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Every Man for Himself
Season 3
Episode 4
Air Date October 25, 2006
Writer(s) Edward Kitsis
Adam Horowitz
Director Stephen Williams
Flashback James "Sawyer" Ford

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Sawyer is put to the test by Ben and the Others, Jack is recruited to save the life of an Other, and Desmond's precognitive ability continues.


Sawyer is taken from his cage and injected with a sedative. When he awakes, he notices the patch on his chest. Benjamin enters with a rabbit in a cage; he shakes the cage vigorously and the rabbit dies. Ben then informs Sawyer that he, like the rabbit, has had a pacemaker implanted in his chest; if his heart rate reaches 140, his heart will explode. And if Sawyer tells this information to Kate, or tells Kate that they're being observed, the Others will perform the same surgery on her.

Juliet takes Jack to help Colleen; while scrubbing up, Jack notices an X-ray, but Juliet informs him that is not his patient. Despite their best efforts, Colleen dies.

Pickett, enraged at the death of his wife, savagely beats Sawyer, all the while demanding if Kate loves him. Sawyer does not defend himself. Kate finally admits that she does love Sawyer and Pickett stops.

Soon after, Kate escapes from her cage. Sawyer tells her to forget about him and run, saying it's every man for himself. Kate demands to know why he no longer wants to escape; Sawyer tells her that if she loves him, she'll stop asking questions and leave. Kate responds that she only said she loved him to make Pickett stop hitting him. She then returns to her cage.

Jack confronts Juliet about the X-rays; he can tell that it's a man about forty years old with a spinal tumor, and since he's a spinal surgeon, he presumes he's been captured to save someone's life.

Ben brings Sawyer to the edge of the island, where he reveals the pacemaker was just a con. He tells Sawyer that the only way to win a con man's respect is to con him. He then reveals a second con: they are no longer on the island. They are on a smaller island, which overlooks the island the rest of the survivors are on.

In flashbacks, Sawyer is in prison, trying to befriend Munson, a man who has hidden ten million dollars. He warns Munson that the warden is trying to con him out of his money. Eventually, Munson, worried that his wife will find where he's hidden the money, enlists Sawyer's help in moving the stash. Sawyer then turns around and reveals this information to the warden, in exchange for a commuted sentence and a part of the money, which he puts in a bank account for Clementine Phillips, a baby that Cassidy has told him is his daughter.

Meanwhile, Desmond seems eager to move Claire and Aaron out of their hut by offering to repair their roof. When they refuse, he builds a lightning rod next to their hut which attracts a bolt of electricity moments later that apparently would have struck Claire's tent if not for his intervention.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"The only way to earn a con man's respect, is to con him."

- Ben

"Congratulations, Ford. You just lied and cheated your way out of prison. You're a free man."

- Warden Harris

"A man goes nuts if he ain't got nobody."

- Ben, quoting Of Mice and Men

Background InformationEdit

  • Juliet's scrubs feature the Dharma Hydra logo.
  • The rabbit that Ben uses to taunt Sawyer has a number 8 painted on it.

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