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Everybody Hates Hugo
Season 2
Episode 4
Air Date October 12, 2005
Writer(s) Edward Kitsis
Adam Horowitz
Director Alan Taylor
Flashback Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

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Hurley is put in charge of inventory of the food inside the hatch, his past experiences interfere causing him to have trouble. And Michael, Jin, and Sawyer are brought to the Tail Sections camp.


We open on Hurley, in the middle of the hatch's pantry, surrounded by his favorite thing in the world - food. Unfortunately for him, it's only a dream and he wakes up facing the reality of his newly assigned job - to inventory it and figure out how to make it last. Until then, nobody is to get anything - no exceptions. He enlists Rose's help and confides in her that his biggest worry is that everything is going to change - that he'll be the most hated man on the island once this job is put into action. So he keeps the contents of the hatch a secret, even from Charlie.

Likewise, in FLASHBACK, we learn that Hurley actually kept his winning lottery news from his best friend, fearing that everything would change. He quits his job and embarks on a journey to enjoy all the little things he loves best in his life. He acts as if nothing has happened and enjoys the freedom he knows will be lost once he comes clean about his newfound wealth. He asks his best friend to promise that no matter what happens, their relationship will never change.

On the island, Sawyer, Jin and Michael are lifted out of the trap to learn that their captors are actually survivors from the tail section of the plane. But that doesn't lessen the antagonism between Sawyer and Ana Lucia. These people are much more defensive than our guys. Twenty-three originally survived, but only five are left. Something went terribly wrong. The good news is that one of those survivors is Rose's husband, Bernard. The Tailies bring Sawyer, Jin and Michael into a bunker where they have been living and surviving since the crash and discuss what to do next.

Back on the beach, Charlie pressures Locke for answers about the hatch, while Claire finds the message bottle from the raft. She shares the news with Sun, fearing the worst. But Sun decides to spare everyone and keep their hope alive by burying the bottle.

Meanwhile, inside the hatch, Sayid's explorations lead him to conclude that the strange magnetic wall is made up of Chernobyl style concrete - somebody wanted to cover something up. And in the pantry, the pressure starts to get to Hurley, who decides to use the remaining dynamite in their possession to blow up the hatch and thereby, solve all of his problems.

But Rose interrupts him before he manages to pull it off, so Hurley comes up with an alternative solution that satisfies everyone - there's plenty of food to last for a while, so why not be generous and hand some of it out now, just as he did with his lottery winnings.

And as the survivors feast on food they haven't had since the day before the crash, Rose tucks away a candy bar for Bernard in hopes that he is still out there…somewhere.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Have a cluckety-cluck-cluck day, Hugo."

- Jin

"Swell, I guess we can all sue Oceanic together."

- Sawyer

"Misunderstanding is when you bring me lemonade instead of iced-tea."

- Sawyer

Background InformationEdit

  • During Hurley's dream sequence, Walt's picture can be seen on the side of the milk carton.
  • Hurley's boss at Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack is Randy who was the snide and cocky boss of Locke at The Tustin Box Company. In Numbers we learn that after winning the lottery, Hurley becomes the majority shareholder of a box company in Tustin, which would later make him the employer of his previous employer, Randy.

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