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Here at the LOST Wikia, we feature a chosen article on our Main Page as a highlight of this wikia's best work. We appreciate your input in selecting the article which will be featured.

Voting GuidelinesEdit

Here you can vote for your choice for the next Featured Article. To vote, follow these guidelines to submit your choice:

  1. Under the "Votes" Section, place the name of the article you wish to nominate in between three brackets on each site as follows: ===Article Name===. EVERYONE and ANYONE is free to choose ANY article (excluding those which have already been featured as our Featured Article). If the article you want to vote for has already been nominated, proceed to step two.
  2. Place *--~~~~ underneath your entry. The code will automatically convert into your user name and the time of your vote.


Nominate an article and/or place your vote for an already-nominated article below.

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