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Everybody Loves Hugo
Season 6
Episode 12
Air Date April 13, 2010
Writer(s) Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
Director Dan Attias
Flash-Sideways Hurley

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"Everybody Loves Hugo" is the twelfth episode of the Season 6 and the 115th episode overall. The episode aired on April 13, 2010 in the United States. The title is a direct reference to the Season 2 episode Everybody Hates Hugo. Hurley is approached by an apparition who warns him that Richard's plan to blow up the Ajira plane will get everyone killed. In the alternate timeline, Hurley encounters Libby and the two have a picnic that is long overdue. This episode is significant in that it reveals the secret behind one of the series longest running mysteries: the Whispers.


Alternate Timeline - 2004Edit


This episode opens on a slideshow featuring images of Hugo Reyes. The presentation is being narrated by the familiar voice of Dr. Pierre Chang. After highlighting some of Hugo's philanthropic endeavors as well as business success, we find that the slideshow presentation is the opening of an awards banquet in Hugo's honor. Hugo donated a significant amount of money to the Golden State Natural History Museum and he is receiving a "Man of the Year" trophy in appreciation of this. After the celebration, Hugo and his mother are outside waiting for the valet to bring his vehicle around. As they wait, Hugo's mother expresses disappointment with Hugo's lack of success with women, informing him that she has taken the liberty of setting up a date with her father's neighbor named Rosalita. She indicates that if this date fails, they will continue until they find him a mate.

Hugo is waiting for his blind date in a Spanish Johnny's restaurant, and has apparently been stood up. A waiter asks if Hugo wants more chips while he waits, and Hugo absent-mindedly accepts. As the waiter clears off the place set for Hugo's date, Hugo asks him to leave the setting alone as he intends to continue waiting. The waiter appears doubtful, but politely complies. Hugo picks up a menu and begins reading when he is approached by Libby. Hugo, assuming this is Rosalita, stands and pulls out her chair, indicating his surprise at how attractive she is. After an awkward moment, Libby sits, and explains that she is not Rosalita, but is approaching him on her own.

She asks Hugo if he believes in soul-mates and hints that he should remember her as they know each other from another life. At this point, Dr. Brooks interrupts their moment and apologizes to Hugo if she has bothered him, and directs Libby outside. Hurley follows and watches as Dr. Brooks and Libby get into a van with the name Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute emblazoned across the side. He continues to watch as the van drives away. Realizing that Libby is apparently insane, he reacts with bemused disappointment.

Some time later, Hugo angrily enters Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack and walks up to the cash register and demands a bucket of chicken. The scene cuts to Hugo powering through the chicken bucket leaving a pile of bones on his tray. He looks around and sees Desmond watching him. Hugo angrily asks what he's looking at and Desmond approaches, indicating that Hugo looks familiar. Hugo sarcastically motions to posters with his face prominently displayed on every wall in the building, as he owns the place. Desmond recalls that they shared a flight the previous week. Hugo is unimpressed by the coincidence, and Desmond invites himself to join Hugo. He remarks about the size of Hugo's meal and Hugo snaps that he eats when he's depressed. Desmond immediately recognizes girl troubles, and asks what her name is. Hugo tells Desmond how he met Libby earlier and informs him that she's literally insane.

Desmond asks if Hugo believed what Libby told him about knowing him in another life. He indicates that he kind of did, and Desmond encourages him to find out more. At this point Desmond's chicken order comes up and he excuses himself, leaving Hurley in deep thought.

Some time later, Hugo is in Dr. Brooks' office asking to see Libby. Dr. Brooks refuses Hugo access to Libby, indicating that is not a good idea, as Libby is delusional. Hugo offers a donation of $100,000 to the hospital, and Dr. Brooks allows Hugo to see her. Switching to the rec-room, we see Hugo sitting at a table near a man playing Connect-4 with himself. Libby enters and asks if Hugo remembers her now. He tells her that he does not, but he's interested in hearing more of what she seems to remember. She tells him that she saw him on television in a commercial, and when she saw him she was overwhelmed by memories of a plane crash and an island, and their relationship. She also remembers being in the hospital with him. She tells him that the reason she approached him was because if he remembered anything, that would mean she's not crazy. They both share some of their insecurities with each other, and Hugo works up the nerve to ask her on a date. She indicates that she would love that.

We cut to a scene where Hugo is spreading out a beach towel for a picnic. Noticing that Libby appears unsettled, he asks her what's wrong. She indicates that nothing is wrong but seems off, somehow. Each asks the other why they're with them. Both express that they're together because they like each other, and the two kiss. As they kiss, Hugo receives a flood of memories from various scenes from various episodes from Season 2. Knowing that something just happened, Libby asks Hugo what happened. He indicates that he believes he's remembering the same things she did. Overwhelmed with relief, she expresses hope that she's not crazy. Hugo agrees that she's not crazy.

Desmond, watching from a distance, drives off with satisfaction.

Desmond and John LockeEdit

Some time after leaving Hurley and Libby on the beach, Desmond sits in his car at the school where John Locke and Ben Linus work. Suspicious of Desmond's motives, Ben approaches his car and politely inquires why he's there. Desmond indicates that he's new to the area and is looking for a school for his son Charlie (who, incidentally, does not exist in this timeline). Desmond spots John Locke in his wheelchair crossing the parking lot. He becomes visibly impatient to get rid of Ben. He politely dismisses Ben and begins driving away. As he approaches Locke, he speeds up and strikes Locke with the car. Locke rolls over the hood and roof of Desmond's car and lands rolling into the parking lot as Desmond speeds off. Ben rushes to Locke's side in concern shouting at onlookers to call 9-1-1. He rolls a stunned and twitching Locke onto his back and informs him that they're getting him to a hospital.

Original Timeline - 2007Edit

The Beach CampEdit

Hurley is visiting Libby's grave. He does not see her, but talks to her anyway, indicating that other people who have passed on visit him, and his wishes that she would too. His reverie is interrupted by Ilana who informs him that it's time to go fetch the dynamite. Hurley expresses doubt about this move, but Ilana informs him that's the only move they currently have. She asks Hurley whose grave he's visiting and Hurley explains that her name was Libby, and that they were supposed to go on a picnic, but she was murdered. Ilana offers condolences, but reminds him that it's time to go, and leaves Hurley to say goodbye. At this point, an apparition of Michael appears and Hurley is visibly angered by his visit. When he asks Michael why he's here, Michael informs him that he wants to stop Hurley from getting everybody killed.

Hurley reminds Michael that he murdered Libby and Ana-Lucia (Two for the Road) and that he doesn't trust him. Michael informs him that his past doesn't matter, all that matters is stopping Richard from blowing up the plane, or else Hurley will be responsible for everyone who dies as a result. Hurley reacts with confusion, and Michael responds by telling Hurley that people are listening to him now, and if his inaction gets people killed, he is at fault. Jack shows up and asks who Hurley is talking to. Hurley says that he's talking to no one, and Jack hurries him along.

Back on the beach, Ilana returns with the dynamite and informs everyone that she intends to use the outriggers and be on the Hydra Island by nightfall. She confirms with Richard that she has four sticks of dynamite. Hurley, painfully aware that the dynamite is unstable (having been present when Arzt detonated himself) (Exodus - Part 2), expresses his opinion of this expedition. Ilana asks Hurley to trust her as she is acting their best interest, she is trained in protecting them, and reminds him that this is Richard's idea and Jacob said that Richard would know what to do next. She continues to explain that they cannot allow "that thing" to leave the island. As she speaks, she grows more impassioned, until finally she carelessly sets her satchel full of dynamite on the sand and is killed in a massive explosion triggered by the impact. Everyone is thrown to the ground and stares in disbelief as ash and debris rain down around them.

Some time later, Hurley is sorting through Ilana's possessions, and briefly examines a book with Russian text on the cover. After a bit more examination of the area, he discovers a small pouch. He scans the contents and looks around to see if anyone else saw. Richard is busy looking through other satchels, and Ben asks what they're going to do now. A vexed Richard replies that they're going to go get more dynamite, or else Ilana died for nothing. Jack wryly points out that perhaps she died to convince them avoid dynamite. Richard does not believe this, and Hurley, surprisingly, comes to Richard's defense. He asks Jack to trust him. The group sets off to retrieve more dynamite from The Black Rock.

Approaching the Black Rock, Ben cynically ponders aloud about Ilana's fate, pointing out that Ilana's is immediately blown up when her purpose - that of telling the Candidates who they are - is spent. He wonders what will happen to everyone when the Island has finished with them. Richard tells the group to wait outside while he goes into The Black Rock, when he notices that Hurley is not with the group. Hurley then charges out of the Black Rock running as fast as he can and screaming for everyone to run away. The Black Rock then blows up behind him. Irate, Richard asks what he's done. Hurley says that he's protecting everyone. Richard storms off wondering what to do now.

Miles approaches Hurley and tells him that a warning would have been nice. Hurley reminds him that he did tell everyone to run. Miles asks him why he would destroy all the dynamite. Hurley responds that Michael told him to do it. Miles, having known Michael only by the name of Kevin Johnson, does not know who Hurley is talking about, and asks if Hurley always obeys dead people. Hurley remarks that they're more reliable than the living.

Richard, having devised a "Plan B" indicates that they're headed to The Dharma Barracks because there are grenades and ammunition there. When Jack tells Richard to slow down, Richard impatiently informs him that they have no time to waste, but he's wide open to suggestion if anyone has a better plan to keep The Man in Black from escaping the Island. Hurley informs him that he has an idea: go talk to "Locke". He says that the idea is actually Jacob's, and that Jacob was with them. Richard tells Hurley to ask Jacob what the Island is. Jacob had previously informed Richard that the Island was container that kept the evil of The Man in Black away from the rest of the world, so Richard knew that Jacob would know what Richard was asking (Ab Aeterno). Hurley responds by telling Richard that he has nothing to prove and he could either join Hurley or continue trying to blow things up. Richard, deciding that Hurley was bluffing, extended an offer for anyone who wished to join him. Ben, having previously rejecting the Man in Black's offer, and Miles having seen the Black Smoke kill everyone at the Temple, both join Richard. Jack, Frank and Sun join Hurley. Richard advises them to stay out of his way.

As the group heads towards Locke's camp, Sun indicates to Frank, in writing, that she has doubts. Frank implies that he does as well. Hurley admits to Jack that he didn't really talk to Jacob earlier, and that going to talk to Locke was his idea. Jack tells Hurley that he knew his Jacob story was a ruse, but he trusts him. At this point, the group hears Whispers and Hurley indicates that he thinks he knows what they are. Going alone into the woods, Hurley calls out to Michael who appears. Hurley plainly asks Michael if he is stuck on the Island. Michael confirms that he is, and adds that the Whispers are all people who cannot move on.

Hurley then asks where Locke is. Michael points out a distant campfire. Michael then asks Hurley to tell Libby he's sorry for killing her if he ever sees her. Finally forgiving Michael, Hurley agrees.

Locke's CampEdit

The Man in Black, in the form of John Locke is using a knife to trim the bark off a long straight branch. Sawyer approaches and asks if Locke is making a spear. Locke indicates that he doesn't know what it's going to be yet, informing him that the branch will reveal what it's supposed to be when the time is right. Sawyer sarcastically asks if Locke talks to wood, but is admonished by Kate. Locke asks if there's something he can do for Kate and Sawyer. Sawyer responds with more sarcasm saying that anything would be preferable to doing nothing. Locke points out the difference between waiting and doing nothing. Locke also explains that the only way they can leave the island is if all the candidates are together. Kate indicates that she doesn't believe that's going to happen.

Sayid returns to the camp and asks to talk to Locke privately. He leads Locke to a clearing where he has Desmond tied to a tree. Desmond is still maintaining the eerie calmness he's exhibited since his exposure to the magnetic field as shown in the episode "Happily Ever After". He points out that he has nowhere to run, and Locke agrees that captivity is not necessary, and frees Desmond's bonds. Locke asks Desmond what he was doing back on the Island, and Desmond suggests asking Charles Widmore, as he was brought against his will. Sayid confirms that Desmond was under armed guard when he found him. Locke asks Desmond if he recognizes him, and Desmond identifies him as John Locke. Locke sends Sayid back to camp, while he and Desmond take a walk. Sayid apathetically complies.

Later Desmond and Locke are walking through the woods, and they encounter the young boy who appeared to The Man in Black in the jungle previously. (The Substitute). Desmond asks who the boy is. Locke orders Desmond to ignore him. When Desmond presses, Locke angrily repeats his order to ignore the boy. The boy, apparently pleased that he's angered Locke, smiles and wanders into the woods. Desmond continues following Locke.

The two approach a well, and Locke tells Desmond about pockets of electromagnetism around the island, and how they would make compasses behave erratically. He continues with a story that people long ago dug the well looking for answers about this phenomenon. Desmond gazes into the well with mild curiosity, and Locke asks him why, although the two were in the jungle alone, and nobody knows where Desmond is, he's not afraid. Desmond asks what the point of being afraid is, and Locke responds by tossing him down the well.

Returning to the camp, Locke tells Sayid that he doesn't have to worry about Desmond. Apparently getting ready to press Locke into action, Sawyer notices Hurley entering the camp. Hurley tells Locke that they don't want any trouble, but they need to talk. Locke hands over his weapon and gives Hurley his word that he will not attack, and Hurley signals to the rest of the group who emerge from the trees. Sun scans the camp, obviously looking for Jin. Jack, having not seen the Locke manifestation before stares at Locke with obvious anxiety.

The Man in Black returns Jack's stare with an eerie smile.

Memorable QuotesEdit

That thing is evil. And God help us if it ever leaves the island, because if it...
- Ilana's final words
Another trophy. Hm. Everybody loves Hugo. You know who doesn't? Women.
You need a woman in your life. Especially one who does not nurse you.
That's disgusting.
- Carmen and Hugo Reyes
Well, if that's not the best argument against captivity that I've ever heard, I don't know what is.
- The Man in Black
There she was, handpicked by Jacob trained to come and protect you candidates.
No sooner does she tell you who you are, then she blows up. 
The Island was done with her. 
Makes me wonder what's going to happen when it's done with us.
- Ben Linus
That happen a lot? Dead people yelling at you?
Happens enough.
You just listen to whatever they say?
Dead people are more reliable than alive people.
- Miles and Hurley

Background InformationEdit

  • This episode features the second appearance of a mysterious teenage boy. Other than the fact that he knows The Man in Black is responsible for Jacob's death, nothing is known about the boy.
  • This episode marks the first time that Michael has been seen since his death in the episode "There's No Place Like Home - Part 2", the last episode of Season 4.
  • It is also the first episode where Libby appears since the episode "Meet Kevin Johnson".
  • This episode is unusual in that it begins and ends in a flash sequence. It is even more unusual in that the ending flash sequence does not involve the episode's central character.
  • Both timelines involve a scene in which Locke and Desmond unsuccessfully attempt to kill each other. In the original timeline, Locke (more accurately, The Man in Black in Locke form) shoves Desmond down a well and leaves him for dead. In the alternate timeline, Desmond assaults Locke with his car and drives away leaving him for dead.
  • This episodes puts to rest one of the longest running mysteries about the Island. Michael reveals to Hurley the source of the Whispers from the jungle.
  • During his speech, Dr. Chang appears not to have aged since 1977, although with the lighting during his scene, it is difficult to distinguish aging features, such as hair color, definitively.
  • This is the first episode of Season 6 where the central character does not pause and gaze into a mirror or reflective surface in the alternate timeline.
  • Desmond's order number in Hugo's Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack was 42 one of the 6 Numbers.

Dramatis PersonaeEdit

Guest StarringEdit



Timeline DifferencesEdit

  • In the alternate timeline, Hugo's grandfather Tito is still alive.
  • In the alternate timeline, Hugo is never a patient at Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute.
  • Hugo's mother, Carmen attends Hugo's appreciation banquet. The absence of his father suggests that his parents never reunited.
  • In the alternate timeline, Hugo does not seem to have acquired the nickname "Hurley", much like James Ford does not assume the name "Sawyer" as shown in the episode "Recon".



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