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Name Finney
Gender Male
Country New York, NY, USA
Occupation Attorney
Episode(s) Adrift
Played By Saul Rubinek

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Finney was the attorney Michael Dawson visited to discuss the paperwork sent by Michael’s ex-girlfriend Susan which stated that she requested Michael relinquish his rights as Walt’s father. While Finney saw this as a positive thing, Michael did not, it was then decided that the two would attempt to file an injunction to prevent Susan from leaving the country with Michaels’ son Walt. Believe that their chances of winning were claim and that their continuing forward would require a lot of money, Finney compared their trial to “David vs. Goliath”.

When they met with Susan and her attorney, Finney would constantly be attempting to keep Michael quiet to keep from incriminating himself, this proved difficult when Susan’s attorney kept providing Michael with questions that did not reflect well on him. The trial was eventually averted when Susan convinced Michael to release Walt under the grounds that Susan could provide a great life for him.

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