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Eko Tunde
Name Eko Tunde
Gender Male
Country Nigeria
Occupation Former Nigerian warlord and drug dealer
Roman Catholic priest
Family Brother - Yemi Tunde
Flashback(s) The 23rd Psalm, ?, The Cost of Living
Played By Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (adult)
Kolawolfe Obileye, Jr. (child)

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Eko Tunde was aboard Oceanic Flight 815 after agreeing to travel to Los Angeles for missionary work. Eko was previously a warlord in Nigeria, who would later turn his life around to become a priest. He was also the brother of a passenger in the Beechcraft that crashed on the island.

Life Before Flight 815

As a young boy, he lived a simple life with his younger brother Yemi in a small village. Eko looked out for his brother, even stealing food for him when he was hungry. However, he was often punished for this and forced to confess his sin at the local church, although Eko did not feel what he did was wrong because it was to help someone. (The Cost of Living)

When Eko was a young child, he was playing soccer in front of the church in his village in Nigeria, when a group of warlords arrived at the church, grabbed an old man and threw him to the dirt. As a crowd gathered, the leader of the pack grabbed Eko’s younger brother Yemi, placed a gun in his hand and ordered him to shoot. As the leader kept insisting, Yemi did not pull the trigger; Eko then removed the gun from his brother’s possession and fired upon the elderly man. The leader took to Eko claiming he had no hesitation and was a born killer; he took Eko’s crucifix necklace, tore it from his neck, and led him down a path towards a new life.

Eko’s life was one of crime, and one that inspired fear among those who knew him. Eko would gain an entourage in the company of two men named Goldie and Olu. Eko met with two Moroccan Drug Traffickers and struck up a deal with them. He told the head trafficker that he would pay him $50,000 in Nigerian Naira to perform a “favour” for him. The favour would entail him smuggling the drugs out of the country and avoiding the military controlled borders, by doing so they would need to fly via the use of the Catholic Missionaries Plane, which Eko would have use to. When Eko was told that he had no soul, he took his knife and quickly sliced across the faces of the two men, when their young associate arrived to see what had happened, Eko informed him to run and tell his friends that Mr. Eko let him live.

As Eko returned to the church where his life had changed years before, he visited his brother Yemi with whom he had not seen in 3 years and requested a confession, however; was denied as Yemi stated he did not have a penitent heart. Eko presented Yemi with an offer stating that if he allowed him the use of one of the Catholic Missionary Planes to transport heroin out of the country, he would purchase Virgin Mary Statues to smuggle it in and the money would be used to provide polio vaccines for the village. Yemi refused on the ground that it would be a disgrace to the church to proceed with such a deal.

Eko and his men would later return to the church, where Eko would demand Yemi sign ordination documents to make them priests and gain access to the plane. He informed Yemi that if he refused, his men would burn the church to the ground. Yemi agreed, however; stated that his signing did not make Eko a priest, and that he could never be a priest. When Eko mentioned that they were both sinners, Yemi replied by saying that God would forgive his sins.

After gaining access to the use of a missionary plane, Eko and his men loaded the statues onto the plane and prepared to depart, however; while doing so Yemi arrived and pleaded with Eko to reconsider leaving and that he was going to save his life just as Eko had saved his years before, and that he would gladly hear his confession if he stayed. As the four stood by the plane, the Nigerian Army, which Yemi had alerted, arrived on the scene, and Eko’s men opened fire, Olu was killed by one of the soldiers. As Yemi attempted to halt their fire, he was shot twice in the chest. Eko and Goldie carried Yemi’s body on to the plane to make their escape, and at the last moment Goldie kicked Eko to the outside, and left with the heroin. As Eko watched his brother leave his life, a soldier arrived and mistaking Eko for a priest, inquired as to whether he was alright. (The 23rd Psalm)

The village people believe that Eko is the new priest replacing Yemi, who was about to leave for London to study. Eko, who harbors tremendous guilt over Yemi, takes on the role. Eko soon comes into conflict with Emeka, a warlord just like Eko had been, who had a deal with Yemi: they take 80% of the vaccines that are now delivered to village and sell it on the black market, and in return, they leave the village alone. Eko refuses, so they shoot a woman dead as a warning, vowing to return in a few days for the vaccines.

After discovering the apparent value of the shipment, Eko attempts to double cross them by selling their share himself on the black market, but his plan is discovered before the shipment arrives. The guerrillas confront him inside the church and attempt to cut off his hands. Eko fights back and kills all three, including the leader who begs for his life. The villagers are aghast at the thought of their new priest killing men, especially inside the church, so they board up the church and Eko is ostracized until he departs. He is told that he owes Yemi one church. Eko would then travel to London, filling in for Yemi who was originally intended to go to continue his studies. (The Cost of Living)

For a brief time, Eko served in a small parish in England. Every Sunday after Mass, he would see a young boy waiting in the back of the church. And then one day, the boy confessed to Eko that he had beaten his dog to death with a shovel. The boy said that the dog had bitten his baby sister on the cheek; and he needed to protect her, and he wanted to know whether he would go to hell for this. Eko told him that God would understand, and that he would be forgiven, as long as he was sorry. But the boy did not care about forgiveness. He was only afraid that if he did go to hell, that dog would be there waiting for him. (Three Minutes)

At some later point in time, we find Eko serving as a priest in an Australian church, taking confession from a man who has actually arrived to provide a passport so Eko can travel to Los Angeles. He is asked to investigate a reported miracle, the apparent resurrection of a young woman who drowned the day before. Eko visits the undertaker, who plays him the tape of his autopsy procedure. He later visits the home of the woman, Charlotte, and encounters her father, Richard Malkin, who seeks to explain away the "miracle" as a cover-up of the undertaker's incompetence. Richard is the psychic who told Claire to go on the plane, though he admits to Eko that he is a fraud. At the airport in Sydney, prior to boarding Oceanic Flight 815, Eko encounters Charlotte Malkin, who agitates him by saying that she saw his brother when she was "between places", asking her to tell Eko to have faith. (?)

On-Island Life

Eko survives the crash of the tail section, and is the first to return to the water to help other survivors to the shore. When the tail-section survivors are attacked by The Others during that first night, he is among those targeted. Unlike three of their other targets, however, Eko fights back against his attackers and wins, killing two of them. Disturbed and saddened by his actions, even though they were done in self-defense, Eko remains silent for the next 40 days, instead channeling his efforts into the carving of a stick that he adorns with references to Biblical passages. (The Other 48 Days)

Among the tail-section survivors, Eko simultaneously comes to be the muscle and the soul of the group. His strength is well evidenced by his single-handedly incapacitating Sawyer, Michael and Jin when they are mistaken for the mysterious attackers. (Orientation) However, he also speaks up in defense of the trio, frequently disagreeing with Ana Lucia. Moreover, Eko is also the first of the tail-section survivors to support them, as evidenced by his actions when Michael takes off in search of The Others. Even though he was initially assaulted by Jin, it is Eko who goes off with Jin to find Michael. (...And Found)

After the tail-section survivors begin making their way across the island to join the mid-section survivors, Eko proves pivotal in helping the two groups come together in the face of truly terrible circumstances. After Ana-Lucia shoots and kills Shannon after mistaking her for one of the Others, she takes Sayid hostage, and Eko, carrying a dying Sawyer on his back, stands up to her. Then, after arriving at the Station 3 bunker, he meets Locke, to whom he tells the story of Shannon's shooting. When Jack hears this, he begins preparing weapons for an assault on Eko's group. Not wishing to see any more bloodshed, Eko stops Jack, instead offering to take Jack to the other group if he promises to bring no guns. (Collision)

Soon afterward, in Station 3, Eko meets with Locke once again, who is looking deeper into the mysteries of the bunker. After Michael, Eko, and Locke watch the DHARMA Initiative's Station 3 orientation film, Eko pulls Locke to the side. There, Eko shows him an item he'd found in the other bunker: a hollowed-out Bible, which contains a missing piece of the orientation film. (What Kate Did)

Later, Eko learns from Claire that Charlie has been carrying around a Virgin Mary statue. Surprised and angered, Eko confronts Charlie about the statue and forces him to bring Eko to the plane. While wandering through the jungle, while Charlie is in the trees searching for the plane, the island's "security system" appears and charges Eko. Undaunted by the dangerous entity before him, Eko stands his ground and stares down the "security system," which displays in its smokey swirls flashes of images from his past. Unshaken by the encounter, Eko continues on, until he and Charlie arrive at the plane, the same Beechcraft plane Eko had used in Nigeria. Inside, Eko finds his brother's body, and, coming full circle, retrieves the cross pendant that had been thrown away by the guerrillas when he was taken from his village. Afterward, he and Charlie set the plane ablaze, as the two recite the 23rd Psalm. He tells Charlie that he is a priest putting on the cross. (The 23rd Psalm)

After Charlie begins having seemingly prophetic dreams and visions of Aaron in grave danger, Eko baptises Claire and Aaron at Claire's request. (Fire + Water)

Eko discovers "Henry Gale" and coerces Jack into permitting a meeting between the two of them. He tells "Henry" that he is sorry for killing the men who tried to drag him from the beach. He then proceeds to cut a set of two tails from his beard and hand them to "Henry", which represent the two men he killed. (Maternity Leave)

Charlie comes across Eko chopping wood to build some sort of structure. He jokingly asks if it is a Starbucks, but Eko ignores him and tells him he will find out in time. (Dave) Later, it is revealed that they are in the progress of building a church. (S.O.S.)

Eko has a dream one night where Ana-Lucia and Yemi ask him to help Locke because he is losing faith, and that Eko needs to know about the "question mark." When he wakes up, he asks Locke to help him track "Henry", who has escaped. In truth, Eko wants Locke to show him the "question mark" although Eko himself does not know exactly what it means. When Locke does not cooperate, Eko knocks him out. When he wakes up, Locke shows him the map that he drew from the blast door map during the lockdown in the hatch. In the center of the map is a big question mark, and Eko realizes that they both must go there.

Although Locke's faith in the island is suffering, he admits to Eko about having a dream where Yemi appeared, asking him to climb the cliff that the Beechcraft plane was on. They arrive at the cliff and Eko climbs it. The view from the top reveals that the ground below looks like a giant question mark, and when some of the soil is cleared away, another hatch is discovered.

Eko and Locke enter the hatch - called The Pearl - which has numerous television monitors. They watch a video which explains that its purpose is to see if the denizens of the other hatches perform their tasks, a "psychological experiment," as though they are actually meaningless. Although Locke is shattered by this revelation, Eko is rejuvenated by it. He tells Locke that whatever he believes can still be true. Eko explains about the extraordinary circumstances of his brother's plane crashing on the same island that he crashed on. Because of that - and the dream with Yemi telling him about the question mark - Eko believes that the island and the button do indeed mean something. Eko says to Locke if Locke doesn't continue to push the button, he will. (?)

Eko stays true to his word. He discontinues building the church (to Charlie's dismay) and moves into the hatch to take over button duty, which he believes is of greater importance. (Three Minutes)

Locke approaches Eko and orders him to stop pushing the button. When Eko refuses, Locke attempts to smash the computer, but Eko punches him in the face and throws him out of the hatch. Sometime later, Eko leaves the computer to investigate a strange dimming of the lights. It turns out Desmond has crossed some wires to trigger a lockdown, which ends up locking Eko out of the computer room, but locks Desmond and Locke in. Locke refuses to let Eko back into the room.

Eko emerges from the hatch and asks for Charlie's help. Although Charlie is upset with Eko for abandoning him and the church, Eko convinces him that something terrible will happen if the button is not pushed. Charlie leads Eko to the remaining dynamite that was used to open the hatch in the first place. Eko goes back into the hatch, places the dynamite by the steel door and lights the fuse. Eko and Charlie take cover as it explodes. The explosion knocked Eko unconscious.

Desmond retrieves the key he took from his predecessor and uses it to activate the fail-safe mechanism and stop the electromagnetic disturbance which is wrecking the station. A bright light and loud noise engulf the entire island. Charlie escapes unharmed, and everyone else on the island experiences only temporary discomfort. The hatch implodes, leaving a large crater. (Live Together, Die Alone)

It is revealed that Eko somehow survived the implosion, but exactly how is unclear. It is believed by Locke - who also survived - that Eko awoke in the jungle and was attacked by a polar bear, who dragged him off to its lair. Locke rescues an injured Eko from the polar bear and apologizes for not siding with him on the button, and blames himself for all the bad things that have befallen the survivors. Eko awakens and says that Locke can still fix everything by rescuing Jack, Kate, and Sawyer, who have been captured by the Others, but Charlie does not see this. Whether Eko speaking was all or it was all in Locke's head is unknown. (Further Instructions)

While Eko is still recovering, but he sees Yemi, who tells him that it is time to be judged. Eko's hut is then somehow set ablaze, but he is pulled out by fellow survivors. He runs off into the jungle when no one is looking. As he wanders in the jungle (searching for the crashed Beechcraft that housed Yemi's body), Eko sees visions of the three guerrillas he killed, along with other people from his past. The "monster" appears behind Eko, but retreats when Locke and others appear. When Eko finds the Beechcraft, he discovers that Yemi's body is gone.

When Locke's party enter The Pearl, Eko stays above ground, where Yemi appears to him again and Eko follows him. Yemi tells Eko that it is time to confess his sins, but Eko refuses. He says that everything that he did in his life was to survive and that he did his best with what was given to him. He points out that if he did not kill a man as a child, Yemi would have been taken away instead. Yemi then admits that Eko is not really talking to his brother and walks off. Perplexed, Eko follows him, demanding the identity of whoever is posing as Yemi. The "monster" appears and wraps around Eko, lifting him into the air and then slamming him many times into trees and the ground. It then goes back into the jungle. Locke runs over to Eko, who is mortally wounded. He tells Locke to warn everyone that "They're next." Eko dies, happily reunited in death with his brother. (The Cost of Living)

Eko is buried on the spot where he was killed, rather than at the cemetery on the beach. Locke says the other survivors have seen enough death recently (referring to Ana Lucia and Libby's recent deaths). No one sees the monster kill Eko, and Locke suggests to the other survivors that Eko was killed by a wild animal. However, due to the fact that Locke has had previous contact with the monster, even confronting Eko about its existence, and also that Locke was the only one to hear Eko's last words, it is implied that he knows that the monster killed him. He then departs with Sayid to retrieve Eko's "scripture stick" where it fell in the forest. When they return to Eko's resting place, Locke says a few words before he is buried. As Locke pounds the stick into the ground as a grave marker, a scripture on it catches his eye. It reads "Lift up your eyes and look north - John 3:05" (literally, "Lift up your eyes and look north, John"). (I Do) It is revealed to be a compass bearing to another one of the DHARMA Stations, "The Flame." (Enter 77)

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