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Name Emma
Gender Female
Occupation One of The Others
Family Brother - Zack
Episode(s) The Other 48 Days, Stranger in a Strange Land, The Brig
Played By Kiersten Havelock

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Season 2 (Days 1-)Edit

Emma was aboard Oceanic Flight 815 traveling to Los Angeles, CA to see her mother. When the tail-section crashed into the water she was pulled out by Mr. Eko, and brought back to consciousness after Ana-Lucia administered CPR. Her brother [Zack] was also traveling with her. She was watched over by Libby and Cindy when danger would strike. She lived among the other Tail Section survivors until Day 12 when she was abducted by The Others. Her name and description was on a list of other survivors found in the pocket of the woman Ana-Lucia killed defending herself. (The Other 48 Days)

During their time with the Others, Emma and Zack spent time with Juliet. During a conversation with Ben, Juliet revealed that the two had been asking about their mother, to which Ben replied that they would stop in time. Ben also revealed that Zack and Emma were on the "list". {cite|The Other Woman}.

Season 3 (Days 68-93)Edit

Emma later showed up with her brother Zack, as well as Cindy and the rest of the captured Tail Section survivors outside of Jack's cage. She approached Cindy and whispered into her ear to ask Jack how Ana-Lucia was doing. Jack suddenly became enraged and demanded that they leave. Emma proceeded with the rest of her group away from the cages. (Stranger in a Strange Land)

Emma, Zack and Cindy later setup camp with the rest of the Others, and retreated back across the island morning after Locke was unable to murder his father. (The Brig)

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