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Duncan Forrester
Duncan Forrester
Name Duncan Forrester
Gender Male
Country Los Angeles, California, US
Occupation Attorney
Episode(s) Eggtown
Played By Shawn Doyle

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When Kate Austen, one of the Oceanic Six was rescued, she was put on trial for the murder of her father, Wayne Jansen; Duncan was appointed as her attorney. As they prepared to enter the courthouse, Kate requested to be led through the back door, however, Duncan rejected her request stating that she was going to be walking through the front door with her head held high through the onslaught of reporters.

During the hearing, Kate pleaded guilty, however, Duncan failed to prevent her from being placed into custody. While in custody, Duncan speaks with Kate about how the trial was going to have to be about who she is rather than who she was, and wanted to try it as a character case. Duncan then led into his next request, which was having Aaron appear on the stand, and request which was immediately shot down by Kate.

Duncan arranges for Jack Shephard to testify in the trial as a character witness, which Kate was unaware of. Duncan questions Jack and he reveals that he met Kate aboard Oceanic Flight 815 and that she was responsible for six of the eight survivors. Jack also informs the court that Kate herself revealed Jack of her fugitive status and that he was aware she was traveling with a US Marshall, but never spoke to him despite him having died during the crash.

Duncan arranged for Kate to speak privately with her mother who attempted to arrange a deal in order to see her grandson, which was refused by Kate. It was this meeting that caused Diane not to testify in court. As the court recessed, Duncan and Melissa attempted to agree on a suitable sentence. Duncan refused her offer of four years in prison, and also her offer of 10 years probation, however, Kate agreed to the probationary terms on the grounds that she had a child and was not going anywhere. After the trial, Duncan phoned Jack to inform him of the outcome. (Eggtown)

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