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Here at the LOST Wikia, we feature a chosen article on our Main Page as a highlight of this wikia's best work. The articles are chosen by users who voted for their favourite article to be featured. The following is a list of articles which were featured in the past.

Formerly Featured Articles

Pilot - Part 1
  • Featured during the Month of December 2005

Jack Shephard was on an Oceanic Flight flying from Sydney to Los Angeles when the plane made an unexpected crash onto a mysterious Island with 48 other survivors...

Ana Lucia
Ana-Lucia Cortez
  • Featured during the Month of January 2006

Ana-Lucia Cortez was previously a police officer for the LAPD, and when she unexpectedly crashed onto a mysterious island, became the leader of the Tail Section Survivors...

  • Featured during the Week of February 8th, 2006

When Nathan survived the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, he thought the worst was over. However, an attack from Mysterious "Others", and the paranoia of the Tail Section Survivors would soon change that...

Mr Friendly
Mr. Friendly
  • Featured during the Week of February 15th, 2006

Zeke, Mr. Friendly, Bearded Man, The Seabilly - Call him what you want, but this Mysterious leader of "The Others" means business, and knows how to lay down the law...

US Army
Sgt. Sam Austen
  • Featured during the Week of February 23rd, 2006

United States Army Sergeant Sam Austen was a soldier during the Gulf War, and during the duration of his stay overseas, his daughter Kate never left his mind.

Dr Ethan
Ethan Rom
  • Featured during the Week of March 1st, 2006

Ethan was a Dharma Initiative employee with medical training who infiltrated the camp of the Fuselage Survivors of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 and posed as a survivor in order to kidnap the pregnant Claire.

Jae Lee
Jae Lee
  • Featured during the Week of March 8th, 2006

Jae Lee is a Harvard educated Hotel Manager from Seoul, South Korea, who, at the insistence of his mother and father, agreed to be fixed up via matchmaker for a date with a woman named Sun Paik.

Scott Jackson
Scott Jackson
  • Featured during the Week of March 15th, 2006

A former employee of an internet company, Scott was returning from an Australian vacation, and found himself among 47 other survivors of a plane crash...

Anthony Cooper
Anthony Cooper
  • Featured during the Week of March 22nd, 2006

Anthony Cooper is the biological father of John Locke who was reunited with his son after devising a nefarious con to steal his kidney when he required a transplant.

Henry Gale
Henry Gale
  • Featured during the Week of March 29th, 2006

Henry Gale claims to be the former owner of a mining company which mined non-metalic minerals, who ballooned around the world with his wife, Jennifer. Claiming otherwise is Sayid who believes him to be one of the "Others"...

Desmond 2
  • Featured during the Week of April 5th, 2006

It was three years ago, he was on a solo race around the world, his boat crashed into the reef, and then Kelvin came. Kelvin, he comes running out of the jungle, "Hurry, Hurry, Come With Me"...

Jack Shephard
  • Featured during the Week of April 12th, 2006

Formerly a spinal surgeon at St. Sebastian Hospital in Los Angeles, Jack inadvertently found himself the leader of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 after crashing onto a mysterious island...

The Dharma Initiative
  • Featured during the Week of April 19th, 2006

The Dharma Initiative was started by Gerald and Karen DeGroot in 1970, and was funded by Alvar Hanso of the Hanso Foundation. Dharma's location of research is the island which the passengers of Flight 815 crashed onto...

Steve Jenkins
  • Featured during the Week of April 26th, 2006

Often mistaken for fellow survivor Scott, Steve was helpful in rescuing Jack from a cave-in, and attended the "First Island Open". His life was later cut short when he was allegedly murdered by Ethan Rom...

Hanso Foundation
The Hanso Foundation
  • Featured during the Week of May 3rd, 2006

Standing at the vanguard of social and scientific research for the advancement of the human race, is The Hanso Foundation...

Danielle Rousseau3
Danielle Rousseau
  • Featured during the Week of May 10th, 2006

Danielle Rousseau is the last remaining survivor of a Science Team that crashed onto the Island 16 years ago...

The Others
  • Featured during the Months of June, 2006 through October, 2006

The group of natives which are the "good guys" on the island. It is unknown how long they have been on the island or in what total numbers they operate...

Cindy Chandler
  • Featured during the Month of November, 2006

A former flight attendant for Oceanic Airlines, Cindy became a member of the Tail Section survivors after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815...

Danny Pickett
  • Featured during the Month of December, 2006

One of "The Others", Danny Pickett was the first person that Michael made contact with when he made his trek to find Walt, and is now Sawyer's biggest adversary on the island.

Sarah Shephard
  • Featured during the Month of January, 2007

Sarah was the wife of Jack Shephard who was in a disastrous accident with Shannon's father, in which she was later cured by Jack is what was dubbed a "miracle".

A Tale of Two Cities
  • Featured during the Month of February, 2007

"Otherville" is revealed, the return of Ethan and Goodwin, the plane crash in plain site, Jack is held prisoner underwater, and Ben misses his book club meeting...

Eyes - BooneHeartsAM
  • Featured during the Month of March, 2007

From the character's eye openers to commence the opening shot of an episode, to glass-eyes, to far-sightedness. Eyes continue to play an important role as one of main themes of LOST...

Connections - AnaLuciaJack
  • Featured during the Month of April, 2007

From Hurley and Locke's boss Randy, to Christian Shephard being the father of two of the survivors and having connections to two others as well; Connections play heavily into the mythology of LOST...

Mikhail Bakunin
Mikhail Bakunin
  • Featured during the Month of May, 2007

Mikhail Bakunin is a member of the mysterious group known as "the Others" formerly stationed in the DHARMA Initiative's Flame Station in order to maintain communication with the outside world...

Christian Shephard
  • Featured during the Month of June, 2007

Christian Shephard was chief of surgery at St. Sebastian Hospital until his son Jack informed an esteemed board of his colleagues that he had operated under the influence of alcohol, effectively ending his medical career...

Charlie Pace
  • Featured during the Month of July, 2007

Charlie Pace was aboard Oceanic Flight 815, in the hopes of reforming his band Drive Shaft. After his plane crashed onto a mysterious island, Charlie has since kicked his heroin habit, become a father figure to the young infant Aaron, and sacrificed his life to have his fellow survivors rescued...

One of Us - Juliet
Juliet Burke
  • Featured during the Month of August, 2007

Juliet Burke, was previously a fertility doctor living in Miami, Florida, and brought to the island in order to assist in their fertility issue. Juliet would soon grow weary of her research when the mothers kept dying, one after the other, and requested from Ben that she be able to leave the island...

Naomi Dorrit
Naomi Dorrit
  • Featured during the Month of September, 2007

Naomi Dorrit was flying in a helicopter which crashed into the water, and parachuted onto the island. She was discovered hanging in a tree by Desmond, Charlie, Jin and Hurley. Before her mask was removed, she was suspected of being Desmond's long lost love Penny Widmore. When the mask is removed, Naomi utters a single word: "Desmond?".

Paik Automotive
Paik Heavy Industries
  • Featured during the Month of October, 2007

After asking for Mr. Paik's daughter's hand in marriage, Jin agreed to work for Mr. Paik at the factory as a floor manager. This position would not last, however, as Sun needed to borrow $100,000 to spare Jin the shame of finding out his mother was a prostitute. Mr. Paik stated that Jin would pay back the debt by working directly for him.

Leslie Arzt
  • Featured during the Month of November, 2007

While trekking to the Black Rock, Hurley mispronounced Arzt's name as “Arnzt”, which irritated Arzt, but when Hurley suggested that he call him by his first name “Leslie”, Arzt decided that "Arnzt" was fine.

Scott and Steve - Exodus Comparison
Scott and Steve
  • Featured during the months of December, 2007 through March, 2009

Scott and Steve is a minor storyline, the premise for which includes the other survivors mixing the two of them up. The storyline is a running joke that has lead to the confusion over which individual was killed, confusion by both the survivors and the viewers. The joke being that the survivors could not tell the two apart, and even weeks after one of them was murdered, they still manage to mistake them.

Polar Bear Comic
Green Lantern/Flash: Faster Friends 1
  • Featured during the month of April, 2009

Green Lantern/Flash: Faster Friends 1 was a comic book originally owned by Hurley, which he had brought on the ill-fated flight of Oceanic Flight 815. Following the crash, Walt discovered the comic among the plane's wreckage. Walt attempted to read the book, but was unable to due to it being written in Spanish. Walt maintained possession of the book until his father, Michael, destroyed the book in a fire after becoming frustrated with his son's disobedience.

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