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Fire + Water
Season 2
Episode 12
Air Date January 25, 2006
Writer(s) Edward Kitsis
Adam Horowitz
Director Jack Bender
Flashback Charlie Pace

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Charlie begins to have dreams that lead him to believe that Aaron may be in danger. Sawyer helps Hurley admit his attraction to Libby.


In FLASHBACK we see young Charlie's slippered feet whisk a down a flight of stairs. It's Christmas morning and his brother Liam is already hard at work ripping open his presents. But while Liam continues to unwrap gift after gift, Charlie finds nothing at all under the tree for himself. That is, until his mother leads him over to a brand new piano. Charlie is thrilled, but before he can even begin to enjoy the gift, he learns it comes with a price. It's up to Charlie to save the family from poverty.

Back on the island, Charlie is struggling with his forced isolation. He misses Claire and the baby desperately, but the feeling isn't mutual. Claire's doing just fine...with Locke. Locke meanwhile discovers Charlie's stashed of the heroin-filled statuettes from the plane, and tells him he will take them away from him for good.

Hurley takes the first tentative steps towards dealing with his attraction to Libby. Meanwhile, Sawyer and Kate begin to notice the growing connection between Ana Lucia and Jack—and it doesn't make either of them particularly comfortable.

While Charlie plays his guitar by the sea, he hears the faint cries of a baby and follows the sound to the sea, where he sees Aaron's cradle being tossed on the waves. Somehow Charlie manages to swim out and bring little Aaron back to shore—only to learn that the entire ordeal was just a cruel dream - he's been sleepwalking. And while he holds the baby and tries to explain to Claire (and everyone else) that he was only trying to save him, the only thing Charlie succeeds in doing is digging his hole that much deeper.

In FLASHBACK we see Charlie trying hard to save something else—his band. But in order to do that, he needs his brother to do some long overdue growing-up. (Driveshaft is filming a diaper commercial, in an attempt to jumpstart their sagging popularity.) Sadly, as the diaper he is (literally) wearing will attest, Liam isn't up to the task.

On the island, after again unsuccessfully trying to enlist Locke as an ally, Charlie goes to Eko. And it's here he finds the one thing he's been missing: a reason for being. Eko suggests that perhaps the baby should be baptized. Charlie grabs onto this diagnosis with both hands, willing to follow it to a resolution—one way or another—to save the ones he loves.

Back in FLASHBACK Charlie consoles Liam after a "falling out" with his wife. And through his music he is able to reach Liam and shake him back to life. If they take a stand—if they fight with everything they've got, they just might be able to get through this—together. But Liam only has one question: "Got any...?"

Back on the island, Charlie's got plenty. And while paying a visit to a stash of Virgin Mary statues he has so far been able to resist, Charlie is surprised by Locke who tells him what he already knows. What little goodwill Charlie had left, whatever hope of being redeemed is all gone now.

But maybe there is one more thing he can do—one last, desperate leap towards salvation. Charlie starts a fire in the brush at night to distract the camp so he can baptize Aaron. Claire calls for help while Charlie takes the baby toward the ocean, saying he is only trying to save him. The group gets the baby away and Locke hits Charlie over the head. The next day, as Jack stitches his forehead up, Charlie promises he wasn't using and won't do anything like it again.

Claire asks Eko about baptism, and he offers to baptize both her and Aaron together.

Locke, instead of destroying the statues, carefully places them on a shelf in the locked gun room in the bunker.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Plane crash, you both survived, nice beach, she's hot, you're hot, it's what people do."
- Ana-Lucia
"I'm not 'hitting that'."
- Jack

Background InformationEdit

  • The Kinks' song "He's Evil", which Charlie sang in The 23rd Psalm, can be heard playing in Charlie and Liam's apartment.
  • Perry Como's song "Papa Loves Mambo" is heard while Libby and Hurley are doing laundry inside the hatch.
  • The Dharma Initiative logo appears on the back of the playing cards Hurley and Sawyer are using.
  • During Charlie's dream where he's attempting to rescue Aaron (who is trapped inside the piano), Charlie's fingers are once again taped over with "FATE."
  • The Battersea Power Station, best known as Pink Floyd's Animals cover picture can be seen as a background element. The station bears a sign displaying "Widmore Construction" on it.

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