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Name Dynamite
Introduced In Exodus - Part 2
Last Seen In Everybody Loves Hugo
Owned By The Black Rock Crew
Found By Danielle Rousseau

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The dynamite was located inside the Black Rock and was instrumental in gaining access into the hatch.

Getting the DynamiteEdit

After Danielle arrived to the camp to warn the survivors that "The Others" would soon be coming to attack, a plan was formulated to use dynamite to blow up the Hatch to gain access inside.

The dynamite was located inside a crate in the Black Rock, and was carried to the outside by Jack and Locke. (Dynamite was not patented until 1867, most likely after a ship such as the Black Rock would have been in regular service.) Upon seeing this, Arzt became extremely nervous, fearing the dynamite could detonate. Arzt carefully wrapped the dynamite in Kate's shirt and told them the history of dynamite. However, one of the sticks accidentally detonated in his grasp, killing him.

Jack, Kate, and Locke drew straws to determine which one of them would carry the sticks back to the camp, and the victors were Locke and Kate. (Exodus - Part 2)

The MonsterEdit

While walking through The Dark Territory, the group was startled by the arrival of the Monster. As the group scurried off, Locke remained behind to get a better look at it, and was suddenly grabbed by a column of smoke and dragged through the jungle. Jack raced after him, and saved him from being pulled down a hole in the ground. Jack instructed Kate to go get the dynamite, which was in his pack, and throw a stick down the hole. When she did so, the Monster fled back into the jungle, and Locke was free. (Exodus - Part 2)

Gaining Entry To The HatchEdit

When the group arrived at the hatch, they affixed three sticks of dynamite to the top of the hatch, and instructed Hurley to take the extra sticks a couple hundred yards back. When he returned, he accidentally dropped his flashlight, and noticed his phantom numbers branded onto the side of the hatch. As he frantically tried to stop Locke from lighting the fuse, he was too late, and the hatch was detonated. (Exodus - Part 2)

Blowing up the HatchEdit

After the responsibility of inventorying the food inside the newly discovered Swan Station was placed on Hurley's shoulders, he became flustered fearing that people would hate him after he made seemingly unfair decisions about how the food was to be divided. So he returned to the location that he hid the dynamite and devised the plan of blowing up the food and the pantry. If it were not for Rose intervening and preventing this, the pantry would have been destroyed. (Everybody Hates Hugo)

Eko would later follow suit and use the idea of blowing up dynamite in the hatch. When Locke and Desmond used the blast door to prevent entry to the dome and the computer inside, Eko recruited Charlie to help him find the dynamite to blow up the hatch. However, this did not work, as according to Desmond it would take an atom bomb to get in, and Eko and Charlie were injured because of this. (Live Together, Die Alone)

Richard, Jack and IlanaEdit

Richard, having become suicidal after Jacob's death, and unable to kill himself, asks Jack to kill him with the dynamite. Jack accompanies Richard to The Black Rock with Hurley and ignites the dynamite. However, rather than leaving, Jack joins Richard in a gamble that the dynamite will not detonate. When the fire reaches the fuse's final inch, it defuses itself proving Jack right. (Dr. Linus)

Later, Richard decides that the Ajira Airways plane must be destroyed using the dynamite. Ilana takes the dynamite and in a moment of carelessness detonates the dynamite and herself. (Everybody Loves Hugo)

The End of the DynamiteEdit

Hurley detonates all the remaining dynamite on The Black Rock to prevent Richard from using it to destroy the Ajira plane. The Black Rock is completely obliterated in the process. (Everybody Loves Hugo)

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