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A recurring theme on LOST are Eyes. Eyes are used in many different ways on the show, and a great focus has been placed upon them.


Many episodes begin or contain a very close focus of a character's eye.

Eyes - JackPilot
Jack Shephard

The episode opens with a close-up of Jack opening his eye and dilating his pupil as he lays in pain in the middle of the jungle directly after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

Eyes - LockeWalkabout
John Locke

A close-up of Locke's eye is the first shot of the episode, and is of when he took his first steps after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

Eyes - JackWhiteRabbit
Jack Shephard

Jack's eye is the first shot of the episode, but it’s his eye when he was a child, and was on the playground of the school. Young Jack opens his eye and sees a bully looking at him right inside his eye.

Eyes - SunHOTRS
Sun-Hwa Kwon

A close-up of Sun's eye opens the episode, and is of her on the beach. The shot then focuses on Sun noticing Jack & Kate.

Eyes - CharlieTheMoth
Charlie Pace

Both of Charlie's eyes serve as the opener for this episode. They are used to show him concentrating on playing his guitar, and to signal that he is suffering from withdrawal.

Eyes - ClaireRaisedBA
Claire Littleton

Claire's eye opening is the first shot of this episode, and it is of her falsely waking up inside the nightmare that she was currently having.

Eyes - BooneHeartsAM
Boone Carlyle

A shot of Boone's eye is the first shot of this episode, and in his eye Boone is jealous Sayid who has found an interest in his sister, Shannon.

Eyes - MichaelSpecial
Michael Dawson

Michael's eye is the opener of this episode, and is a shot of him looking desperately for his son Walt who had run off.

Eyes - SawyerOutlaws
James "Sawyer" Ford

The close-up of a Young James Ford is the first shot of the episode, and it is of him in his room as a child when his father is attempting to get into the house.

Eyes - JinInTranslation
Jin-Soo Kwon

Jin's eye is the first thing we see in this episode, and he is looking around the beach with his eye, we then cut into his first flashback.

Eyes - AaronExodus
Aaron Littleton

The shot of baby Aaron's eye is the first thing we see in the episode, as he is being changed by his mother, Claire.

Eyes - DesmondMOSMOF
Desmond Hume

The close-up of Desmond's eye serves as the opening shot for this episode. Desmond's eye appears very red and bloodshot, most likely due to the fact that he hadn't gotten much sleep for a long time.

Eyes - LockeLockdown
John Locke

A close-up of Locke's eye is seen when he is gazing upon the map drawn onto the blast door. The map is clearly visible in the reflection of his eye.

Eyes - Juliet
Juliet Burke

A close-up of Juliet's eye is the opening shot for the Season 3 Premiere. It is of her waking up and preparing for her book club meeting.

Eyes - JackTwoCities
Jack Shephard

A close-up of Jack's eye is seen when he awakes inside the DHARMA Initiative's Hydra Station after being taken prisoner by the Others.

Eyes - LockeFI
John Locke

A close-up of Locke's eye is the opening shot of the episode, and is extremely similar the the opening of the Pilot episode, which featured Jack awaking.

Eyes - EkoCostOfLiving
Eko Tunde

A close-up of Eko's right closed eye during his feverish dreams at the beginning of the episode.

Eyes - DesmondFBYE
Desmond Hume

A close-up of Desmond's eye is seen when he awakens in his London flat while painting his apartment.

Eyes - ClairePA
Claire Littleton

Claire's eye is seen at the beginning of the episode from when she was in her car accident when she was younger.

Eyes - LockeTMBTC

While inside Jacob's House, a brief close-up shot of his is seen during the poltergeist-like activity.

Eyes - LockeTTLG
John Locke

After Locke was shot by Ben and left for dead in the mass grave that held the bodies of the former DHARMA members, Locke's eye is visible before he reaches for the handgun.

Other ReferencesEdit

  • Locke's black and white Eyes: During Claire's nightmare at the beginning of "Raised By Another", Claire encounters Locke in the middle of the jungle, and he has one eye that is black and another that is white. Locke is playing cards at a desk in the middle of the jungle, with light coming from a lamp.

    Locke's Black and White Eyes

    As he picks up one of the cards, what sounds like a knife being drawn is heard, and Locke informs Claire that the baby was her responsibility and that she gave him away, and that they all pay the price now. This is also a reference to another LOST theme of "Black and White".
  • Locke's Scar: After the crash, Locke had a rather large scar over his right eye. This scar still remains at the present time on the island.
  • Charlie's Tattoo: Charlie has a tattoo on his arms which bears the phrase "Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed", which is a lyric from the Beatles' song "Strawberry Fields Forever".
  • Eye of the Island: In "White Rabbit," Locke hints at his experience in confronting the island's mysterious "security system" saying, "I've looked into the eye of this island. And what I saw was beautiful."
  • Sayid's Torture: After torturing Sawyer in "Confidence Man", Sayid states that "perhaps losing an eye will loosen your tongue" and places his knife on Sawyer's cheek to do so.
  • Hyperopia: After Sawyer begins to suffers from very bad headaches in "...In Translation", he is forced by Kate to visit Jack for a checkup. When completed, Jack diagnoses Sawyer as having hyperopia or far-sightedness, which was caused by Sawyer adding the strain of reading to his eyes.
  • Desmond's Mural: Desmond's mural inside the hatch has a drawing of an eye on it.
  • Mikhail Bakunin: After accessing a feed into one of the other DHARMA Stations on the island in "The Cost of Living", Locke, Desmond, Sayid, Nikki and Paulo witness a man wearing an eyepatch staring into the camera lens, and then quickly disconnects the feed. He is later discovered to be an Other conducting communications out of the Flame Station.
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