began, Kate pleaded not guilty, and was placed into custody for the duration of the trial when Arthur agreed with district attorney Melissa Dunbrook.


Pearson was the bailiff who served during Kate Austen's trial.


Veronica was the nanny for Kate Austen, who took care of Aaron during her trial. When Kate returns, she informs her that Aaron missed her very much, and that she had just put him down for a nap.

Aaron Littleton

After leaving the island, as one of the Oceanic Six, Aaron is living with his apparent guardian, Kate, believing her to be his mother.

Ji YeonEdit

Ji Yeon - Sun
Sun-Hwa Kwon

After Sun goes into labour, she attempts to get to the hospital. While delivering her baby, she frantically calls out for Jin during so. Sun, Hurley and Ji Yeon visit Jin's grave at the cemetery.

Dr. Bae

Dr. Bae is the doctor at Choogdong Hospital who delivered Sun-Hwa Kwon's daughter Ji Yeon. Sun's doctor, Dr. Park, was away at a conference at the time, so Dr. Bae filled in.

Another Nurse

When Sun-Hwa Kwon went into labor, she was brought to Choogdong Hospital, the nurse immediately recognized her as one of the "Oceanic Six".

Admitting Nurse

When Sun-Hwa Kwon went into labor, she was brought to Choogdong Hospital, the nurse recognized her as one of the "Oceanic Six". She assisted Dr. Bae in the delivery room, and removed Sun's ring to prevent injury due to the swelling.

Delivery Room Nurse

She was a nurse at Choogdong Hospital, where she assisted Dr. Bae in the delivery of Ji Yeon Kwon, Sun's daughter.

Ji Yeon Kwon
  • Unknown Portrayer

Ji Yeon was born in 2005 at Choogdong Hospital in Seoul, South Korea. After her birth, Hurley traveled to Korea to visit with Ji Yeon and Sun, and the three visited Jin's grave.

Ji Yeon- Hugo Reyes
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

After the birth of Ji Yeon, Hurley traveled to Korea to visit with Ji Yeon and Sun, and the three visited Jin's grave.

The Shape of Things to ComeEdit

The Shape of Things to Come - Benjamin Linus
Benjamin Linus

Benjamin finds himself in October 2005 in Tunisia, and makes his way to Iraq to locate Sayid, in order to exact revenge on Ishmael Bakir, an employee of Charles Widmore, responsible for Nadia's death.

The Shape of Things to Come - Sayid Jarrah
Sayid Jarrah

While attending the funeral for his late wife, Noor Abed Jazeem, affectionately known as Nadia; Sayid discovers Benjamin Linus, and questions how he made his way from the island. Sayid is then informed of a sinister murder surrounding his wife's death, and a link to Charles Widmore.

Ishmael Bakir

Ishmael Bakir is an employee of Charles Widmore, and was being followed by Benjamin Linus. After speaking with Ben, Sayid is convinced that Bakir is responsible for Nadia's murder after presenting him with a photograph of a Los Angeles traffic stop, showing him three block from where Nadia was found.

The Shape of Things to Come - Charles Widmore
Charles Widmore

Charles is visitted late at night in his London penthouse by Benjamin, who places the blame on him for the death of Alexandra. Widmore, however, denies the accusation claiming that Ben was responsible for the death.


Narjiss was a hotel desk clerk in Tozeur, Tunisia who provided Benjamin Linus with accomodations after introducing himself as a preferred guest under the guise of "Dean Moriarty". She also provided Ben with the correct date and year upon his request.

London Doorman

He was the doorman at the London building where Charles Widmore resided. When Benjamin Linus arrived and proceeded toward the elevator, he questioned him as to where he was going.

Bedouin #1

He ordered his companion to search him, and they discovered a telescopic baton hidden in his pocket. Ben struck his companion with the baton, and used his gun to murder him, throwing him off of his horse.

Bedouin #2

He and his companion came across Benjamin Linus in the Sahara Desert wearing a thick winter coat, and no visible footprints around him. He surrendered to Ben, who then struck him with the butt of the Kalashnikov rifle after discovering that he did speak English.

Iraqi Merchant

While Ben is spying on Bakir, this man serves Ben at the bar.

Something Nice Back HomeEdit

Jack Shephard - Something Nice Back Home
Jack Shephard

Jack, now living with Kate and Aaron, starts to lose his grip on reality when he begins seeing visions of his father around the hospital. Jack visits with Hurley and receives a cryptic message, relating to him raising Aaron. Jack also discovers that Kate is doing a favour for Sawyer, who is still stuck on the island.

Kate Austen - Something Nice Back Home
Kate Austen

While living with Jack and Aaron, Kate is confronted by Jack, and is forced to reveal that she has been making arrangements in order to perform a favour for Sawyer.

Aaron Littleton - Something Nice Back Home
Aaron Littleton

Aaron, now living with his surrogate mother Kate, and his Uncle Jack, is read to by Jack as he sleeps. Aaron is still, at this point, unaware of the true nature surrounding his parents.

Hugo Reyes - Something Nice Back Home
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

Hurley is visited by Jack at Santa Rosa, and reveals to Jack that he has been visited by Charlie on a number of occasions. On one such occasion, he had two messages for Jack, the first being that Jack was not supposed to raise "him" (eluding to Aaron), the second that someone would be visiting him real soon.

Erika Stevenson
Erika Stevenson

Erika Stevenson was a doctor at St. Sebastian Hospital who worked alongside Jack Shephard. While leaving one night, she found Jack, visibly spooked, and was requested by him to write a prescription for clonazepam. Erika did so, but also suggested that Jack speak with someone about his issues.

Dr Stillman
Dr. Stillman

Dr. Stillman was a doctor at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute who had contact Jack Shephard about Hugo Reyes after he stopped taking his medication, believing him to be a manifestation of his imagination.


Jane was a receptionist at St. Sebastian Hospital who worked alongside Jack Shephard. She had phoned Jack early in the morning to verify his consul with Ms. Berenberg. Later that day, she notified Jack that Dr. Stillman from the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute had called about a situation involving Hurley.

Ms Berenberg
Ms. Berenberg

Ms. Berenberg was a patient of Jack Shephard's at St. Sebastian Hospital. While in the lobby of the hospital, she was being given instructions by Jack, for her upcoming surgery.

There's No Place Like Home - Part 1Edit

There's No Place Like Home - Jack
Jack Shephard

Jack, leading the press conference with the other survivors, creates a ruse in order to explain the past 108 days, their whereabouts, at the explanation as to why there are no other survivors. Jack also eulogizes his father, and after doing so is informed by Carole, that Claire is his sister.

There's No Place Like Home - Kate
Kate Austen

Complacent with Jack's ruse, Kate also fields questions concerning her relation to Aaron, however, skirts the issue claiming it to infringe on Kate's legal issue. Kate also attends Hurley's birthday with Aaron, and in addition, Christian's funeral.

There's No Place Like Home - Sayid
Sayid Jarrah

Sayid denies any possibility of any remaining survivors at the press conference, and afterward is reunited with his former love, Nadia. Sayid and Nadia attend Hurley's birthday, and are witness to his departure from the party as well.

There's No Place Like Home - Hurley
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

Hurley is notified at the press conference that he is going to be receiving all of his lottery winnings back, which he immediately refuses. At his birthday party, his father presents him with the restored Camaro, which display his haunted numbers, causing him to run in fear.

There's No Place Like Home - Sun
Sun-Hwa Kwon

At the press conference, Sun acknowledges that Jin died in the initial crash. She later informs her father that she purchased a controlling interest in Paik Heavy Industries to exact revenge on her father for his hatred of Jin.

Karen Decker
Karen Decker

Karen Decker was a public relations representative of Oceanic Airlines. Karen was aboard the U.S. Coast Guard aircraft, transporting Jack Shephard, Kate Austen, Hugo Reyes, Sayid Jarrah, Sun-Hwa Kwon and Aaron Littleton, dubbed the "Oceanic Six", which she stated wasn't the best branding, but that it was catchy.

Noor Abed Jazeem

Nadia, although not on the list of family members, was able to meet with Sayid outside of the press conference. The two later attended Hurley's birthday party.

Margo Shephard

Margo was present for the landing of the Oceanic Six, and reunited with her son Jack. She was present at the press conference where Jack described their survival, and also for her late husband, Christian's funeral, where Jack delivered his eulogy.

There's No Place Like Home - Carmen
Carmen Reyes

Carmen was present to welcome the return of her son, Hurley, as he landed in Honolulu. She was present for the press conference, and later threw Hurley an island themed birthday party.

There's No Place Like Home - David Reyes
David Reyes

David was also present to welcome the return of his son, Hurley, as he landed in Honolulu. At Hurley birthday party, he presented him with the restored Camaro, which he states he completed as a memorial to Hurley.

Carole Littleton

Carole attends Christian's funeral, and afterward confronts Jack to inform him that Christian was the father of his daughter, Claire. She then approached Kate afterward to comment on her "son", unbeknownst to her that it was her grandson.

There's No Place Like Home - Aaron
Aaron Littleton

Aaron accompanies Kate during the landing of the Oceanic Six, in addition to the press conference. Kate also brings Aaron along to Hurley's birthday, as well as for Christian's eulogy.

Reporter #1

He was a reporter present at the press conference to interview the Oceanic Six. He first asked Jack what it felt like when the plane his the water, how they survived and if they swam to the island. He then questioned Kate and asked how it felt giving birth on the island.

Korean Reporter

She was present at the Oceanic Six press conference, most likely representing a Korean news agency. Her question was directed at Sun, which was in reference to whether or not Jin initially survived the crash.

Blonde Reporter

She was present at the Oceanic Six press conference, and questioned Sayid as to whether or not he believed additional survivors may still be undiscovered.


He was a pilot responsible for delivering the Oceanic Six to a base located in Honolulu, he was traveling in the cockpit with his Co-Pilot, along with Karen Decker.


He was a co-pilot responsible for delivering the Oceanic Six to a base located in Honolulu, he was traveling in the cockpit with the Pilot, along with Karen Decker. He squeezed a rabbit's foot stating that he was superstitious due to the "cargo".


An associate of Mr. Paik, he attempted to explain an unknown situation, possibly involving a bank robbery or an inside job within the company.

There's No Place Like Home - Part 2Edit

There's No Place Like Home - JackShephard
Jack Shephard

Jack, years after being rescued, is now a drug addict and a drunk. Jack seeks Kate out in the hopes that she will agree to return to the island, however, Kate flat out refuses citing the day they left as reason enough not to return. Jack is reunited with Benjamin Linus, while visiting Jeremy's corpse, with a plan to return to the island.

There's No Place Like Home - Kate Austen
Kate Austen

Kate visits Jack at his request at the airport, and states that she has no intention of returning to the island, as the horrible events on the day they escaped were reason enough not to return. Kate also receives a cryptic message from Claire during a dream.

There's No Place Like Home - Sayid Jarrah
Sayid Jarrah

While at Santa Rosa, Sayid spots a man sitting in a car outside of the facility, and executes him before going inside. Sayid and Hurley escape and make their way to somewhere "safe".

There's No Place Like Home - Hugo Reyes
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

Hurley is visited by Walt at Santa Rosa, and explains the circumstances surrounding their lie. Hurley explains to Sayid that he has been having "regular conversations with dead people", and is engaged at the time in a chess game with Eko. When Hurley asks Sayid if they are headed back to the island, Sayid explains that it is just someplace "safe".

There's No Place Like Home - Sun-Hwa Kwon
Sun-Hwa Kwon

In London, England, Sun approaches Widmore and explains that she knows he is aware that the Oceanic Six have been lying about where they were and what happened to them there, and claims they have common interests. she also cites that they weren't the only ones who left the island.

There's No Place Like Home - Benjamin Linus
Benjamin Linus

Ben meets up with Jack at the Hoffs/Drawlar Funeral Home, and explains the circumstances and events that need to occur in order to return to the island. Ben then reminds Jack that all of the survivors need to return, which includes Bentham.

There's No Place Like Home - Charles Widmore
Charles Widmore

Charles is approached by Sun who attempts to negotiate a common ground with him, and acknowledges that he is aware the Oceanic Six were lying about their whereabouts.

Jeremy Bentham

The remains of Jeremy, aka John Locke, are visited by Jack at the funeral home, who in turn, is visited by Benjamin Linus. There, he explains that all of the survivors need to return to the island, which includes Bentham.

Walt Lloyd

Walt visits Hurley at Santa Rosa and inquires as to why everyone is lying about what happened on the island. He also explains that while none of the Oceanic Six visited him after their rescue, that Jeremy Bentham did.

There's No Place Like Home - Mrs Dawson
Mrs. Dawson

Mrs. Dawson accompanies Walt to Santa Rosa to visits Hurley, and gains assurances from Hurley beforehand that he wasn't going to do anything crazy.

There's No Place Like Home - Aaron Littleton
Aaron Littleton

After Kate has a dream which includes Claire delivering a cryptic message about not returning to the island with Aaron, she enters Aaron's room to find him sleeping soundly.

Guy in Car

He was parked outside of the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute apparently spying on Hurley. He was approached by Sayid, who inquired as to the current time. The man replied that it was 8:15, however, before being able to complete his sentence, he was executed by Sayid.