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Season 4
Episode 4
Air Date February 21, 2008
Writer(s) Elizabeth Sarnoff
Greggory Nations
Director Stephen Williams
Flashforward Kate Austen

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Kate assists Miles in speaking with Ben in order to make a deal, which causes increased tension with Locke. Kate's future is revealed as she is put on trial for her past crimes.


Locke wakes up in a house in the Barracks. He goes into the kitchen, fries a couple of eggs, and slices a melon. After choosing the novel VALIS from a bookshelf, he takes the breakfast downstairs to Ben, who is locked in the basement, in the same room in which Locke's father was previously constrained.  Locke comments that those are the last two eggs in Ben's house. Ben belittles John for being so desperate, unable to figure out what he should do next. He cites Locke's recent failure to find Jacob's cabin as evidence and tells Locke he is now "more lost than [he] ever [was]" as he is now even asking for Ben's help. Locke tells Ben he knows what he is trying to do, and leaves, taking the breakfast with him. Outside, John throws the tray of food at the wall. Ben hears John's frustration and smiles.
200px-4x04 Ben's breakfast

Locke brings Ben breakfast.

Kate cuts a deal with Locke's prisoner Miles, stating he will tell her what he knows about her if he can speak to Ben for a minute. Miles wants to extort 3.2 million dollars from Ben and in return, Miles promises to lie to his employer that Ben is dead. Miles gives Ben a week to produce the cash. Before Locke finds them, Miles reveals that he knows all about Kate's past. Locke banishes Kate from the Barracks and puts a grenade in Miles' mouth so that if he lets go, he will die. Kate spends the night with Sawyer but does not sleep with him. When he comes on to her in the morning, she pushes him away. Sawyer thinks that it is because of her potential pregnancy, and his attitude toward it angers Kate. Before Kate leaves for the camp at the beach, she slaps Sawyer after he calls her out that she is just pretending to be mad as an excuse to go back to Jack and will come back in a few days when she finds a reason to get mad at Jack.

At the survivors' camp at the beach, Daniel correctly identifies two of the three upturned cards and Charlotte remarks that this is "progress." After several unsuccessful attempts at calling the freighter, Charlotte dials an emergency number. Regina answers and says that Desmond, Sayid and Frank have not arrived on the freighter.

Since returning from the island, Kate has become quite famous as one of the Oceanic Six. Kate is put on trial due to her numerous pre-island crimes and pleads not guilty. During this time, it is revealed that Kate has a son and does not want to involve him in the trial. Jack is called in as a character witness and testifies. According to Jack's testimony, Flight 815 crashed in the water, eight people survived the crash but two have since died and Kate was primarily responsible for the Oceanic Six's survival. Kate speaks with her mother, Diane Jansen, for the first time in four years. Her mother is no longer angry at Kate. She says her perspective changed when she thought that Kate had died in the plane crash. She no longer wants to testify against her. Because prosecution's case hinged upon Diane's testimony, they agree to a plea deal: Kate gets ten years probation, but must stay in the state of California. Jack meets Kate in the courthouse garage and admits that he still loves her and asks to go out for coffee with her. Kate tells him that they cannot go out until he is willing to visit her son.

When Kate returns to her home, she is met by the nanny who tells Kate that her son is sleeping. When Kate enters the room, she approaches a baby boy with blond hair, who appears to be about 2 years old. He is awoken by Kate's presence and calls her "mommy." When they both embrace each other, Kate responds and calls him "Aaron," revealing that Kate is taking care of Claire's baby.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"So, the Arab traded you too?"


"$3.2 million? Why not 3.3, or 3.4?"


"You came all this way to blackmail me?"


"Technically it’s extortion."


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  • Aaron Littleton is revealed to be another individual who has escaped the island. He is one of the Oceanic Six.

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