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This article is considered canon in the world of LOST, however, exists in a fictional world within Lost. In other words, information included in this article is in reference to a fictional world, within the fictional world of LOST.

Name Exposé
Country Sydney, Australia
Introduced In Flashes Before Your Eyes
Type Television Series

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Exposé is an Australian television program that exists within the world of LOST.


Exposé is an hour long Australian television show that in not unlike Charlie's Angels, which follows the story of Crystal and Autumn, who are two strippers who solve crimes with their club owner Mr. LaShade. The show may well be an in-reference to the popularity of LOST itself; at one point Hurley comments about the show's immense following and the fan speculation about many of the show's unresolved mysteries.

The series features an unknown villain known as "The Cobra", whose identity had been shrouded in mystery for four seasons. In an episode of Season Four, the character of Corvette discovers the true identity of "The Cobra" to be none other than Mr. LaShade. Corvette is shot and killed by LaShade, and her death is covered up by LaShade stating that she was working with "The Cobra", and that he will pay.


Series CharactersEdit

Fictional characters who appear in the television series.

Mr. LaShade

Mr. LaShade is a nightclub owner who assisted the characters of Autumn and Crystal in the solving of crimes. He was later revealed to be the man known as "The Cobra" who was a villain foreshadowed for the four seasons of the show.


Crystal is a stripper/crime fighter who works with Autumn in order to take down "The Cobra", who has been shrouded in mystery.


Autumn works with Crystal in order to prevent various crimes and to help track down "The Cobra", who is their main villain.


Corvette was a fellow heroine of Autumn and Crystal's, who was murdered by Mr. LaShade when she discovered his true identity as "The Cobra".


The cast of characters who portray their on-screen characters.


The characters that were involved in the production of the show.


  • Flashes Before Your Eyes - While Desmond watches a soccer game on the television, a banner advertisement on the field is seen for Exposé.
  • The Man from Tallahassee - While eating a TV dinner, Locke watches an episode of Exposé, before meeting with Peter Talbot.
  • Exposé - Nikki is seen filming an episode of Exposé in which she guest starred as "Corvette".
  • Ji Yeon - Following the island, the episode featuring Nikki's demise is seen, dubbed in Korean, as Sun begins to go into labour.
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