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Season 3
Episode 14
Air Date March 28, 2007
Writer(s) Edward Kitsis
Adam Horowitz
Director Stephen Williams
Flashback Nikki Fernandez

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When Nikki and Paulo are found in a paralyzed state, the survivors come to believe they are dead, and begin an investigation to solve the mystery.


In the first scene, we see Nikki breathing heavily and running through the jungle. She falls to the ground and buries something resembling a small bag.

In a flashback, we see Nikki's past life in Australia, as an actress filming a popular TV show, Exposé.

On the beach of the island, Hurley and Sawyer are playing ping pong. Nikki stumbles out of the jungle and falls to the ground. As Hurley and Sawyer rush to her, she says something barely audible. She is soon pronounced dead.

In a flashback 84 days earlier, Nikki and her director, Howard L. Zukerman, are dining in his home. Zukerman introduces his chef, Paulo, shortly before he dies — evidently, from poisoned food. Nikki seizes a key from around his neck and rushes to his safe. She and Paulo open it and retrieve a Matryoshka doll which contains something worth $8,000,000 (which we later find out is a pouch full of diamonds).

On the island, Sun and Charlie have joined Sawyer and Hurley around Nikki's body. Charlie notes that she has 'gunk' under her fingernails. Sawyer recounts her saying "something like 'plywood'". Hurley remembers it as "power lines", but is then convinced it is "Paulo lies".

In a flashback 80 days earlier, Nikki and Paulo are in an airport lounge reading Zukerman's obituary, laughing at the conclusion of 'heart failure' as his cause of death, and celebrating their accomplishment. After they kiss, Nikki asks if he is chewing gum. He says it is nicotine gum and reveals that he quit smoking. They hear Shannon berating Boone, complaining that there is nowhere to sit. Boone asks Paulo if he can take a seat from their table but Shannon walks off yelling at Boone that if he would stop "flirting with random guys, maybe we could actually get on the plane." Nikki extracts a promise from Paulo that they will "never end up like them."

Hurley, Jin, and Sawyer find Paulo laying lifeless in the jungle. They speculate about what happened to him — especially since one of his shoes is wedged into a nearby tree, and his pants are undone. Jin proposes that it was the Monster.

In a flashback 75 days earlier, Nikki is pressuring Paulo to search inland for their bag. Ethan introduces himself and offers to help them in finding clothes, and suggests that if they want to find their missing luggage that they should search the jungle as the plane split apart when it was over the island.

In a flashback 57 days earlier, Nikki approaches Dr. Arzt and inquires about his collection of specimens. He cautions her against handling a jar containing Latrodectus regina, called the Medusa spider. He describes her pheromones as "very strong" and says she'd "attract every male on the island."

In flashbacks we learn more about Nikki and Paulo. They found the The Pearl DHARMA station while searching for their bag, but did not tell anyone. Paulo finds the diamonds at the bottom of the lake where Kate found the case of guns, but does not tell Nikki. He returns to the Pearl station to hide the diamonds. While stashing the doll in the toilet tank, he overhears Ben and Juliet discussing how to get Jack to do his surgery.

While digging the grave for Nikki and Paulo, Charlie finally confesses to Sun that he was the one who put a sack over her head and kidnapped her, and not the Others. He explains that he was not himself at that time, and Sawyer gave him the idea so he could steal the guns. He apologizes, but she walks away.

Back to the present, Nikki figures out that Paulo found the diamonds and did not tell her. She throws one of Dr. Arzt's (fictional) Medusa spiders at him, which bites and paralyzes Paulo. She tells him that the paralysis will make him seem dead, even to a doctor, and that it will last 8 hours. She asks Paulo why he hid the diamonds, and he tells her that he knew she would no longer need him once she found them. After learning of Paulo's somewhat noble intentions, the monster is heard off screen and a group of the same poisonous spiders appears. Nikki is bitten on her leg, she runs, buries the diamonds, and sprints to the beach.

The first scene is repeated during which it can now be determined that Nikki is actually saying "paralyzed," and not "Paulo lies," in an attempt to alert Hurley and Sawyer to her condition. At the end of the episode, Hurley and Sawyer bury the couple, whom they think are dead. During the funeral, Sawyer pours the pouch of diamonds, which Sun mentions are worthless on the island, into the grave before they fill it in. Nikki opens her eyes just as the sand is tossed onto her face, and she and Paulo are both buried alive.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Razzle Dazzle!"

- Nikki

"We all know what happens to guest stars."

- Nikki

"You're all out of control. The pigs are walkin'. The pigs are walking!"

- Arzt

"No offense, dude, but as far as superpowers go... yours is kinda lame."

- Hurley

Background InformationEdit

  • Billy Dee Williams who portrayed the role of "Mr. LaShade" on Exposé, the show which Nikki had a guest starring role on; is actually portraying himself in this episode of LOST as he is referred to by Nikki as "Billy Dee".
  • We discover that Nikki and Paulo discovered the Beechcraft 20 days (Day 21) before Locke and Boone found it on Day 41. They also discover the Pearl station 44 days (Day 21) before it is discovered by Locke and Eko on Day 65.
  • Despite being only a cameo appearance this episodes marks Rose's first appearance of series three.
  • According to the commentry of Exposé there were some missing parts of Nikki and Paulo's flashbacks of their on-island life including Nikki and Paulo being the ones to find Shannon's missing inhaler (from Season 1) while looking for their case, Nikki and Paulo meeting Boone and Locke holding shovels in the jungle (obviously this is during the time where they are digging up the hatch) and Nikki and Paulo's reaction to the sky turning 'purple'.

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