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Ethan Rom
Ethan Rom
Name Ethan Rom
Gender Male
Country Ontario, Canada (claimed)
Occupation One of "The Others"
Family Wife - Unknown
Father - Horace Goodspeed
Mother - Amy
Episode(s) Solitary, Raised By Another, All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues, Homecoming, Maternity Leave, A Tale of Two Cities, Not in Portland, Exposé, One of Us, Because You Left
Played By William Mapother

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Ethan Rom was a member of "The Others" who spied on the camp of the Fuselage Survivors of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. He had posed as an employee of Mittelos BioScience off of the island to help recruit Juliet. Ethan was once married, but his wife died during childbirth.

On-Island LifeEdit


Ethan being held by his mom.

1977 Ethan was born to Amy and Horace at the Dharma Initiative Compound, (LaFleur)

1988 Ethan was working with Ben for the Others. He went with Ben on a mission to kill Rousseau. He offers to do it but Ben tells him to shut up and stay put. (Dead is Dead)

Prior to the Crash (2001-2004)Edit

After the Beechcraft has crashed on the island, Ethan investigated the crash site and found Locke scaling the cliff side, at which point Ethan fired upon him making contact with his leg. Ethan demanded to know who Locke was and was informed that Ben had appointed him as their leader. Ethan dismissed the claim as ridiculous and prepared to execute him, however, a flash transported Locke to a different time period (Because You Left)

Ethan lived in the Barracks with the rest of the Others, and acted as their surgeon. Ethan worked with Juliet and Goodwin in the Staff Station in the hopes of saving a pregnant Sabine, however, they were unsuccessful. (One of Us) Ethan also worked alongside Goodwin, in the DHARMA Initiative's Tempest Station(The Other Woman)

Ethan was working on Juliet's plumbing when Oceanic Flight 815 crashed onto the island. He was almost immediately directed by Ben to head to what turned out to be the Fuselage survivors' camp and to pretend to be one of the survivors by blending in with the group. (A Tale of Two Cities)

Seasons 1 & 2 (Days 1-30)Edit

On the night that Boone took the remaining water from the survivors in order to help Claire, Ethan spoke with Nikki and Paulo about getting them some clothes, however, they were more interested in obtaining their lost luggage. Ethan suggested that the two of them search inland into the jungle to find their missing luggage. Jack then arrived to make his speech about sticking together, for which Ethan was also present for. (Exposé)

Ethan bonded with Locke after arriving at the camp. When Ethan spotted some tracks which he believed might have been rabbit or a rodent, the two formed a unit. After finding luggage in the jungle, they brought it back to the caves, where Ethan was introduced to Hurley. Ethan informed him that the night was the best time to hunt. When Hugo discovered golf clubs among the luggage, he set out to create a golf course to help the camp relax and have fun. As the camp gathered to see his creation, Ethan tagged along and was among the crowd that witnessed the First Island Open. (Solitary)

When Claire was attacked at the caves, Ethan was among those present, and assisted the group by getting Claire water. Later that day, Hurley set out to collect a census of the island and spotted Ethan gathering papayas from a tree. Ethan was mistaken for Lance by Hurley; he revealed that his last name was Rom and that he was from Ontario. Hurley stated that he thought it was pathetic that everyone didn’t know each other already, to which Ethan agreed. When Ethan enquired as to why the list was being taken, Hurley stated that he thought it was a good idea. (Raised By Another)

While gathering firewood in the jungle, Ethan was approached by a frantic Charlie who informed him that Claire was having the baby and that he needed to fetch Jack from the caves for him. At the caves, after completing his census and comparing it to the flight manifest, Hurley discovered that Ethan was not aboard Flight 815. In the jungle, as Claire discovers that what she experienced was false labour, Ethan arrives with a menacing look on his face and stares at Claire. (Raised By Another)

Ethan would proceed to kidnap Claire and Charlie and take them deep into the jungle. To avoid being followed, it's possible Ethan set up a fake trail to throw his pursuers off course. After discovering that he did have survivors from the camp following him, he approached Jack who had just slipped and fallen down a hill. Ethan delivered a stern warning with his foot pressed forcefully against Jack’s chest. He informed him that if he did not cease his pursuit, that he would kill one of them. Jack insisted on pursuing Ethan, so sticking to his word, Ethan allegedly constructed a makeshift noose, and suspended Charlie up by use of the surrounding trees, and left him for dead. Charlie would eventually be saved by Jack, but Claire would disappear into the jungle with Ethan. (All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues)

Ethan took Claire to the DHARMA Initiative's medical station for examination of her child. Claire was administered a series of injections which Ethan claimed were vaccines designed to prevent the baby from getting sick. Ethan presented Claire with a baby room filled with toys and a crib which he said was where her baby was going to stay after it was born. Ethan told her to turn on the mobile suspended above her crib, and the song "Catch a falling star" began to play, which was Claire's favourite song as a child. Ethan was then met by Tom who told him that he was supposed to make the "list" and then bring her in, to which he explains that they had a manifest and discovered he wasn't on the plane. Tom then states that Ethan knows what "He" is going to do. (Maternity Leave)

Ethan visits Claire in her room, and asks her to join him for a walk outside. Ethan and Claire sit on a tree stump on the ground, it is there that he presents Claire with a canteen filled with a "sour" liquid. Ethan tells Claire that he's going to miss her once she leaves, Claire then states that maybe she doesn't have to go, and Ethan reminds her that there isn't enough vaccine for the two of them, only for her baby. Ethan states that they're "good people", and they're a "good family", and that nobody is going to take her baby from her, unless she wants them to.(Maternity Leave)

After Claire goes missing from the station, Ethan and several other people walk through the jungle with torches searching for her, Ethan follows the sound of Claire's voice, however, Danielle was present to help Claire escape, and carried her to the camp. When she awoke to see the Fuselage survivors again, she had rare case of "amnesia" and was unaware of Ethan, or what had happened to her. (Maternity Leave)

As Jin and Charlie travel together through the jungle, Ethan would launch a rock at Jin via his slingshot to deliver a private threat to Charlie about the fate of the camp if Claire was not returned to him. He told Charlie that he would kill a member of the camp everyday until she was returned, and that he would kill Charlie last. Ethan allegedly delivered on his threat the next day and murdered Scott on the beach by breaking his neck, his arms, and all the bones in his fingers. (Homecoming)

Since the survivors were fearing that the incident would occur the next day, a plan was set in motion to trap Ethan by delivering Claire to him. A team of Jack, Locke, SayidSawyer, and Kate is formed to trap Ethan at all turns. When Ethan arrived to claim Claire, he chased her down a path but was tackled by Jack, as the two once again fought, Jack would gain the upper hand by delivering a series of blows to the face of Ethan. Ethan was successfully captured, but was murdered several seconds later by Charlie who shot him in the chest six times. (Homecoming)

Ethan was buried the next day by Charlie and Hurley.


Ethan lying on the ground as Charlie has just shot and killed him.


Background Edit

His name is an anagram of "Other man," which makes it seem to be an alias (as does the fact that his father's surname was not Rom, but Goodspeed.)

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